Power to the Peaceful | 09.06 | SF

Images by: Susan J. Weiand

Power to the Peaceful
09.06.08 :: Speedway Meadows :: San Francisco, CA

Michael Franti
Michael Franti & Spearhead
Michael Franti & Spearhead
Michael Franti with Lilla D'Mone
Michael Franti with Namkha Rinpoche
Lilla D'Mone with Spearhead
Michael Franti
Michael Franti
Michael Franti & Ziggy Marley
Ziggy Marley
Ziggy Marley
Ziggy Marley
Warren Haynes
Warren Haynes
Vets Against The War
United Playaz
Code Pink
Free Mumia
Namkha Rinpoche

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anonymous starstarstarstarstar Fri 9/12/2008 11:31AM
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i love franti....can't wait to see him again....flagstaff in a few weeks!!!....at a great venue in the middle of the woods under the stars.....

RambleOnShelbyRose Fri 9/12/2008 11:39AM
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Ter starstarstarstar Fri 9/12/2008 12:08PM
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Good Pics and Michael is a great person... sure i understand that "some" may not like the "how you feelins" and " put your hands up" but give me a break apparently you all have seen him more than once or you would not know that he does this all the time. ANS big deal everybody is having a great time at his show probably including you folks. Your mom should have taught you if there is not something nice to say keep it to yourself. Word to your mother!

Justin Gillett Fri 9/12/2008 12:11PM
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Justin Gillett

Nice direct, but tactful, comment on Fraanti DiscoLotusEaters.

King Rhino starstarstarstarstar Fri 9/12/2008 12:15PM
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What is this personal vendetta you Disco Biscuit people have with Franti? Jesus, you'd think he had bitchslapped your momma for all the pathetic hatred you people spew against him. To bad none of you Biscos have noticed not one meber of the Biscuits band has ever said a bad word about any other musicians. Maybe you should take the lead of your so called heroes.

Greatwaves Fri 9/12/2008 12:32PM
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yes i dont understand all the hate... why and how could you dislike someone fighting for peoples rights, for world peace, for a better society, for unconditional love... i just dont get it and unfortunatly it seems to be fans of bisco who hate on him the most... maybe if he told a nughuffer story at a show you people would like him better...

phunkle starstarstarstarstar Fri 9/12/2008 01:19PM
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Who's this Lilla D'Mone? Man, she is fiiiiine! Too bad this festi is west coast, I'd love to make it one time. Thanks for the pics.

jamrad Fri 9/12/2008 01:20PM
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sunnbear starstarstarstarstar Fri 9/12/2008 01:29PM
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Lilla D'Mone gives good mic.

MutilatedLips starstarstarstarstar Fri 9/12/2008 02:42PM
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I like Bisco, but not nearly as much as Franti. I really dont get haters comments like jamrad just said "I have seen him many times". If your not even a fan than why have you seen him so many times?? Even if you just happened to see several festival performances, we all know there is plenty to do at a festival when a band you dont like gets on stage. I would have loved to replace you at the at all those shows that were so agonizing for you, because they are very uplifting to me.

I hope I can make it to SanFran one of these years for a Power to the Peaceful festival, Ive always wanted to go.

jamrad Fri 9/12/2008 04:02PM
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in response to infin81ness : the reason i've seen him so many times is that somehow he plays every festival and i try to give him a chance but it's always the same. with Radioactive he was ok but now, not so good. i saw him at high sierra some years back. he had two sets on different stages but played the same exact setlist twice. WEAK!

rainydaywomen420 Fri 9/12/2008 05:01PM
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Franti does wardrobe changes? Through and through this dude is more so an act than any sort of artist. Although i agree with a mojority of his ideals it gives me no excuse to consume his corny, hippy dippy nonsense music. I think a good analogy would be christian rock, dont use music as a stand to promote politics or religion in a completely black and white manner and all the while create headaches. Just quit the franti and listen to Bob Marley, cause bobs the truth.

iwantstogetfunkedup Fri 9/12/2008 10:04PM
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Franti's the shit!! I've seen Spearhead countless times since the first record came out in the early 90's and its always a great show. He puts more energy into one performance than most bands exhibit in a whole tour. I am a bigger fan of the first 3 records than anything else, but its all good music. I have to say that for the bands that put on their own festivals (Bisco, Moe, etc., etc.) Spearhead has successfully done this for 10 years for FREE in Golden Gate Park. FREE! I'd like to see other bands pull this off on that scale. Franti is all about bringin' the music to the people and actually trying to change some shitty parts of this world for the better. I have met him when I lived in Maui and he is a extremely humble, genuinely nice guy. Wish we had more people like Franti in the world. Might be a better place

1radioheader Sat 9/13/2008 07:22PM
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Franti looks like a homeless guy in those photos .. .. . . and I'll go and agree with Discolotuseater. . . nothing but respect for Franti's outlook and life and what he does with his prestige and celebrity, he is truly a good man. . .. . I've seen him 4 times (all at festi's) and i got no desire to see him again, shit gets old Franti, and I don't like to be told how to party, I can figure it out myself

(not a disco triscuits fan either)

canoftunapudding Sun 9/14/2008 12:08PM
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Can anyone tell me what kind of guitar Warrren Haynes is playing in those pics.

Sueshi Sun 9/14/2008 02:08PM
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>Can anyone tell me what kind of guitar Warrren Haynes is playing in those pics.



Bswans1 Sun 9/14/2008 05:53PM
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Jamrad: you are a very deep person I can tell. Michael took the time to chat with me backstage on Friday, change his setlist, to include the song "never too late" for my buddy Pasha and his daughter - Pasha's got terminal lung cancer and about 6 months to go. Your words are brilliant and I can tell you have a huge impact on society, and are not the kind to just think about yourself. I really enjoy hearing from people like you who are completely unselfish and non-self-centered. I, as well as you, know the world revolves around you AND all of us strive to be just like you. I can only wish you the best and hope that you don't play the same set list next time you are on stage. Oh wait, it's probably pretty hard to fuck up putting the fries in the little cardboard container - well, like you used to do before being fired for being a meth-head. I look forward to your following post as I'm sure it will be as fuggin brilliant as your previous. Please post oh brilliant one.....

jamrad Sun 9/14/2008 10:24PM
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AdkinsJ starstarstarstarstar Mon 9/15/2008 07:21AM
+4 Votes Thumbs down! Thumbs up!

Wow, such invective on a Spearhead thread! That people can be so offended by a guy who brings joy and positivity to so many is remarkable to me. I've heard Warren speak often about how Franti never ceases to amaze him in his ability to touch people - the respect there is huge. Of course, opinions vary and Warren's tastes shouldn't and don't reflect those of everyone, by why spend time bashing that which at it's base level is undeniably good? Sheesh. Ain't no time to hate...

boxofrain007 starstarstarstarstar Mon 9/15/2008 11:28AM
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Nice! Wish I could have been there to see that...Ziggy+Franti= Musical Bliss!

Bswans1 Sun 9/21/2008 04:04AM
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Yes, Rad man of Jam, very brilliant... the world thanks you. I guess my thoughts were why you'd feel obligated to bring down peeps that are digging on something. WTF? Why spend time knocking someone or something that makes others feel good about shit? That's all..no harm, no foul...