Extra Golden U.S. Tour

Extra Golden Touring the U.S. This Summer!

"A true collaboration between Kenyan musicians and their American counterparts, Extra Golden dives headfirst into the benga tradition while subtly updating it. Extra Golden is doing more than making gorgeous music; they're pouring the foundation for one more cross-cultural bridge, a gesture of paramount importance." -Global Rhythm

Extra Golden is a band that started as an inter-continental collaboration between Kenyan and American musicians. The music they've developed over two albums is of a style all their own, an innovative combination of east African benga guitar pop and American rock. This will be the band's second U.S. tour, and their first time visiting much of the country, including the South and West Coast. Their latest album Hera Ma Nono was released last fall to outstanding critical praise.

Extra Golden Tour Dates:

Extra Golden
06/09/08 Mon The Milestone Charlotte, NC
06/10/08 Tue Grey Eagle Asheville, NC
06/11/08 Wed Caledonia Lounge Athens, GA
06/12/08 Thu Bonnaroo Music Festival Manchester, TN
06/14/08 Sat Orange Show Houston, TX
06/15/08 Sun Club de Ville Austin, TX
06/17/08 Tue Bar Pink Elephant San Diego, CA
06/18/08 Wed Echo Los Angeles, CA
06/19/08 Thu Muddy Waters Santa Barbara, CA
06/20/08 Fri Cellar Door Visalia, CA
06/21/08 Sat Sierra Nevada World Music Festival Boonville, CA
06/22/08 Sun Rickshaw Stop San Francisco, CA
06/24/08 Tue Nectar Seattle, WA
06/25/08 Wed Holocene Portland, OR
06/26/08 Thu Sled Island Music Festival Calgary, AB
07/17/08 Thu Millennium Park Chicago, IL
07/18/08 Fri Der Rathskeller Madison, WI
07/19/08 Sat Union Park Chicago, IL
07/20/08 Sun Union Park Chicago, IL
07/21/08 Mon Grog Shop Cleveland Heights, OH (w/ !!!, Icy Demons)
07/22/08 Tue Rex Theater Pittsburgh, PA (w/ !!!, Icy Demons)
07/23/08 Wed 10,000 Lakes Festival Detroit Lakes, MN
07/26/08 Sat Forecastle Festival Louisville, KY
07/28/08 Mon Birchmere Alexandria, VA
07/30/08 Wed Museum of Fine Arts Boston, MA (w/ Daby Touré)
07/31/08 Thu Iron Horse Music Hall Northampton, MA
08/03/08 Sun Prospect Park Bandshell Brooklyn, NY (w/ Habib Koite' and Bamada)
08/20/08 Wed Lincoln Center New York, NY

The musicians for this tour are the same who performed on the latest album Hera Ma Nono:

Opiyo Bilongo: Lead guitar, vocals. Member of Bana Mayaka from Nairobi's Kariobangi area.
Onyango Wuod Omari: Drums, vocals. Member of Bana Mayaka.
Kimpaul Jagwasi: Vocals. This is the younger brother of late EG co-founder Otieno Jagwasi, and he sings with the touring benga band Dola Kabarry and Orchestra Super Haki Haki.
Alex Minoff: Guitar, vocals. Former member of Golden and guitarist for Weird War.
Ian Eagleson: Guitar, vocals. Co-founder of Extra Golden with the late Otieno Jagwasi, and former member of Golden.

The band will have five singers, all trading off on lead vocals duty from song to song, and three guitarists trading off on rhythm and lead roles, some times doing all at once. They will be performing songs off both albums, some new compositions, as well as some benga songs composed by the Kenyan bandmates.

Among those new benga cuts may be another song for America's favorite Luo-decendent, Barack Obama. Extra Golden previously recorded "Obama" on their latest album, a praise song for the senator after he helped the band clear visa hurdles for their last tour. Check it out through our imeem link above, or right here: thrilljockey.com/drop/freebies/Extra_Golden-Obama.mp3.

Things have never been easy for Extra Golden, through the death of original singer and co-founder Otieno Jagwasi in 2004, the visa difficulties on the last tour that were solved only with the help of Illinois Senator Barack Obama, and more recently the political and ethnic crisis in Kenya after the recent presidential elections.

Check out JamBase's exclusive feature on Extra Golden here...


[Published on: 5/12/08]

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santacruzin Mon 5/12/2008 03:31PM
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thing55, you are a douche bag. i like to check in on jambase for reviews of shows i couldn't make and see some pics. 9 times out of 10 i already know about when bands i like are playing before i see it on jambase. some of us actually like to hear about NEW music rather than worshiping one or two bands like they were gods. wait until you have graduated from high school to post on here again.

okalrightic Mon 5/12/2008 03:40PM
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is this guy serious? ^^

willydog Mon 5/12/2008 03:48PM
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okalrightic...No he is not serious and just looking for a rise. He posts crazy comments and then backs them up with nonsense just to get responses. I figure it will take care of itself. I have seen him on other threads...it won't be long and they'll ban him. Don't engage, that is what he wants.

Lord-K. starstarstarstarstar Mon 5/12/2008 04:38PM
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thing55 used to be thing10 or some crap....the mods removed all of his previous posts and revoked his screen name unfortunately it looks like he rejoined under a new alias..they banned him once before and i hope to god it happens again I would imagine that he is either 12 years old or he thinks he is cute or he is just a huge idiot my guess is all 3

uhoh Mon 5/12/2008 05:11PM
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i dont know about you, but i would hate to hear about the same band over and over again. its called having an open mind...

Jake Mon 5/12/2008 05:24PM
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lol, "i have done 11 drugs at once." You're right, you must know far more about music than any of us that listen to music under the influence of only one or two. I say let this guy keep posting, everyone needs a little comedy, and what's better than watching some attention-starved whiny child shoot himself in the foot publicly?

whodoyoudo Mon 5/12/2008 09:04PM
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If you all like this

if you are in the champaign/urbana Il. area check out


they have a similar sound and are most african studies graduate students in music, the front guy sings in the musics native language and plays the mbira(sp)

every show ive seen of theirs is a good vibes dance party from the first note and is packed with a diverse crowd til the end of the show

You Enjoy Myself starstarstar Tue 5/13/2008 09:25AM
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No Philly show? or area show? C'mon Extra Golden

HoodooVoodoo starstarstarstarstar Wed 5/14/2008 02:23PM
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Can I get an extra golden shower? ;)