Sonic Bloom Pre-Parties | Colorado

Sonic Bloom Pre-Parties - Night 2 :: 04.25.09 :: Cervantes' Masterpiece :: Denver, CO

Beats Antique :: Sonic Bloom Pre-Party by A. Frost
While Night 1 of the Sonic Bloom Pre-Parties was an absolutely exhilarating electronic ride, Night 2 seemed to be about one thing: Dubstep. Night 2 exploded, and at the perfect venue to boot. Cervantes' Masterpiece, in my opinion, is easily one of the best venues to see live music in Colorado. The larger of two adjoined clubs (the other one being Quixote's True Blue), Cervantes' shows seem to always be a ball. Superb booking, great sound and a terrific atmosphere seems to be what packs this venue most every show; and it's no surprise this Saturday was no exception, especially with a lineup as stellar as it was for the second and final night of the Sonic Bloom Pre-Parties.

Upon entering Cervantes' I was greeted with sublime sounds from Boulder natives Raja Ananda and Mikey Fisher's Future Simple Project. Spend a few minutes listening to these boys' music and it's crystal clear these guys understand dubstep. Cleverly flexing their expertise for the crowd to sweat it out on the floor, they kept their set tight and clean while twisting and tugging their audio with effects. Gentile melodies drenched in bass move their recordings, which typically slo-step along at around 70 bpm. These gentlemen are just getting started on their audio adventures, and I truly can't wait to see what the future holds for these two crafty individuals.

The beautifully voiced LYNX returned on stage with Sonic Bloom mastermind Jamie Janover to again serve up their original approach to folk-electro. Adorned with an acoustic guitar and sturdy pipes, LYNX let her soul shine, while Janover provided the backing structure needed to keep the party going for a second night in a row.

Also back for a second night, indulging Coloradoans with their fuse of eastern rhythms and sitar-laced ballads, Beats Antique blew up the stage with high energy and charismatic force. Once again, live fiddle was incorporated into their fun glitch-y tunes, while they wavelessly fed haunting effects through their leads and drums. With foreign strings and horns ferociously ripping through Byzantine scales like a giant through tissues, one could easily get lost in their verses, as if stuck in a smoky, opium induced stupor.

Ana Sia :: Sonic Bloom Pre-Party by Kayembe
What can one say about the exceptionally talented Ana Sia? She's delicate with her scrupulously produced instrumentals for one. She's a radiant spirit who arranges alluring and hefty bass lines fluctuating from high to low ranges. For her vocal tracks she delicately chops and blends European and other non-American flavors in with various hip-hop faves, gracefully heightening and accentuating her music. All these things being true, the clear-cut crowd favorite stepped out to her applauding audience and spoke a few kind words before spoon-feeding her funk to eagerly awaiting ears. Midway through her set Ana Sia was joined by LYNX, who donated her beatboxing, flowing and singing skills to the crazy audio wave that was already rolling out in full effect. For the duration of her time on stage, people scurried around the floor, creep-stepping to the exquisite noise being generated on stage.

Having never seen Mimosa before, I was worried about him handling the difficult task of closing after Ana Sia's stellar set. But, this was only because I had never seen him perform before. When he began playing I looked around at the astonished faces that surrounded me. The mutual consensus was, "Holy shit!" Tigran Mimosa dropped nothing but filthy whomp-step until the wee hours of the morning, holding the speakers and the people in the building hostage until he was good and ready to release them. His incredible eye for detail had the crowd howling out cheers of approval during each and every alteration to the beat. Keeping the assemblage busy with luscious, varied whomp bass samples that switched from 1/16 to 1/32 notes to slowed down quarter-note triples, it was just what the bass animals wanted to hear. Mimosa's impressive first class performance astonished many Pre-Party attendees, giving them something fresh and new to look forward to in the future.

If all good things must come to an end, they did so in the best way Saturday. The music Friday night seemed to be more varied, each artist displaying a different sound, while the performers on Saturday all flowed together, as if they were one humongous team interested only in keeping people dancing as hard as they could. Having attended a Sonic Bloom Festival in the past, I realize that these superb shows were only a tiny taste of the musical excellence that was soon to come.

These bands and many more will perform at the official Sonic Bloom Festival which kicks-off this weekend, Friday June, 26 and runs through Sunday June, 28 at Mishawaka Amphitheatre, in Bellvue, CO. Details, including ticket links and lineup available at

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