Rocktober: Get Out And Vote!

Hank Williams III

Is this election different than past elections, why or why not?

Hank Williams III
Well, I couldn't tell you if it's different or not. I'm sure it's probably a lot more electronic than it used to be, and if that's a good thing is hard to say. But you know it's not like we the people get to select who we are voting for. We do to a point, but it's selected for us.

What is the relationship between music and politics - and how, if at all, has this relationship affected your music?

Well some people that are really focused and sharp and know how to poke at the people, some music I guess is able to speak the voice that's kind of unheard of out there. Kind of like how on "South Park" they fuck with everything you're not supposed to fuck with. A real musician, or story teller I should say, can make that happen. Me, I don't consider myself that political. I totally respect the Jello Biafras and people like that out there. But the most political I get on the new record is, "You better keep your eyes on what's going on/ With the government today because they're doing us wrong," just plain and simple. That can be taken a million different ways. The music and political thing, as Buzz from The Melvins would say, "I don't want to know an entertainer's perspective on what he thinks about politics, because most entertainers are fucking drug addict, whore mongering motherfuckers that are full of greed and want to just rip everyone off." He makes it sound pretty funny, but it is what it is.

If you could speak directly to all American voters, what would you say?

I guess just be part of it, but as our vice president said, "We the people, so what? Who cares what they say?" But go out there and still stick with it. If we really want to have a revolution, have those kids study law and keep asking questions that you're not supposed to be asking. Protect our rights as much as possible. I guess go out there and vote and try to be aware. Call out the problems where you see 'em, don't let it get covered up.

Hank Williams III released his new album, Damn Right Rebel Proud on October 21 through Sidewalk Records.

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