The Roots | 04.12.08 | Boston

Images by: Peter Keeling

The Roots & Ludacris
04.12.08 :: Matthews Arena :: Boston, MA

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[Published on: 4/17/08]

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whodoyoudo Thu 4/17/2008 04:39PM
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cheifin on that blueberry yum-yum

havnt heard much from these guys but plan to check it at rothbury

pornofunk starstarstarstarstar Thu 4/17/2008 05:13PM
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^^^ dude you want to hear some sick shit, get "DO YOU WANT MORE"

the roots are fuckin BAAAALLLLS!

cuttyfives Thu 4/17/2008 06:18PM
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do you want more is by far their best shiet.

Muffinman1 Thu 4/17/2008 06:21PM
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Treetophigh, unless you have some info that none of us have, your gonna have a hard time seeing these guys at Rothbury, because they are not scheduled to play. Believe me, I wish they were. But they will be kickin'ass on 4/20 in DC for Free son. With Umphreys McFree!

phreak89 starstarstarstarstar Thu 4/17/2008 10:36PM
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even though they were about a half hour late and even eneded their set about 15 min. early, i loved thier set at Langerado. not a huge hip hop fan, i dig J5 and a few others but they kill it too man. the best part was in the middle of the set they jsut had Questlove, Cspt. Kirk and Tuba Gooding Jr. play a rewriten verion of the "Star Spangeld Banner", a Dylan song which the name of is illuding me at the moment, and a sick instrumental version of Jimi Hendrix "Machine Gun", completely unexpected but probaly one of my top 3 highlights from Langerado.

foadser starstarstarstar Fri 4/18/2008 05:11AM
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Masters of War is the Dylan song phreak is trying to think of.

raqitup Fri 4/18/2008 07:20AM
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last time I saw The Roots was Crystalballroom Portland Or. it was insanely good!! Soon after Jamse Brown passed and they did a tribute that blew my mind!!! Besides that they always find a way to be able to hang out with fans to burn it down after shows gotta love local gardeners

guitardevil starstarstarstar Fri 4/18/2008 08:14AM
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Roots played a hell of a version of masters of war at roo 07. Where are the pictures of Toots though? This show had Luda The Roots and Toots and the Maytals on the bill. Makes me wish I hadn't left Northeastern now!

Anitya Fri 4/18/2008 08:20AM
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"I tell you one lesson I learned

If you want to be something in life

You ain't gonna get it unless

You give a little bit of sacrifice

Ooohh, sometimes before you smile you got to cry

You need a heart that's filled with music

If you use it you can fly

If you want to be high"

Such wise words from Black Thought. I'm looking forward to seeing them this summer in Omaha.

snappy Fri 4/18/2008 10:44AM
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The Roots were super bad on the Colbert Report the other night, down to the guitarist smashing his instrument at the end of the National Anthem. Nice pics, especially fun to see backstage shots. Luda looks, as always, like he's enjoying life WAY more than the rest of us fools...

peaton Fri 4/18/2008 11:29AM
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I was at this show and Toots actually opened up as well. The sound guy really sucked, but even still, the Roots were pretty nasty. I'm not sure if they do this every time, but they played like a 20 minute montage of old school rap songs and it was sick. Also, we all know that ?uestlove is nasty, but their guitar player can rip too. I dunno about their new bass player tho.

BTL starstarstarstar Fri 4/18/2008 11:41AM
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The roots in pittsburgh last nite was sick!!!!!!the dylan cover was awesome......Mad love!!!!

djghosttrain starstarstarstar Fri 4/18/2008 04:09PM
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i was there too, great roots performance, though it was shorter than i would have liked. i think the bass solo would have been a LOT better in a different venue, the soundguy definitely sucked. tuba gooding jr. was a beast though on the sousaphone.

why no pics of toots? funky kingston was amazing

mreese5002 Mon 4/21/2008 10:22AM
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On some new shit " get busy" =straight fire

illeagle Tue 4/22/2008 02:52PM
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peaton: yeah the montage of covers is called "Hip-Hop 101"... they do it at all their shows