First Album: The Gourds

First Album: Kevin Russell of The Gourds

I grew up listening to 45's mainly. I used to get them from all sorts of places. One way we got them was when my mother would buy a certain brand of generic looking potato chips. The package would come with a 45 inside. I could hardly wait to open those chips and see what record I got. The first records I bought with my own money, I remember very clearly, were Waylon Jennings' Greatest Hits and the Village People's Macho Man - Waylon on cassette and Village People on vinyl. From the beginning I had a warped sense of music.

The Gourds are on tour now, dates available here.

Check our exclusive feature/interview with The Gourds here.

[Published on: 3/19/09]

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cbr2brich starstarstarstarstar Thu 3/19/2009 07:49AM
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the gourds rock

zeus283 Thu 3/19/2009 07:51AM
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FIrst! Macho man? Please do not ever admit that, it's embarrassing.

DAMONCORY starstarstarstarstar Thu 3/19/2009 08:22AM
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These guys are great live!

No one should be embarrased of their first album unless in was New Kids On The Block. Mine was the Beach Boys Greatest Hits by the way

Road To Shambala Thu 3/19/2009 08:31AM
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Road To Shambala

Never knew Dali was a Beach Boys fan, not embarrassing at all. I think mine was probably The Beatles, or the Muppet Movie Soundtrack, not sure.

BobbyShortcutShows starstarstarstarstar Thu 3/19/2009 10:28AM
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mine was michael jackson "off the wall" and I saw him at comisky park in the Chitilla! with his brothers!! danm that was some funky shtuff

whatdafunk Thu 3/19/2009 10:45AM
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my first album was dark side of the moon luckily, then tlaking heads remain in light, im lucky i had an older brother that liked the good shit

allthink Thu 3/19/2009 11:17AM
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first album Sublime Sublime, then 311 311, then Mighty Mighty Bosstones...

Mr_McDankenstein Thu 3/19/2009 11:05PM
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You mean it's not cool to listen to the village people wearing a different costume for each day of the week parading around my house getting down to the YMCA? Man have I sure do feel down, but I am a young man, I'll pick myself off the ground because I'm in a new town! There's no need to be unhappy!

downonthefarm74 Fri 3/20/2009 01:47PM
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nice choices..........first for me: Buddy Holly and the soundtrak to 'FM' on cassette. used to love those sale bins at soundwharehouse stores.

landoflizards starstarstarstarstar Fri 3/20/2009 02:01PM
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parents bought me hootie and the blowfish cracked rear view to go with my new cd boombox, which was ultra hip at the time. thanks mom and dad.