Bob Dylan Pre-Release Stream


Bob Dylan
NPR Music will exclusively stream Tell Tale Signs, the highly-anticipated forthcoming album from Bob Dylan, beginning Tuesday, September 30 at midnight, one week ahead of the album's release on October 7. The entire two-CD, 27-song set will be available to hear on-demand at NPR Music for the week leading up to its release.

Tell Tale Signs is the eighth installment in Dylan's "Bootleg Series," and features previously unreleased recordings, live performances and alternate versions of songs recorded during sessions for some of his most acclaimed albums, Oh Mercy and Time Out of Mind among them. Also included on the album are Dylan's recordings for the soundtracks of the films "Lucky You," "Gods & Generals" and "North Country," as well as "32-20 Blues," his first ever release of a Robert Johnson song.

The complete track listing for Tell Tale Signs and additional information about the album will be available at NPR Music starting tonight, where there is also an extensive archive of past interviews with, and music by, the legend:

[Published on: 9/26/08]

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OOOMMM starstarstarstarstar Fri 9/26/2008 09:08PM
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I am first!!!!!

Dylan rules.

Cola21 Fri 9/26/2008 10:29PM
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Question: When will JamBase post an article (INTERVIEW???) on Jackson Browne and his new disc? I'm so pumped for it. The only thing I'm more pumped for (other than the VP debate and Brewers in the playoffs) is a Jackson Browne tour.

redhed starstarstarstarstar Sat 9/27/2008 08:13AM
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Jackson Browne blows. Cant wait for ther new Dylan album. 27 songs wow, I hope it's as good as Modern Times.

babywood Sat 9/27/2008 08:58AM
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It's not a new dylan's a collection of unreleased studio outtakes from oh mercy and Love and Theft. This is gonna be fantastic....Oh mercy is my FAVORIte album of all time.

Lightenupyourload Sat 9/27/2008 09:35AM
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Just watched an A&E Biography on Dylan - his life and music has changed the landscape for singer/songwriters for the rest of time. "The Times They Are A Changin'" was a seminal influence in my life, and I hope kids these days take the time to really hear, not just listen, to his songs.

futhepharmer starstarstarstarstar Sat 9/27/2008 10:01AM
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Bob Dylan is great. Dob Bylan is insanely great! long live the Dob!

groovatronics Sat 9/27/2008 01:11PM
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hey i think you got mixed up and meant to say "listen, not just hear" his music.

but don't fret it, i forgive ya bud.

rainydaywomen420 starstarstarstarstar Sun 9/28/2008 12:18AM
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bobby, you've given me so so much dear friend, and yet you continue to give me more, I don't think that will ever change, even after your gone. You've given much indeed

Jeff Kash Mon 9/29/2008 08:27AM
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Jeff Kash

where's frog legs? why isn't there a ryan adams pre-release stream? oh i forgot, ryan adams SUCKS. long live BOB.

futhepharmer Mon 9/29/2008 05:03PM
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^yo namey! long live the DOB!

and Ryan Adams is a genius!

futhepharmer Tue 9/30/2008 09:08AM
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frogster be planning sumpin' special for you, spacey

mmmFriedFrogLegs Wed 10/1/2008 10:43AM
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no tha name game(or whatever hes gunna change his name to next in effort to get people to forgetwho he is and how much he sucks) is simply not worth my time. first off hes a real loser to the most pathetic degree, its very appearant for a few reasons, he semi- stalks people(the dude was trying to get on my nerves just because im a ryan adams fan even going through the trouble of trying to get info off my myspace and changing his name as an omage to myself), secondly you can tell hes a moron by just observing his profile(he says yo after pretty much everything,and includes yo mother in his general interests, like those abbrasive speaking new yorkers) he has no musical credibility(the man really dislikes ryan adams including posting pointless negative comments even in unrelated forums, which is his fortey really, he even goes through the trouble of harassing ryan adams fans, but you'll notice he defends michael franti wtf?) hes a legend in his own mind but he is clearly an arrogant extremely pathetic and obnoxious LOSER. of bluntsnbisco proportions

mmmFriedFrogLegs Wed 10/1/2008 04:37PM
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wait name game you only been a jambase member since june 2008?, fuggin poser, and no you're nothing like larry david , larry david is witty , intelligent and one hell of a writer. you on the other hand are a waste of human genetics , clearly a moronic writer, a disgrace to the jam scene, and nothing you say is remotely funny. you're really just an annoying negative pompus cokehead prick from new york. do us all a favor a develop a terminal illness , thanks