Signed Guitar By The Dead From Obama Inauguration

HeadCount Auction: Signed Les Paul By The Dead from Obama Inauguration

Bid now for a truly one-of-a-kind historic item!

As The Dead descended on Washington to appear at the historic Mid-Atlantic Inauguration Ball, they signed a black Gibson Les Paul guitar on behalf of HeadCount, a nonpartisan, nonprofit organization that registered over 100,000 voters last year.

Marking the unique occasion, the guitar was also signed by DC-Deadheads like House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, President Barack Obama's transition team Co-Chair (and former White House Chief of Staff) John Podesta, and FCC Commissioner Jonathan Adlestein. Their signatures sit along side those of Phil Lesh, Bob Weir, Mickey Hart, and Warren Haynes, who has been a proud member of The Dead since the group toured America in 2004 (and has been playing a Gibson Les Paul on stage for many years longer).

Bid on this guitar at

[Published on: 1/27/09]

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gratefulhead Tue 1/27/2009 11:14AM
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sweet axe!

gmoo Tue 1/27/2009 11:15AM
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I got 5 on it.

NICU971 Tue 1/27/2009 11:22AM
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Why didn't Bill sign it?

Benjamin Human Tue 1/27/2009 11:23AM
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You only need 1,495 more!

valuesmitty starstarstar Tue 1/27/2009 11:24AM
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Nice gesture by the Dead. However, 'HeadCount, a nonpartisan organization.' Sure it is....sure it is. I don't mind groups like headcount, but when the group and everyone around them attempts to act like there is no agenda, bias, etc....I just laugh. You are what you just say what you arn't fooling anyone. Ship of Fools.

Conjugal Burning Tue 1/27/2009 11:25AM
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Conjugal Burning

how much loot from ticket sales for this next tour are going to go to worthy causes? I hope a lot

elBerto Tue 1/27/2009 11:26AM
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Very cool, would have been even cooler if it had the sigs of Barry... and Jerry.

BGsteveBG Tue 1/27/2009 11:29AM
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HAHA finally I can get a guitar signed by Nancy Pelosi.......yuck

Benjamin Human Tue 1/27/2009 11:32AM
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Conjugal - Probably none, unless you considers the band members habits worthy causes.

GB3K-Poops Tue 1/27/2009 11:53AM
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phishr82 Tue 1/27/2009 11:59AM
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c'mon Bobby, we know you can smile for us!

Sweet...i've been looking for a John Podesta autographed guitar.

GratefulHokie Tue 1/27/2009 12:12PM
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"All proceeds will be donated to GratefulHokie to help him afford a ticket to ONE of our reunion shows."

Benjamin Human Tue 1/27/2009 12:13PM
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gbkman is my new best friend :D

sugar17 Tue 1/27/2009 01:00PM
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dude i totally just put $10,000 down on this thing and if i dont get it im selling the house and the car so i can afford it

Road To Shambala Tue 1/27/2009 01:03PM
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Road To Shambala

Just like John Podesta, just like Nancy Pelosi.

The FCC commish? Really? The ones that are killing terrestrial radio (not that its that good) with its censorship? Yeah, The Dead was always about censorship and giving up your rights, I forgot.

But its all cool, "Obama has rhythm man" according to Mickey Hart in an interview last fall on the GD network on Sirius.

msudtg Tue 1/27/2009 01:03PM
Show -4 Votes Thumbs down! Thumbs up!
Benjamin Human Tue 1/27/2009 01:24PM
-1 Votes Thumbs down! Thumbs up!

I have never heard anyone tell a nice story involving Bobby.

Grateful Dread Tue 1/27/2009 01:26PM
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Grateful Dread

@ msudtg: He also had a kid with John Perry Barlow's former wife. Look at the one on the left and tell me you don't see Bobby in those eyes. C'mon!!medium.jpg

sugapablo Tue 1/27/2009 01:42PM
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Ok This has NOTHING to do with right/left, Democrat/Republican stuff, but Nancy Pelosi? Some other guy? IMHO, having ANY politician sign that guitar only defaces it! I think it'd be much more valuable with just the Dead signing it.

Hell, I wish I had the money for it.

I wonder if someday I could just get the Dead to sign MY Les Paul. :) (Yeah, I know...dream on!)

sugar17 Tue 1/27/2009 02:04PM
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msudtg.... at least he lost to one of the greats , there are plenty of people with that same stroy only the guy is some joe blow from around the corner

Jeff Kash Tue 1/27/2009 02:25PM
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Jeff Kash

valuesmitty - it must suck being a right-wing crazy like yourself. get over it. at least they're registering people to vote, one way or another. what do you do, besides listen to rush limbaugh and whack it to sean hannity broadcasts?

Kindskatz Tue 1/27/2009 02:42PM
+2 Votes Thumbs down! Thumbs up!


ValueSmitty - wasup w/that crack on HeadCount? How can you possibly find fault in a group, a NON-PARTISAN group, that's registered over 100,000 voters since their inception?

Broesau Tue 1/27/2009 03:29PM
+1 Votes Thumbs down! Thumbs up!

Nancy pelosi's sig doesn't belong anywhere near Bob Weir's, or a guitar for that matter. Since when is she a "deadhead", cause she's from SF? Please.

Also, thats funny what y'all have said about weir and Barlow, cause i just read an article barlow wrote where HE talks about meeting his wife when she was already married to someone else. Rock and roll.

RobStarr starstar Tue 1/27/2009 03:31PM
+7 Votes Thumbs down! Thumbs up!


They are missing one name(Jerry Garcia),long live the Grateful Dead

sixstringbrad starstarstarstarstar Tue 1/27/2009 05:26PM
+2 Votes Thumbs down! Thumbs up!


Does anyone know what the setlist was?

OaksterDan starstarstarstar Tue 1/27/2009 05:27PM
Show -3 Votes Thumbs down! Thumbs up!
O1Roggae starstarstarstarstar Tue 1/27/2009 06:14PM
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Yeah uh mm give it to me

Mmmmm yeah

Yeah yeah

Mm no no no no

Seems like every night, right before I go to sleep

I say a little prayer to the Lord that

he keep me, that he keep me

I used to be the kind of nigga that

didn't give a fuck about nobody

The slightest little thing would make me mad

Especially if it involved my money

And I can't tell you 'bout the next man

But I love pullin' up in big sedans

Wit all my ni#&@s in a caravan

Holla if ya hear me

Now I'd love to break ya, bring ya down

And take you back again

But that would take too much time

And I gotta hit the streets again


And even if the sun don't shine,

I'll still be hustlin'

Gotta get that money, make that money

Keep it comin', if it takes all

night, can't be strugglin'

Somebody come help me

Can ya tell me why is slangin' always on my mind?

Must be buggin'

I guess they figured I would quit

and they could get me

If they tapped my line

Don't mean nothin'

I'll still be hustlin'

Now I hate to be the one to tell ya, but I don't mind

Niggas can hate if they want to

And I'm still gon' get mine, still gon' get mine

Yes, I still be ridin' in a SC on dubs

And I won't be seen at none of the clubs

And uh, all your women would know who I was

(And that you wouldn't like) And

that you wouldn't like

If everybody kept they mind on gettin' they scrilla

Won't be no time to fuck with

mine, so won't be killin'

I'll just sit back and recline, smoke this Philly

And keep my fingers laced with

diamonds like Big Willie

But for now, catch me on Compton Avenue

With a handful of hundreds and a strap or two

Puttin' it down for my ni%$*s like they told me to

You need some candy, so won't you come thru

And even if the sun don't shine,

I'll still be hustlin'

Gotta get that money, make that money

Keep it comin', if it takes all

night, can't be strugglin'

Somebody come help me

Can ya tell me why is slangin' always on my mind?

Must be buggin'

I guess they figured I would quit

and they could get me

If they tapped my line

Don't mean nothin'

I'll still be hustlin'

Sometimes I'm suited up

Sometimes I'm bummy, lookin' like a crook

Hair all nappy and wild - we call it the full nuk

Mashin', mobbin' and thrashin'

Woopers, horns and tweeters blastin'

Throbbin', hoggin' and doggin'

Godzilla ballin'

When it's money callin'? War-rank, war-rank

Just ride your runners fool

Be 'bout your bank

Sittin' fat like chupling

All about my money, duffle bags full of scratch

Artillery fire arms and gats

Reep my mill, cap my feddy, get my bread

Hirries on my tail, but I'm

tryin' for them, but they want

me dead, dead

Cuz I made it out the game without a clue or trace

Used to sell that bass

Rock cavvy candy, ??

Never had to stop, enemies on the block,

they knew it (they knew it)

As far as I was concerned, ? man I do it

Check it out


Chris Alberchuck, Chocolate

Philly, Glocks Garcia Vegas

Black and Miles on the pack again (yes)

What you know about that?

TQ and E-40 Fonzarelli a.k.a. Charlie Hustle, easy


They Gotta Make that Money Man!!!! I think $95 is a pretty sweet deal for lawn GA don't ya'll think so?

r0llingst0ned starstarstarstarstar Tue 1/27/2009 06:35PM
0 Votes Thumbs down! Thumbs up!


There's a lot of cry babies on these message boards.

O1Roggae starstarstarstarstar Tue 1/27/2009 06:50PM
+3 Votes Thumbs down! Thumbs up!


Well maybe we wouldn't be crying if GA lawn seats werent't going for $95 a pop on TM. You could go to Wakarusa for that price and see a lot of good music. I mean what the hell is this. We are in a damn recession right now why would they charge this much for shitty tickets??? I bet if they would have started out at $50 a pop like phish instead of 65-100+ then people wouldn't be bitching

futhepharmer Tue 1/27/2009 06:52PM
-1 Votes Thumbs down! Thumbs up!


^^^Jeez BostonDan...must be nice to be able to live in northern Cali and,

what? fly back east to Woostah and see some Dead shows, huh? No wonder you ask why people are crying about the ticket prices. You must not know what it means to live paycheck to paycheck anymore, huh? ESPECIALLY in this economy, some (and you'll probably see, most, by the non sellouts) folks can't afford it when a ticket for a moe., or a widespread, or hell, even a smaller festival is less than one Dead show.

I just love folks who are well off and then just think that everyone else has a problem if they aren't.

And just because some rich douche will pay extravagant prices for tickets on stubhub or knobhob doesn't justify a band we all love setting their prices to reflect that.

Grateful Douche!

OaksterDan starstarstarstar Tue 1/27/2009 07:21PM
-1 Votes Thumbs down! Thumbs up!


futhepharmer...FYI you couldn't be more off base with your comments. I been out of work almost two years and collecting the last of my unemployment and yet I'm not pissing and moaning about prices. I probably should sell my second DCU night for the $550 it would fetch but I'd rather see the boys one last time with my home slices it means more to me than money. As for Northern Cali any time you want to come to central valley outside the bay area and live with these crank fiends & oxygen thieves I'd be happy to switch places with you. You know what they say about ASSumptions!

O1Roggae starstarstarstarstar Tue 1/27/2009 07:22PM
+5 Votes Thumbs down! Thumbs up!


It isn't necassarily the deads fault for these ticket prices but I mean, I tried getting tickets to the Allstate show and it redirected me to ticketsnow and the cheapest tickets were like 95 bucks for GA. I am sorry but I will never pay that much to see any one band. I can't afford it and like pharmer said we all aren't rich elitists or trustifarian kids livin off daddy and mommys money, most of us are struggling and to see them do this when the scene is obviously in trouble really bothers me. It just baffels me that a band that we all love would let their prices get this high. And I hope all scalpers get a shit load of negative karma points for their greed and avarice.

EVILFUNK Tue 1/27/2009 07:55PM
+2 Votes Thumbs down! Thumbs up!


these fucked up ticket prices will create parkinglot clusterfucks at these shows. whos gona have the dough to go in? hows that gona go? check out this shakedown st i found on youtube from '81. phil is killin it!

futhepharmer Tue 1/27/2009 08:16PM
+1 Votes Thumbs down! Thumbs up!


I grew up in Cali Dan. Long Beach to be exact. lived there for thirty some odd years. Don't try to tell me how horrible it is (not) in northern Cali.

It must mean an awful lot to you to see the Dead (with Warren! you know your gonna get "Gov't Dead") to be happy to pay those prices and then to bitch about people who just can't aford it saying so here. I saw plenty of Grateful Dead shows when Jerry was alive and went to the Penn State show. Although it was great to see the boys again, I could tell that with Warren again, what you're gonna get is the HEAVIER version of the Dead which sounds kinda guessed it, Gov't Dead. Not Warren's fault he's an awesome guitar player and an even better person whom I've met more than a few times. It's just that his style overtakes whatever he sits in with. I'd rather have Jimmy Herring back any day. Nothing against Warren, I just think Jimmy was able to tone his tone down a bit to emulate Jerry somewhat, yet still remain true to his own sound.

Suffice to say that I want to go but will not be too distraught.

And yes, I will "Cry" as you put it Dan, that my heroes have crushed me so in this horrible economic season. If, as you say you are out of work and your situation is so, you need to get your priorities straight bro.

Benjamin Human Wed 1/28/2009 06:33AM
+1 Votes Thumbs down! Thumbs up!

How is it not the Dead's fault for these ticket prices?

ratdog85 Wed 1/28/2009 08:18AM
+2 Votes Thumbs down! Thumbs up!


Is it just me or has futhepharmer seen everything and met everyone. Dude, I respect that you have an opinion about music and such but you often go on these "holier than thou" rants. Love music for what it is, an art. Let people have their opinions because thats what is great about music, its subjective. I love music because it is a way for my soul to express itself, and that is what makes life beatiful!

futhepharmer Wed 1/28/2009 09:11AM
+1 Votes Thumbs down! Thumbs up!


I saw nothing holier than thou in my posts here. I thought I was sticking up for the little guy. Sorry if it pisses you off.

I used to work for moe.

That is how I met a lot of my musical heroes. My favorite time with Warren was when my friend and I drove him back to NYC following a Gov't Mule show in Syracuse. He didn't want to wait for the tour bus and hitched a ride with us right after the show. Awesome dude and he puffed us down with these big fat fatties of diesel the whole way.

and dude...your name is Ratdog85 and your picture is Allen Ginsberg.

Ratdog? RATDOG? of all the dead side projects, Ratdog is for wimps. They should actually change their name to Dead-Lite!

ratdog85 Wed 1/28/2009 09:44AM
+2 Votes Thumbs down! Thumbs up!


See there you go again, dropping names and making people feel lesser than yourself. I was only talking about your general demeanor of your posts. I appreciate those things that make me happy, and so do you. So why all this my idea is better than yours talk. The beauty of music is that you could listen to the same song is hear something completly different than me, and thats OK! Im sure you are a great guy but lets stop all this nonsense. We all need to stop focusing on our differences as humans and embrace our commonalities.

Damonh420 Wed 1/28/2009 10:07AM
-1 Votes Thumbs down! Thumbs up!


futhepharmer Wed 1/28/2009 10:11AM
+4 Votes Thumbs down! Thumbs up!


You're right. That was poopy of me to bash Ratdog. And untrue, I've actually enjoyed a Ratdog show or two. Anyone with Allen for their picture is OK with me.

I'll admit, I've been a bit rantish lately. Very unhappy that I won't be able to afford Dead shows this tour and just generally unhappy with the influx of people into this scene who don't understand the cultural aspects of it. It no longer matters to me that I'm not going to shows because I've been realizing that I just don't have as much fun as I used to. It's occurring to me that it's not worth the amount of money involved with going to a show anymore (travel/tickets/parking). All we end up doing at a show anymore is moving away from loud talking people who paid $30 beans or more to make their way up front and then yell over the music to their friends. Or getting the stank-eye when I put my finger to my lips to signal to a talker that people are trying to listen. That NEVER used to happen at GD or older era Phish. If someone was talking loud they were most likely unaware that they were doing so and smiled apolegetically when informed.

So, sorry to all those whom I offend with my rants (and I realize this is one of them) and hope nobody takes it too seriously. Peace yo

O1Roggae starstarstarstarstar Wed 1/28/2009 10:19AM
+2 Votes Thumbs down! Thumbs up!


^^^ Nicely put.

Kindskatz Wed 1/28/2009 05:06PM
+1 Votes Thumbs down! Thumbs up!


more like Napdog

yah, the Dead are charging high ticket prices so they can only tour once every 5 years and still be millionaires. If you haven't noticed, the world is an ENTIRELY different place than it was a mere 5 years ago. And the music industry is no exception. The paradigm has changed and will continue to shift. The Dead are money hungry, sure, but w/these ticket prices, they're also eliminating the young, tour rats who ruined the scene in the 90's, there's no way these homeless bums can afford to go to a show that costs $100 to get in, let alone a whole tour. Maybe the Dead have just grown up...?

They pretty much suck anyway, couldn't agree more w/the poster saying Herring woulda been better than Warren, ain't that the truth!

And Phish tix are about $65 after fees and shit, not too much better...

I've only paid $100 for one show once, I went to see Clapton at Greatwoods without a ticket, got there and went straight to the BO, Clapton had just released his comps, I paid $100 for a front row dead center ticket, well worth it.

msudtg Thu 1/29/2009 01:12PM
+1 Votes Thumbs down! Thumbs up!


I know this is a late reply and probably no one will read it... but my friend who lost his wife to Bob Weir... I heard someone say at least he lost it to one of the greats... thats true, I guess I would rather have her gone to one of the greatest rhythm guitarists of all-time than Joe Sixpack down the street... although Bob and her still send him christmas cards and letters and shit... that is kinda bitchy..