Barack 'n Roll: Big Light/These US

Barack 'n Roll Takes Center Stage at The Independent
Fun-raiser Aims to Barack the Vote and Raise Funds for

With less than a month to go before election day, San Francisco-based community organizers announce Barack 'n Roll, a fundraiser and live performances from indie rock favorites Big Light, These United States and an X-tra Special Headliner on October 15 at The Independent.

A group of six organizers have been donating their time to produce the event and hope to raise $10,000 for their cause. "We are looking forward to raising $10,000 to help canvassers around the country reach swing states in time to elect Barack Obama/Joe Biden as our next United States President & Vice President," said Misty White, co-organizer of Barack 'N Roll.

With California considered to be a lock for Obama, organizers wanted to make it easy for San Franciscans to have a direct impact on the outcomes in other key states. "We want more than our vote to count – and we want to have fun within our community. Barack 'N Roll is a fun night of music, while supporting the deployment of volunteers in vital areas. It's a great way for San Franciscans to participate in common cause," says Corey Denis, another co-organizer of Barack 'N Roll.

All proceeds from Barack 'N Roll support travel to battleground states through is an online platform that connects volunteers who want to travel to a swing state with financial sponsors and swing state host families. Volunteers post profiles and solicit sponsorship from their family and friends. Sponsors can see their donations in action by following the activities of their volunteers.

Tickets to Barack 'N Roll are $20 and can be purchased at or at The Independent during box office hours.

[Published on: 10/10/08]

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Deadphishbiscuits Fri 10/10/2008 07:33PM
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Vote Obama in '08...its the right thing to do

uhoh Fri 10/10/2008 07:47PM
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Im all for obama, but i don't think someone should vote for obama just because the dead said so.

Vote for who you want in '08....its the non conformist thing to do.

futhepharmer Fri 10/10/2008 07:55PM
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Vote republican...tout the three "R"s of the Republican campaign.....Redundancy, Retardedness, and Racism! it's American!

1974morey starstarstarstarstar Sat 10/11/2008 06:11AM
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Florida is a big swing state, but nobody is putting on any shows for the cause here. Why? Anyway,Obama has my vote!

jcolb16 Sat 10/11/2008 07:00AM
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jimmy row Sat 10/11/2008 07:49AM
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jcolb16....picking the lesser of two evils is still picking evil

BRabbit Sat 10/11/2008 07:59AM
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jcolb16 Sat 10/11/2008 08:57AM
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true jimmyrow, but there is no chance of voting in the libertarian party (my ideal choice) and I do not agree with turning America into a socialist state. Gradually this is going to happen the socialist party of america, the democrats, because he wants to take away our discretionary income by supplementing it with new programs that lower taxes for the poor and increase taxes for the middle class/upper class. I enjoy spending the money I earn and the last thing I want is the government progressively taking a larger chunk. Bob Barr '08.

jesposito Sat 10/11/2008 10:46AM
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Wow must be a seriously high roller because Obama is only raising taxes for those who make over $250,000 a year. 'Get informed' my ass. How can you say that people are idiots if they vote for Obama? Get your facts straight before you go name-calling. It's called distribution of wealth. How dare we help the poor! Perhaps we have another trustafarian on our hands...

And don't even get me started on Palin.

Jazzzzz star Sat 10/11/2008 11:03AM
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doesn't matter who wins! were all screwed up the ass for years to come!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

thank you BUSH administration.

smokey82832 Sat 10/11/2008 01:12PM
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I live in Chicago and have so my entire life. Illinois pays the highest income tax and sales tax of any state. Our Gov't is VERY VERY corrupt. Obama HAS many shady folks in his past. I am sorry to say it probably is real tough to be a politician in Illinois and not be somewhat corrupt. If Obama wins rest assured your taxes will go up. He has done nothign to bring the 2 parties together as a matte rof fact the democratic party in Illinois is split. ton's of in fighting Where's Obama??? Where's the Change in my state. These are the facts Obama hasn't gotten it done in Illinois. Hopefully he can at the national level b/c this is all fucked in illinois right now

divisions06 Sat 10/11/2008 01:29PM
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fuck socialism! this is AMERICA.

Climb To Safety Sat 10/11/2008 02:21PM
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you should read what you write before you post it. you sound like a scumbag.

anyways, both obama and mccain are clowns. both of them point fingers at the other party, and neither of them take any responsibility. neither of them have the characteristics of a leader that will actually bring true change. i don't trust either one of them. voting libertarian is a good idea. i myself am writing in Ron Paul. don't let anyone telling you that voting for a 3rd party is a waste of a vote. voting for a candidate that you don't fully support is a waste of a vote.

deadheadjim starstarstar Sat 10/11/2008 04:41PM
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I'm sorry. I don't agree with that last comment. I believe voting for someone with zero chance of winning is wasting a vote. For example, I love Ralph Nader's ideas and think he would be a great president, but he handed the presidency to Bush by running as a third party.I will never forgive him for that. Even if I didn't trust the Dem nomination, which I do, I would probably still vote for them just to get Republicans out of the White House.

data starstarstar Sat 10/11/2008 06:28PM
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Bush has destroyed our country! Didn't trust him on Iraq and don't with the 700 billion.

rainydaywomen420 Sat 10/11/2008 09:30PM
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gregboyer star Sat 10/11/2008 09:49PM
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my balls itch

PhatBoyRy Sat 10/11/2008 10:58PM
+1 Votes Thumbs down! Thumbs up!


^haha word bitch, phantoms like a mother fucker

skamatrix Sun 10/12/2008 01:39AM
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haha fuck racism

fishbone1 Sun 10/12/2008 10:51AM
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smokey- Illinois' democrats are split because of Blagojevich. That guy is a disaster. Obama will not raise taxes on main street, while McCain would continue to pander to his lobbyists and special interests.

iAMuANDwhatIseeISme Sun 10/12/2008 12:42PM
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hahahahha!!!!! look at these morose motherfuckers. looks like someone shit in your cereal. BUUUUUNGGGG!!!!!

iAMuANDwhatIseeISme Sun 10/12/2008 12:44PM
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HEY BABY!?!?!!?! you ever had your asshole licked by a fat man in an overcoat!?!?!?!?!?

uhoh Sun 10/12/2008 01:34PM
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As badass as Bill Clinton was, were in the economic crisis, with the thanks to him as well. Thanks to him de-regulating stuff. which mccain wants to continue.

Jesus people are so intolerant of other peoples point of views.

calling someone an "idiot" because they don't think the same as you is lame.

SmashySmashy Sun 10/12/2008 02:53PM
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Bill Clinton de-regulating?? Hahahah. De-regulation did not cause the economic crisis. Washington and the media love pointing the finger at de-regulation and the free market. What a joke. I am sure artificially lowering the interest rate and then printing billions of bills and inflating the market every year has nothing to do with it. Government is the worst thing to happen to our economy. Yet the first thing they do when it all goes to shit is blame it on the free market... Interesting side note. Ever wonder why European soda tastes so much better and why Americans are so fat? Our government taxes the shit out of foreign sugar with a tariff, just so the 3 people who actually figured out how to grow sugar in the US could make a few bucks (lobbying is very powerful). Now the soda companies should be using sugar (like the rest of the world) but we use corn syrup because there is no cheap supply of sugar. Neither is good for you, but natural sugar is loads better than corn syrup... Both Obama and McCain are slaves to lobbying and special interests paying for their campaign and personal paychecks. A vote for either is a vote for evil. By saying that voting 3rd party is a vote for someone who wont win is exactly what the two parties want. If we all opened our minds and voted 3rd party, we would have an honest president for the first time in 150 years. Obviously 3rd party wont win this election, but if a significant amount of people see the light and vote for them, it will send a big message to other voters. So it is not a waste of a vote, it is the most effective vote for REAL change.

DaMule Mon 10/13/2008 06:50AM
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when is this fucking election over? obama, mccain, nader, trained doesnt matter who gets the office, we're all in for one massive shit rain of economic doom.

clarkythatcher Mon 10/13/2008 08:25AM
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I think I am probably going to base my vote on what everyone on Jambase thinks that I should do with it. Give me a break. If you want to vote the right way, do the research and figure out which candidate is best for you. Dont base it on what your friends or family thinks. One of the biggest reasons that we have a bad president is because the voters are not willing to take the time to do the research themselves, and vote based on what someone else tries to force on them. Instead of saying a bunch of retarded shit like "fuck Bush", find out the facts for yourself. I also dont really think that Greg Allman or Phil Lesh is exactly the best influence on your vote either. If you want to vote 3rd party, go for it. Vote for whoever feels right for you.

Shmo-Kaine Mon 10/13/2008 08:51AM
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Falcor Mon 10/13/2008 09:20AM
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go Big Light!?! Are that not appropriate? um...I like Big Light...

n-1 Mon 10/13/2008 11:17AM
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headcount fans go to reddit and upvote this story, i got headcounts response to the 20 20 bs on the front page

Andy Mon 10/13/2008 01:18PM
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It is interesting that people who support McCain say Obama will raise taxes and turn the US into a socialist society. From what I've read your taxes won't go up if you earn under $250,000 a year. Personally I don't know anyone who makes that much or anyone who works for a company that makes that much. And as far as a socialist society, the Republicans, including McCain supported the 700 billion bail out which comes close to socializing our economy, and the Bush administration has increased the size of the Executive branch. So, to me it looks like McCain and the republicans are also moving in that direction. And if people think Social Security, Medicare, Welfare, or any of the other "socialist" programs are bad I am going to have to disagree. I believe it is a responsibility of the government to try to help all of its citizens, not just the rich!

As far as Obama being ready to be presedent, I think he has shone his ability in his campain and how he has addressed the recent events. He has made statements about how he would address the economy, Iraq, and taxes and has been more in line with what experts have said, and has shone more leadership than McCain, or Bush (who is supposed to be leading). Also I look at what he did before the campain. To me, 20 years of service helping out the unfortunate in Chicago is better experience than the over 20 years McCain has in politics. I don't think Obama will save our country, but I think his views are more in line with mine than any domocratic or republican nominee in my lifetime.

My last point. If you always vote for the lesser to two evils, when does one become not evil. In my view if the lesser always wins (which is not my opinion) then eventually the percentage of evilness will be very low. But if you don't vote or vote for a third party, and the most evil candidate wins, have you actually contributed to our country becoming less evil, or helped it become more evil?

Andy Mon 10/13/2008 01:19PM
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^OVER $250,000 a year

Andy Mon 10/13/2008 01:23PM
+1 Votes Thumbs down! Thumbs up!


Oops, I did mean that the taxes will not go up if you earn under $250,000.

smokey82832 Tue 10/14/2008 06:26AM
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andy ---- that 250k comment by Barrack is a liitle misleading....all that means is he won't raise taxes on your income....that doesn't mean he won't increase sales taxes, luxury tax, estate tax, stated before Illinois has the highest income and sales tax in the if you make more than 250K than you are going to pay more according to obama..So if I work hard and get paid I have to give the gov't more $$$????...why does obama tell me I can afford to pay more taxes???? so I guess i will screw trying to become wealthy and bring valuable services to the counrty as if I become successful the gov't takes my $$$....that is simply an american and won't be much to motive people to become leaders

Andy Tue 10/14/2008 08:38AM
+1 Votes Thumbs down! Thumbs up!


^Personally I am OK with paying more to the gov't if I make more money. I think it is ok to tax less if the person is barely making rent, and tax more if the person is saving thousands of dollars a month. I think this is fare and acceptable, and does not undermine the desire to become successful.

MyFavBandIsTheBestYoursSucks star Tue 10/14/2008 12:08PM
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Whos gonna lower the 33% of my yearly income going to taxes, the taxes I pay on booze, food, gas, EVERYTHING. No one... thats what I thougt. 3rd party is the ONLY option, Them Dems & Republcians are their party/money 1st & Our Country a distant second.

efrank15 Tue 10/14/2008 03:55PM
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I like Big Light, too. Anybody know who the X-Tra Special Headliner is?

durazno Tue 10/14/2008 06:05PM
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midnighttoker58 star Tue 10/14/2008 08:39PM
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Obama is the anti christ. McCain it is if I can't have Paul

smokey82832 Wed 10/15/2008 10:56AM
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Andy.....It sounds like you are a really nice person and do care about others....but why should I pay $$ to people who can barely make there rent, bills ect...perhaps the reason they are broke is b/c of THEIR bad choices....highschool drop outs, drug addicts, slackers, regualr deadbeats...should I take care of them.....Hey I am in favor of helping those who try and help them selfs ...I understand some people juts have bad shit happen to them....but there is no way we should be bailing out the screw offs and that is what u suggest we do....screw it fuck school and work the rich will pay my to the bar and the titty bar sweettt

. Wed 10/15/2008 02:19PM
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First, to SmashySmashy: Obama does NOT accept campaign contributions from Lobbyists or special interest groups, thats one of his talking points everywhere he do your research before you say things that might influence the undecided voters out there.

Secondly, to Smokey82832: Its called social responsibilty. Caring for your fellow man. If you are making over $250,000 a year and you dont think you have a penny to spare, try to come and live with me. Im 26, and a full-time student, I work 2 jobs, I have a one year-old son (who was conceived on the I wasn't being irresponsible) AND Im on foodstamps, welfare and Medicaid because I cant afford everything myself. I have a 3.9 gpa in college...and I dont have a cell phone (no money wasted here). Ive never been to jail, and I did not drop out of high school. DO I sound like someone who deserves to be living in a homeless shelter with my son because we cant afford the cost of living in Columbus, Ohio??? Don't you think the country would be better off if we could get everyone healthy, fed, and educated?

smokey82832 Wed 10/15/2008 04:05PM
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weenis, I applaude your efforts in some hard times. I am sure you pay for school correct? Loans ect.... so why bother? Let some guy who makes over 250K pay for your school. why go to school and better yourself? the more $$ you make after school the more the gov't will take and give to others. I paid my way through school no help and was broke as all shit but it paid off in the end...are you saying in this country you don't have the opportunity to become wealthy or self reliant? it appears you are takign steps to better yourself for your kids future. so this situation is temporary. We all have shitty times but the last thing I want is uncle sam helping me out. I found a way and so did millions of other americans..if u have to live in a shelter be happy u have a shelter to live in on this temporary after all these BS u are going through if u make it some day financially I guess that money should go to some lazy bastard who never went through half the shit u are...Take a look at the public housing projects they were a total discater WHY? b/c the people living there didn't do a dam thing to earn it therfore they didn;t give a shit about the what makes u think giving people money they never earned will make them improve their life? In your case sure it would help. but for many they look at it as free cash and an easy way to fo nothing. and sorry to say this country is not where it's at today b/c of hand outs

. Wed 10/15/2008 07:14PM
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Smokey: The hand-outs that you are talking about are called entitlement prorams, and they make up a very small fraction of what our taxes go to pay for. Medical Care and Food should be guaranteed to every american, those are basic human needs. Things like cars, vacations, nice houses, tv's etc. are all luxuries. Our government should be working to ensure every american those most basic human needs. If you don't agree you are selfish and unkind. Raising taxes means more for many other areas then entitlement programs. It means better, safer schools for children, cleaner air to breathe, better medical services, more secure retirement, and fewer foreign enemies. Im sorry you see it from a less compassionate and more greedy perspective. These are clearly fundamental differences between Democrats and Republicans. For you its "me me me", and for me its "us us us".

smokey82832 Thu 10/16/2008 06:33AM
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Weenis---- we pay more taxes right now then ever before in the history of this come our schools suck??How come most everything the gov't touches is total crap? So unless you think the gov't is doing the best job ever than your theory of more taxes equals better schools ect is shot to shit....If I give the gov'y more $$ I will breath cleaner air?? If I give the gov'y MY $$$ I will have a secure retirment?? We already give tons of $$ for retirment to the gov't it's called social security.....You ain't gonna see a dime of that social security money....weenis you have a lot to learn...WOW

. Thu 10/16/2008 08:26AM
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Smokey- Our money isn't going to the right programs because Bush is designating all of our money to the war. He has cut educational spending AND entitlement programs. In the state of Ohio there isn't even welfare...I get money from the government that I called wlefare, but in reality I work for the government for two dollars an hour to get my 185/month. Yes, I file papers for 23 hours a week just to get that money. I dont have a lot to learn, you do. I understand a lot more than you think about politics, but you sounded smart enough that I didn't I had to explain myself at length. Clearly we are never going to agree, but its always worth trying to help someone see things from a different perspective. Obama tax hike (for 5% of americans) will provide the needed funding for investment in clean fuel technologies, alternative energy, increasing foregin aid, better social security program (that will last past 2040). Atleast Obama is going to try and make these things happen. McCain isn't even trying to help 95% of americans.

smokey82832 Thu 10/16/2008 09:21AM
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weenis----u put a lot of faith in one person...what proof do u have that he can accompolish this goal?? I live in illinois and he has been a disater....we have the highest sales and income tax in the country....I have proof and seen 1st hand of his failures...I have no confidence that he can lead his nationally if he sucks at being a senator

Andy Fri 10/17/2008 10:23AM
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Smokey-I have stayed out of the argument because I realized that we would not agree, so I stopped posting. I do agree with everything Weenis has said. I wonder how much you make to think you can't spare any of the over 250,000 dollars you make. People I know who earn 100,000 dollars feel pretty rich, sending kids to private school, owning boats and houses, saving hundreds a month, and they are no where close to 250,000. But why I really came on here to post is that you saying Obama has failed in Illinois is your opinion. I know many people that live in Chicago and think he has been one of the best things to happen to local politics, and have seen 1st hand his success. Talking to those people is one of the reasons I feel he will at least try to accomplish what he says, unlike McCain who I think will continue to give tax brakes to the richest people and largest companies.