Matisyahu vs. Dub Trio | 02.22 | NY

Words & Images by: Jesse Borrell

Matisyahu vs. Dub Trio :: 02.22.09 :: The Bell House :: Brooklyn, NY

Stu Brooks - Dub Trio | 02.22 :: Brooklyn
"We talked about this concert for a bit with Matis. He always had it in the back of his mind to play with us and it just came about that were all in town at the same time. We've all been trying to make it happen for almost two years now," asserted drummer Joe Tomino of Dub Trio just before heading on stage at Brooklyn's Bell House.

Performing without Matisyahu , the Brooklyn-based Dub Trio began the evening by tearing through a short offering of originals that combined old school reggae tempos with electronic samples and turn-on-a-dime alternative metal schemes. The noise made me think of how much I had missed the brash - and often thoughtfully reckless - tendencies from past punk pioneers missing in today's attempts at mainstream hard rock.

In almost a completely different voyage within the boundaries of ambience and space, the overall mood mellowed as keyboardist Rob Marscher, guitarist Aaron Dugan (both of Matisyahu's band), and Matisyahu joined in.

"It's wide open. There's no history here. There's not much of a foundation, which is great," admitted Tomino. "We picked through ideas collectively that we both knew, more towards older rhythms - reggae and dance hall rhythms - that are neither Matisyahu nor Dub Trio songs. We ended up choosing music that we were all familiar with to riff off of. There's a lot of improv involved tonight, which is fresh and keeps it interesting."

The quintet flew through entirely unique improvisations and a few Matisyahu originals, seldom taking a break before a sold out crowd and the countless many tuning in via the Internet.

"It's really a wide open evening," continued Tomino. "I wouldn't say it's really structured, but I would say that there's a lot of dub involved, a lot of effects, a lot of ambiance - just letting things naturally occur. And that's the beauty of improv. It could be bad or it could be amazing, and everybody's all at the same point and we have to go over the hill all together."

Matisyahu Versus Dub Trio from Jesse Borrell on Vimeo.

Continue reading for pics of Matisyahu vs. Dub Trio...

Tomino, Brooks & Dugan
Dub Trio
Aaron Dugan
DP Holmes
Matisyahu, Marscher & Dugan
Marscher & Tomino
Rob Marscher
Marscher & Tomino
Marscher & Matis

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Conjugal Burning starstarstarstarstar Wed 3/18/2009 01:36PM
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Conjugal Burning


Agent of Change Wed 3/18/2009 02:38PM
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Agent of Change

the video on the first page looks really good, but there is a problem with the audio.

ganjjjj Wed 3/18/2009 02:50PM
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yes, problem with the audio

snappy Wed 3/18/2009 02:59PM
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Editor's Note: Clearly the sound is messed up on the video so we've removed it. If a working version can be obtained we'll put it back in.

Jokerman starstarstarstarstar Wed 3/18/2009 03:00PM
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i know, i really wanted to here that sample too

Jokerman Wed 3/18/2009 03:00PM
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well hurry up and make it snappy

if rhymes were valiums... Wed 3/18/2009 06:22PM
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if rhymes were valiums...

in the time being, watch the video in hd at:

D-Line Thu 3/19/2009 09:55AM
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wow another article on Matisyahu on jambase? what a shock!! everytime this guy picks his nose jambase writes about it, you poeple suck, his music blows. 6 allman brothers shows zero reviews, one matiskaka show and its detailed with pictures, bite me

if rhymes were valiums... Thu 3/19/2009 11:55AM
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if rhymes were valiums...

yo mimi, if you would like to contribute your services to round out the coverage on this website, feel free to volunteer- they could use some help on that allman run i am sure...

Eco Funk Fri 3/20/2009 09:14AM
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Eco Funk

mimilove.... stop opening these articles then so you dont have to pretend that you don't like Matisyahu...Phish Suxs

Jokerman Fri 3/20/2009 09:17AM
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i guess no one got my snappy joke, i know it was corny but come's fun to smile!

burritoltc Fri 3/20/2009 10:59PM
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^^ Thumbs down eric.

Jeff Kash Sun 3/22/2009 02:24PM
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Jeff Kash

Sacred Science is so much better. Right? Right.

gregboyer star Tue 3/24/2009 06:37AM
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Matisyoha blows donkeys. The Partridge Family had more talent.

ekorn12 starstarstarstarstar Sun 3/29/2009 02:38PM
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does anybody know where i can download this set?