Rocktober: Get Out And Vote!

Marc Brownstein - The Disco Biscuits, Conspirator

Is this election different than past elections, why or why not?

Marc Brownstein by Dave Vann
Well the obvious factor in this historic election is that we are going to end up with either a black President or a woman VP. That right there makes it the most unique election in the history of our country. Here's to hoping for the former (no disrespect to women on a whole, this one [Palin] just scares me more than the lunch lady: Want some more Sloppy Joe?!?!?!!).

What is the relationship between music and politics - and how, if at all, has this relationship affected your music?

There is no direct relationship between music and politics, no more than there is for any other profession and politics. There is a huge relationship between people of our generation and politics. Having watched the economy spin out of control and the wars linger on and on, our generation has been energized on the subject of politics. Not since the '60s have so many people out of the political sphere taken it upon themselves to become socially and politically active; and music is just one small part of that.

If you could speak directly to all American voters, what would you say?

Rise up. Rise up and take back control of this country. Together we can rebuild the reputation of our amazing nation. And don't forget, we live in the most amazing nation in the world. I mean, if someone as inarticulate as George W. Bush can become the 2nd most powerful man out there, then this really is the land of opportunity. Make it yours.

Marc Brownstein's next gig is with Conspirator on October 22 at the Georgia Theatre Athens, GA. The Disco Biscuits next shows will be part of Caribbean Holidaze in Jamaica; they follow that with a five-night NYE run in NYC. Complete Bisco tour dates available here.

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