The Duo/Mr. Davis | 12.31 | NYC

Images by: Robert Chapman

Benevento/Russo Duo & Surprise Me Mr. Davis
12.31.08 :: B.B. King Blues Club :: New York, NY

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[Published on: 1/12/09]

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Natey Mon 1/12/2009 05:20PM
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Wish I was there. Waiting for a recording???? Nice beard Nathan.

lsamuel3 Mon 1/12/2009 05:26PM
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Ahhh probably the best show I've ever seen. Nately here's a link to one recording of the show there's another one up on the archive in the Duo section.

Here are some videos I took during the show:

I Hate Love

Stand By Me


check out my review of the show and much more over at a discussion of all things music

pornofunk starstarstarstarstar Mon 1/12/2009 08:20PM
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man i truly love these guys, its AMAZING how far they have come since "from the gecko"

bluefox starstarstarstarstar Mon 1/12/2009 11:37PM
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This was an epic show for sure! What the heck does it say on the back of Marco's shirt though???

Parsonsgoggles starstarstarstarstar Tue 1/13/2009 07:04AM
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This is one that will not leave my ipod for years and years...

Folks, figure it out, this is THE band!!!!

ao1 starstarstarstarstar Tue 1/13/2009 07:38AM
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ahhh wish i went to that show.....heard it was amazing.....went to the one at the paradise and it was easily one of the best shows id seen in a while

linsbee314 starstarstarstarstar Tue 1/13/2009 09:07AM
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I really wanted to make this show after MMJ, but the line was 10 people wide and around the block. We were afraid it sold out, and it was super cold, so we left. Anyone know what was up w/ that? Was that b/c they weren't letting people in yet or b/c security took that long? I guess it was 2am by the time we made it there.

Man, I wish we could've made it! Thanks for the links to the music!

BobbyG Tue 1/13/2009 09:35AM
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Marco's shirt says "Manhattan it's all just a bad dream", that would be Marco repping BK

shinjuku Tue 1/13/2009 01:35PM
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glad it was fun, no pics of barber w/ the backpack in the shades?? lol

pornofunk starstarstarstarstar Tue 1/13/2009 07:25PM
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ahh look at marco w/ a glass of wine on the side, man thats classy. just kickin it gettin krunked on the keys