Farm Aid at Great Woods 9/20

Farm Aid at Great Woods on 9/20

Young & Nelson - Farm Aid 07 by: Adam McCullough
Farm Aid makes it New England debut this year on September 20 at Great Woods (technically now called Comcast Center) in Mansfield, MA. As they do every year, Willie Nelson, John Mellencamp, Neil Young and Dave Matthews are all scheduled to perform with additional artists to be added soon.

Working to keep family farmers on their land, Farm Aid brings together family farmers and citizens to guarantee family farm food is available to you. Farm Aid's mission is to build a vibrant family-farm centered system of agriculture in America.

The annual benefit concert will celebrate music and good food, featuring hands-on activities in the HOMEGROWN Village that will showcase the direct connection between who is growing our food and what we eat every day.

"Just as rock & roll is loud and proud, so is Farm Aid. Farm Aid's greatest accomplishment, I believe, is in the spirit. It's the fact that we represent the spirit of the good fight, to keep something good happening. It just keeps getting stronger and stronger..." –Neil Young

Check out JamBase's 2007 coverage of Farm Aid here.

[Published on: 7/16/08]

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SmashySmashy starstarstarstarstar Wed 7/16/2008 11:17AM
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Woah Mass love! I also appreciate that jambase calls it "Great Woods" even though it is the Comcast or Tweeter or some other bullshit center now

HoodooVoodoo starstarstarstarstar Wed 7/16/2008 11:47AM
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granola Wed 7/16/2008 11:50AM
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This is a good thing but to bad there cant be something done to lower the food costs.

moejoerisin Wed 7/16/2008 11:54AM
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food won't be cheaper until it's being produced locally en masse. farm aid is the shit. if everyone were a farmer, the world would be a better place.

Mountain_Icculus starstarstar Wed 7/16/2008 12:13PM
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If i was a farmer i would just smoke trees and milk cows.

dmbexodus starstarstarstarstar Wed 7/16/2008 12:33PM
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Farm Aid is a good time. Ive been to two and last years rocked. Hopefully they get another good lineup, another plus is the organic food market. If anybody had the peaches from last year you know what im talkin about.

bold99 Wed 7/16/2008 12:36PM
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This will be great as long as Dave Matthews stays home that day. Can't wait to see Neil.

moejoerisin starstarstarstarstar Wed 7/16/2008 01:01PM
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^ please don't tell me you're suggesting that john mellencamp > dave matthews.

hOMERsPARKLE Wed 7/16/2008 01:05PM
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mellencamp rocks exponentially harder than matthews even when napping

moethug Wed 7/16/2008 02:12PM
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rustfinger Wed 7/16/2008 02:57PM
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farm aid is a good time for a good cause! they usually bring out good bands too. sucks for me it's on the east coast again. hopefully they bring it back to the midwest next year where a lot of these family farms are being bought out by land developers and/or being exploited by energy companies for wind farms. but to anyone in new england i urge you to go and have a great time. i'm not a huge mellencamp fan but when isaw him 3 years ago at the chicago farm aid he rocked hard. usually dave does an acoustic set for farm aid.

Flat5 Wed 7/16/2008 05:28PM
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farmers are cool.

jimmy row Wed 7/16/2008 06:40PM
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It's just too bad you can't tailgate at all at the "Name to be Changed" Center. My buddies got kicked out of Pearl Jam because the cops smelled vodka in thier drinks. They voided thier tickets and made them crack open and dump out all of their beer. When it actually was Great Woods, it was's a damn shame

Deadphans starstarstarstarstar Wed 7/16/2008 09:49PM
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Damn my cousins are lucky as hell, they live right behind the Tweet Center, aka Great Woods...

mberk86 Thu 7/17/2008 05:44AM
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msudtg Thu 7/17/2008 07:26AM
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I saw the supposedly "epic" DMB show at Rothbury and if epic means a boring, mandatory nap-time than I would agree. The DMB show was what I expected, but it was boring and the crowd was not into it. At phil lesh, widespread and a ton of other shows fans were throwing glow sticks and dancing, but at DMB people were napping and bored. I have never seen mellencamp perform, but he is vastly more influential and important than any band on the current jamband scence, Its fucking mellencamp guys, he rocks! Most played artist in the midwest on radio stations for like 10 or 15 years in a row...

nsafay Thu 7/17/2008 08:26AM
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daveapaug Thu 7/17/2008 09:32AM
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MyFavBandIsTheBestYoursSucks starstarstarstarstar Thu 7/17/2008 09:49AM
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jimmyrow420 = are you serious?? That is some seriously harsh lifestyle commie policing. I would boycott this venue. Are all the venues out there like that?

hnkscrpio Thu 7/17/2008 10:31AM
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^^ Totally agree

I went to the farmaid in 2005 at Tweeter Center just outside Chicago, that venue usually has terrible security, with no tailgating allowed. However, at farmaid, they were letting people drink and chill outside, they also did very limited searching of personal coolers, so sneaking in liquor was pretty easy. I'm pretty sure farmaid hires all their own security. So don't let a bad venue scare you away from this one. On another note, I can't believe that some hate filled idiots are talking trash about which artist is better at a charity event.

SmashySmashy Thu 7/17/2008 11:55AM
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^^ Yep.

Tweeter/Comcast whatever is horrible now. They used to be really relaxed there and security was minimal. 2 or 3 years ago they started to crack down. They'll wait for "shakedown" to get up and going real well, then get a huge team of cops to literally run down and arrest as many people as possible. I've watched it happen at 3 different shows there and then obviously I wont pay the outrageous ticket prices to go to a venue like that anymore.

And no, not every venue is like that in New England. Maine is completely opposite. My favorite little venue that throws about 4 fests a year has many "plants" on display throughout the weekend and then raffles them off on the last day. Vermont is equally liberal. Very much opposite of many places in Mass (although I hear some are equally as 'free')

fonsja Thu 7/17/2008 03:06PM
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neil mother fuckin young

froey Thu 7/17/2008 03:57PM
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seriously people. why not focus on what the event is about rather than trashing some band or an artist? im sure most have all ready forgotten the floods that hit iowa, illinois, and missouri in june and that is what the focus should be about. this flood is so massive and farming is becoming such a rare trade that many of these farmers may be forced out of the farming business because of how devastating it was. this event puts the music second and the message first and i wish more did things like this. kudos to farmaid.