Thom Yorke: Free Song for Obama

Thom Yorke Offers Free Song for Obama Victory

Thom Yorke
Radiohead frontman Thom Yorke is offering a free download remix of his song "Harrowdown Hill" in honor of "the dawn of a new era in politics in the USA." The track originally appeared on Yorke's 2006 solo effort, The Eraser. The song is available on Radiohead's website.

And in classic Dead Air Space (the name of Radiohead's website), Yorke left a cryptic note introducing the song:

did i fall or was i pushed?

in celebration of nov 5th
jonnys burthday
amid bonfire and fireworks in the UK
and the dawn of a new era in politics in the USA
i humbly donate a remix of harrowdown hill that was finished ages ago during the band webcasts,
a small reminder of the dark days of Bush's....


Check the track here.

[Published on: 11/12/08]

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Lord-K. starstarstarstarstar Wed 11/12/2008 10:04AM
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Pretty awesome stuff.

mfgoof Wed 11/12/2008 10:12AM
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This is cool and all but I can't figure out for the life of me why there is a picture of Clay Aiken posted with "Thom Yorke" underneath it.

nuke_ticketbastard starstarstar Wed 11/12/2008 10:35AM
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oh boy... here we go again....

i hope this doesn't get as ugly as the last couple similar newscasts

maybe it will help if i try to even things out a bit....

i will hereby donate all my oddball socks (the ones without matches) in honor of all the other politicians who didn't win the election.

discocham Wed 11/12/2008 10:44AM
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moeron99 star Wed 11/12/2008 11:11AM
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man this site sure loves them some obama....

doobliebop starstarstarstarstar Wed 11/12/2008 11:14AM
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"This is cool and all but I can't figure out for the life of me why there is a picture of Clay Aiken posted with "Thom Yorke" underneath it." --lol

RichardHaley Wed 11/12/2008 11:15AM
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^It's amazing how much people around the world care when you're one of the biggest bullies on the block and when your actions affect the entire world, not just your country. Did you notice that people around the world watched this election from the edge of their seat (or piece of sand). They were literally cheering in the streets b/c we elected Obama. Of course Thom, Kenyans, Iraqis, Europeans, S. Americans, of course everyone cares who we elect, we walk around flexing our muscles and telling everyone what they can and can not do. Invading who we want when we want (preemptive strike? Jeezus). We stand there with all our nuclear weapons telling other countries they are not allowed to have nuclear weapons when we're the only country to ever use them! Talk about hypocrisy (don't get me wrong, of course I don't want Iran or N. Korea or really anyone to have nukes, but to stand here all high and mighty and tell folks "you are not allowed" while we point ours wherever we want is just ridiculous... and did i mention we're the only country to ever use them? Seems like maybe we shouldn't be allowed to have nukes?). So yeah, I think Thom, just like anyone else on this planet, has a right to celebrate the end of Bush's reign.

BGsteveBG Wed 11/12/2008 11:22AM
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RichardHaley Wed 11/12/2008 11:35AM
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^ It of course all hinges on what Obama actually does, but he has VERY clearly, and repeatedly, emphasized a much different foreign policy approach. This was a huge factor in his election. The desire to get out of Iraq. To engage with foreign leaders who might not love America, to open up dialogue, to use the UN, to not use The Bush Doctrine. Obama appears to be a much different leader than Bush. Yes, appears is the key word, it will only matter if he follows through on his promises. I'm proud to say i do think Obama is different. JFK was different. Bobby Kennedy was different. MLK was different. Obama reminds me of these people... and America is greatly in need of a leader of that caliber.

discocham Wed 11/12/2008 11:56AM
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torn&treyed Wed 11/12/2008 12:12PM
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RichardHaley Wed 11/12/2008 12:20PM
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I know, universal healthcare and the ability for anyone who wants to go to college to be able to afford it - what horrible ideas. Listen, we have a government. A huge, powerful (not always in the right ways) govenment. They are involved in our daily lives (like it or not). Why not have them help us with health care and education?

discocham star Wed 11/12/2008 12:33PM
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^because those are not the princibles that made this country the greatest and most giving and compasionate in the history of mankind. Its one step towards socalism in my can see how great socialism works in countries like the old Soviet Union, China, Cuba..etc. Sorry but I don't want my country modeled after those. Just my opinion...which i know is not popular on this site. At least we all love music.

discocham Wed 11/12/2008 12:36PM
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And its not hard to go to college now. I worked my way through with help from student loans.

RichardHaley Wed 11/12/2008 12:49PM
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Agreed, we all have our own opinions, and that is unquestionably one of the great things about America - we can have and voice these varying opinions. Mine however is that being able to get health care and go to college are not socialism and have nothing to do with Russia, China or Cuba (yes, they may use to some degree an idea of "universal health care" - but that is not socialism - that's taking care of your citizens, and while Cuba may have done a decent job w/ health care Russia and China are horrendous). And i beg to differ on college not being expensive. There may be examples and situations where a person gets a good deal with loans or free ride, but that is not the norm and it's becoming harder and harder for the average person to attend a college. I too worked my way through college and got tons of student loans. Now in my 30s i'm struggling to get out of college debt. Starting off w/ huge loans to repay at less than lenient rates is not easy. But yeah, at least we can all dig music... oh, curiously, what were the principles that "made this country the greatest and most giving and compassionate in the history of mankind" (which is something i find laughable...)principles that "made this country the greatest and most giving and compasionate in the history of mankind" (which is something i find laughable...)

Bix1 Wed 11/12/2008 01:20PM
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He does look like Clay Aiken...but a 1/16 retarded.

PooDolla Wed 11/12/2008 01:22PM
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I just got an Obama tattoo the other day. You can guess if I got it over my heart or on my ass.

jcolb16 Wed 11/12/2008 01:33PM
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discocham Wed 11/12/2008 01:43PM
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A free market economy to start with. Self reliance is another thing that has made this country great. When you have to work hard for what you get it drives everyone to do better. But when you offer freebies to people there is no motivation. Why would someone want work hard get an education and live a decent life when the unemployed single parent of 5 kids that is smoking crack in their trailer gets the same benifits as the hard worker.

For those unforunate people that have a hard time in life we already have safety nets such as unempoyment, government housing, food stamps, medicare, disability etc. These are made to get people back on their

feet when times get hard but to many people get used to the handouts and expect the government to do everything for them. Its like that old saying "Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day...Teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime"

Some people would say that be are bullying the world and Iraq...What I see is a man(sadam) that invaded a country, stealing and killing at will. We drove him out of Kuwait and ended that war with a cease fire that would be upheld as long as he followed a few simple rules...which he did we ended that cease fire and utlimatly removed Sadam(One the the most brutal rulers that murdered tens of thousands of his own citizens). If Sadam was smart he would have followed the example of Japan after WWII... they decided if they could not beat us militarily they would beat us in technogy and economics...which they have done. My opinion is that Iraq will be a better place for us being there. Despite Americas flaws, which are many, we do a lot of good in this world with aid and charity that we spead all over the world. Again this is just my humble opinion.

RichardHaley Wed 11/12/2008 02:11PM
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While there are a number of points (particularly your views on our foreign policy) that i don't agree with, the only thing i find ridiculous is the idea that an unemployed crackhead would get the same benefits as someone working. Who is calling for that? No one would ever - clearly. and to some how insinuate (or even worse, actually believe) that that's what Obama is suggesting is just ludicrous. Obama's education plan is to waive fees and provide scholarships for people to attend college who then have to put a certain number of years work (generally 5) back into the community that helped you go to college. This just seems like a great idea, but it's far from a handout. Just because you can now afford to go to college doesn't mean you some how don't have to do the work. Anyway, pleasant chat, thanks.

DeadBandofPhishes420 Wed 11/12/2008 02:14PM
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United States of Ignorance

granola Wed 11/12/2008 02:50PM
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ATTENTION JAMBASE: Enough with the Obama political shit and go back to music news. PLEASE.

PooDolla Wed 11/12/2008 03:05PM
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Obama should be carefull or he might burn out.

PooDolla Wed 11/12/2008 03:07PM
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discocham Wed 11/12/2008 04:59PM
-1 Votes Thumbs down! Thumbs up!


One last point. Please define universal. In my mind universal healthcare would include everyone...crackheads to lawyers. How do you think all this stuff will be paid for?...the politicians take a pay cut?...not likely. Healthcare and hospitals are a business. Colleges are a business. Hell, music is a business. When the government gets involved in these things they take the taxpayers money and decide how THEY want to spend it...I'd rather keep my money with lower taxes and decide how I could best spend it. Most of the old school hippies I know(they are hard to find) would rather live on a farm and grow their own food and spend money the way they see fit than to hand it over to the government for them to waste, or take a single dime from the government in order to help themselves even though the may live below the "poverty" line.

acomma Thu 11/13/2008 06:59AM
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funkle Thu 11/13/2008 07:43AM
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The government has too much power over us already give them an inch and they take...everything. Look at National healthcare in Germany before you think it is such a great idea. The national hospitals have gone to shit, they can't get good doctors, because they a have all privatized and raised their rates so high only people at the highest income levels in the country can afford it. Sounds great?!?!?! We are in economic turmoil and the thought of raising taxes to extend welfare, healthcare, right now might be exactly what we need to turn this economic slump into complete paralysis. I'll bring the marshmellows!

Joe Kahn starstarstarstar Thu 11/13/2008 07:58AM
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This post is about music. How is a post about a musician releasing music NOT about music? The commentors may have turned this into a political debate, but jambase posted an article about music.

Road To Shambala Thu 11/13/2008 09:16AM
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Road To Shambala

Just sit back and do nothing the next 4 years and you'll get plenty of stuff for free.

Since the Brits love Obama so much can we trade him for Paul McCartney or at least Ginger Spice?

woolselv Thu 11/13/2008 09:20AM
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^ The fact that the song was written for Obama, and was also quoted as a reminder to the end to the "dark days of Bush" might have caused for the political drama... thats just a guess though. Otherwise YEAH all about music. Or, totally political.

Just keep in mind folks, taxes starve a free market economy. If you don't remember that from Econ 101, take out your textbooks. The funny part is that no matter who was elected, our taxes were, and are going to be raised. Maybe for different reasons, but still nonetheless raised. If you don't believe me, see all the loaning taking place TARP I-1,000,000 (who knows how many more there will be).

The economy is obviously struggling quite a bit, so to inject new taxes could potentially exacerbate an already terrible problem. The free market economy flows through trade, consumerism, and the will/necessity to continue to improve (simplified obviously). The less money you have in your pocket, the less likely you are to spend. I know materialism/consumerism goes against the crunchy ways, but its what makes this country tick. Either way, can't change what happened, if you are an Obama supporter, now its on you guys. I actually do hope he does something great for this country. I didn't vote for him, so I can either be pleasantly surprised, or pull out the "i told you so" card that i have had to try and desperately swallow after making such a large mistake with Mr. W. Either way, I certainly don't want to see this country fail, (i know... thats drastic), mostly because i live here.

Music: Living in Denver was WAY better for my live music affinity... damnit. Moving is lame.

rainydaywomen420 Thu 11/13/2008 09:21AM
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whatever, if you havent checked out the ERaser your missing out. Thom yorke is fucking awesome, politics ehh not so much. Go to the i tunes store and search bridge school, they have a big compilation of all the music from the past years and Thom Yorke does a cover of after the gold rush on neil youngs piano and its perhaps one of the most beautiful things to ever fill my ears.

MyFavBandIsTheBestYoursSucks Thu 11/13/2008 10:26AM
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Some of you need to stop listening to dumbass Rush Limbaugh. Hes a liar too ya know.

futhepharmer Thu 11/13/2008 10:41AM
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Rush Limbaugh sucks donkey dick. and a pill popping hipocrate that sucks donkey dick at that!

acomma Thu 11/13/2008 11:06AM
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The JFK comparisons are somewhat legit. JFK took a great deal of flack for becoming the first Catholic president. Catholicism is still a downtrodden religion with its many critics. Obama... I'm sure you can fill in the blanks.

nuke_ticketbastard Thu 11/13/2008 11:18AM
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jackie onassis said dallas still ain't safe for catholics

think about what they pulled on kennedy

then think about his security

now think about what they'll try pull on you and me

snausages Thu 11/13/2008 05:15PM
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lmao at bix's comment.

mateotee Thu 11/13/2008 07:19PM
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Jahstinian starstarstarstarstar Fri 11/14/2008 08:55AM
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My prostate is suffering from these repetetive boners. New material is always fashionable.

djrug Fri 11/14/2008 10:27AM
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I read a quote from Trey somewhere years ago where he said that he and the band had always avoided overt politicking. Why? To paraphrase, because music is supposed to bring people together and advertising a specific political position would automatically drive half the audience away. Now, "half" would certainly be an exaggeration at a Phish show or probably anywhere else on this scene. But speaking as one in that minority, I always really respected that approach and therefore the man and the music even more.

schofizzl Sun 11/16/2008 01:37AM
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we just need to reform our economy by modeling it after a festie style Shakedown Street. shit, we could have a big shakedown street in every town where all transactions could occur. no taxes, just people with goods and services to sell or trade. once our country turned on to the idea of credit everybody forgot how to make money before spending it, and now we're all in a big pickle.

jkuss80 starstarstarstarstar Mon 11/17/2008 07:04PM
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I heart Thom Yorke.


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