M.I.A. Plays 'Last Show' Ever

M.I.A. Plays 'Last Show' Ever

The New York Times and DrownedInSound.com are confirming rumors that M.I.A.'s recent Bonnaroo gig was her "last ever."

M.I.A. repeatedly told her audience at this past weekend's Bonnaroo festival: "This is my last show, and I'm glad I'm spending it with all my hippies."

The news comes in the wake of M.I.A.'s recent engagement to Benjamin Brewer, guitarist and vocalist in The Exit and son of Warner Music Group chairman Edgar Bronfman Jnr. M.I.A. also recently cancelled her entire European tour.


[Published on: 6/16/08]

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SCIRGR84EVS Mon 6/16/2008 12:02PM
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Please. She'll be opening on the String Cheese reunion tour in no time.

SCIRGR84EVS Mon 6/16/2008 12:03PM
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Although I do applaud her for her unconventional business model - marrying a record exec's son is so much easier and far more profitable then all that silly recording & performing stuff.

MyFavBandIsTheBestYoursSucks Mon 6/16/2008 12:39PM
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I was subjected to her live show for about a half hour from the opposite stage while waiting for Rage Against The Machine to start @ Voodoo fest last year.

She wont be missed, some of her studio stuff is OK though.

cam0083 Mon 6/16/2008 01:33PM
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I could never get into her stuff. In fact, I strongly disliked everything i heard and the only reason I don't say hate is because I do think some of the beats she had were pretty damn good but i can't stand her.

Lakai star Mon 6/16/2008 01:39PM
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she's been on tour for like more than a year, she is prob just exhausted and in that state she is like "fuck this shit I'm never touring again" give it some time she will def be back around, right after she gets divorced in like 5 months.

id rather be phishing Mon 6/16/2008 01:46PM
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the song with the guns was pretty tight, thats all i really recall from her career. All I wanna do is clack clack clack clack

thefknreverend star Mon 6/16/2008 01:53PM
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Matis starstarstarstarstar Mon 6/16/2008 01:54PM
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mia got more records then the KGB, bitchezz

King Rhino star Mon 6/16/2008 03:12PM
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(Tila Tequila - The Trashy Lesbian Schtick) + Generic Recorded Beats = M.I.A.

Bylimb Mon 6/16/2008 03:26PM
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At least she didn't get the reception Con-YAY got!...ouch! I'm surprised that this M.I.A story made it on jambase but his 4:30am rubbish went unnoticed! I wonder if we'll ever see that footage?

Gigger Mon 6/16/2008 03:57PM
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she straight up hijacked paper planes from the clash...believe it

beatstock Mon 6/16/2008 04:13PM
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i know kanye is the biggest loser ever, who wants to see him late night anyway just because he has glowsticks on the stage, what a douche

phunkyjedi08 starstarstarstarstar Mon 6/16/2008 04:30PM
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KingRhino, SCI - word up to you guys. Hilarious.

Who addresses fans like this? "This is my last show, and I'm glad I'm spending it with all my hippies." Let's lump the entire crowd in and call them all hippies. That'll show them how much I care. Just like quitting the music biz 'cos I found a rich husband.

I know someone a lot like M.I.A. - a gorgeous, sexy little asian girl (please let's not attack me for anything like racism; we can all see nothing like that is intended here, nor implicit) who tells you how much she loves you until it's not convenient in her instinctual, by-the-seat-of-her-pants, never-considers-anything-or-how-it-affects-the-people-around-her, impulse-driven life.

To expand that: "I wanna be a rockstar! Sweet, a really talented DJ who makes my utterly talentless and primal screaming sound amazing! He'll sleep with me, too! Oh, wait, I did something completely uncaring (obviously speculation) and he decided not to put up with me? Whatever, I don't care, he's not with me this very moment - I'll shack up with someone else who can make my life easy!"

It's this kind of disregard and disrespect for people that makes me so sick of the modern music industry. I've grown past jambands aside from Phish, for the most part, but I really feel like what makes them so special is how much they respect and appreciate their fans. If you were a die-hard fan of M.I.A., this should feel like a MASSIVE slap in the face.

acomma Mon 6/16/2008 04:42PM
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acomma Mon 6/16/2008 04:43PM
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And the word 'hippy' gets tossed around more than Joey Fatone's salad.

TheGreenKynd starstar Mon 6/16/2008 05:23PM
+2 Votes Thumbs down! Thumbs up!

oh boy, after this news M.I.A is really going to be M.I.A (missing in action) HO HA! zinger!

willydog Mon 6/16/2008 06:10PM
+1 Votes Thumbs down! Thumbs up!


acomma - The Fatone remark - classic - LOL (And I never use those lame abreviations, but...LOL)

Cola21 Mon 6/16/2008 07:54PM
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I've yet to check out MIA so this is kind of a bummer. But from articles I've read on her, her deal is that her songs are all about how society is stuck up on money and popularity and stupidity and nobody gives a shit about the people dying all over the world in unjust situations. She put all of that into music that apparently is danceable - and I can only imagine seeing a bunch of 12 year olds shaking their asses at every show and presumably not comprehending the material may have been just enough to confirm her beliefs. Or maybe she had an awesome experience and has other plans in store. Like that song about "take ya money," I assume that's meant to be ironic.

ymsb8 Mon 6/16/2008 10:19PM
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hippies? more like obnoxious college douche bags

bigfro Tue 6/17/2008 06:27AM
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WOw a band I've never heard of is breaking up. More Brooklyn want to be INDIE punk rock that sounds the same

NRSingh star Tue 6/17/2008 07:23AM
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"WOw a band I've never heard of is breaking up. More Brooklyn want to be INDIE punk rock that sounds the same"

Everything you said in those two sentences is patently false. Except for the two words "breaking" and "up". Do your homework before you bash something. Not that I'm sticking up for anyone (I love MIA, just don't feel like getting into it with peeps). But it just makes this whole place look stupid when stuff like what you said is posted.

P.S. The 9:30 Club has never been rocked so hard as when M.I.A. came to town. I have never seen the place going so nuts. I think this is a damn shame.

Deklen starstarstarstarstar Tue 6/17/2008 08:52AM
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I won't miss her. I laughed at her set @ Vegoose. 200+ people dancing on stage and crowding the dj, and plenty of gun shot sounds that would fit right in at a 50-cent show. It was about as weak as week could get.

Deklen Tue 6/17/2008 08:53AM
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Bylimp, what happened to Kanye at Bonnaroo? this could be funny...

thecurtainhasclosed Tue 6/17/2008 09:10AM
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Yea, what happened with Kanye @ the roo? sounds like it could be quite humerous.

HoodooVoodoo Tue 6/17/2008 12:36PM
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stringche101 Tue 6/17/2008 12:38PM
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he just got like boo'ed and stuff, he was 2 hours late for his already 2 30am performance...and i guess they had a chant going like "Kanye sucks" and then the next day robert randolf or somebody told the crowd to bring back the kanye chant. haha.......... theres an article on yahoo.com about it

acomma Tue 6/17/2008 02:04PM
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Maybe this will be a learning experience for Bonnaroo in the future

jdub104 Tue 6/17/2008 07:43PM
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haha this seals her status as a one hit wonder

King Rhino star Wed 6/18/2008 05:39PM
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M.I.A. had one hit?


Mr. West ... Or as he is now known ... FUCKanye West ..... Made a very large mistake at Bonnaroo ... He didn't realize who paid for him to be there.

Even those boneheads Metallica had the sense to realize just where they were and who they were performing for ....

FUCKanye? His career is now as dead as his mother.

BobbyShortcutShows star Wed 6/18/2008 06:32PM
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THIS DOES KINDA BOTHER ME I HAVE BEEN REALLY BIG ON HER FOR AT LEAST THRRE OR FOUR YEARS NOW AND I guess it never fails, meet the boy-son of a media maverick stop playing shows! Damn maya!! i hope you just go back to sri lanka or africa and find yor groove again or you can dump that loser and mover to az with me !! Ill get you back to the roots!! Too much Nyc will make you ill you need me and sedona! j/k really i hope she gets her groove back. She does look like she has lost quite a bit of weight since i first saw her! exhaustion and veggie burgers will do that to a london girl.

Nikki Thu 6/19/2008 09:35AM
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so maybe she said 'my last show!' technically it was her last show...of her tour! .....she cancelled the rest! never did she say retire, so why is everyone so quick to take what she said and make it sound like she is completely done?

timmyp Thu 6/19/2008 12:07PM
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the hate here is thick

RothburyWithCheese star Thu 6/19/2008 12:41PM
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Who cares about MIA?? It's funny how Indiebase put up a guidelines message on how to act and no one follows it. Whenever I talk shit i get angry responses and emails from the douche-bag that runs this site (cant remember his name now) but when others do it not word one. I think it's great. By the way, fuck you losers bonnaroo was awesome. I know Kanye sucks and Metallica are sell outs. So? there were 2 dozen other kick ass acts playing. The weather was bad but aside from that---it rocked!! Pearl Jam!!!!

Cola21 Thu 6/19/2008 02:47PM
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I'm not a proponant of attacking each other. But King Rhino. You're an asshole. That's not hate or violence or rudeness. That's just a fact. Get over yourself. I don't think that's the kind of atmosphere we want here, and if you want to be an insensative jerk, then start your own blogsite and write about it.

bigfro Fri 6/20/2008 09:19AM
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"Brooklyn will soon be the new Manhattan" Walt Whitman 1891, oh wait their still saying that, but when U2 comes town they play Manhattan. In fact they are more likely to play New Haven than your pathetic poser borough with a huge INFERIORITY COMPLEX. Manhattan never thinks of Brooklyn, but Brookyn doesn't last 2 second without mentioning Manhattan. If anyone has been to a show thee you'll notice no one parties, they just stand around looking cool and smelling bad and I thought hippies didn't wash. They have nothing on Brooklyn

bigfro Fri 6/20/2008 09:21AM
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Coal21 will have us all listening to Kayne West instead of real music because he is intidated by honesty. What a dork . GO raise kids and leave the music to the big people

bealotcoolerifyoudid Sat 6/21/2008 09:27AM
0 Votes Thumbs down! Thumbs up!


Cola always says he doesn't like bashing a band, or he doesn't like attacking each other, or he doesn't like to complain, but he always does it anyway. Shut up Cola, your a loser!

Mikey Mike Tue 9/30/2008 03:58PM
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Mikey Mike

MIA's sick. If you know anything about her, she's got way more than just music going for her. Everybody jumped on her "gun" song Paper Planes but she was rocking it way before that on tour with Elastica. She's cool...hopefully she comes back cause her show was the shit.