Dizzee Rascal & El-P Tour


At SXSW, UK grime innovator Dizzee Rascal and Brooklyn indie rap icon, El-P each provided incendiary sets that were enthusiastically received by those lucky enough to get in. Dizzee and El are re-joining to do 12 dates at select locations in the U.S. and Canada. Tour dates below. Dizzee Rascal's Maths + English will be out April 29 on Definitive Jux.

Fans were treated to a talented MC with a crew who likes shout-outs and shoes. His set drew as much from excellent early material as it did from Maths + English, and the high-BPM beats kept the show flowing and energetic. -Pitchfork on Dizzee at SXSW

Tour Dates
05.08 Washington, DC - 9:30 Club
05.09 Philadelphia, PA - First Unitarian Church
05.10 New York, NY - Webster Hall
05.11 Boston, MA - Middle East
05.12 Ottawa, Ontario - New Capital Music Hall
05.14 Detroit, MI - Crofoot Ballroom
05.15 Chicago, IL - The Abbey
05.16 Minneapolis, MN - Triple Rock Club
05.19 Seattle, WA - Neumos
05.20 Portland, OR - Berbati's Pan
05.21 San Francisco, CA - 1015
05.22 Los Angeles, CA - El Rey

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Lakai starstarstar Tue 4/1/2008 09:47AM
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gmoo Tue 4/1/2008 09:56AM
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I'm not a huge hip-hop fan, but El-P has been putting out good music for quite a while. Anything off his label Def Jux is worth checking out, especially Aesop Rock.

Lakai starstarstar Tue 4/1/2008 10:48AM
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the label is good, yes. the music is good, yes. live, shit sucks. every rap show has horrible sound I'v seen El-P and dizzee rascal and it sounds like a grown man yelling at you over a beat. waste of money go see someone play something

czar starstarstarstarstar Tue 4/1/2008 11:51AM
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Some of the best shows Ive seen were rap shows. Jurassic 5, The Roots, Supernatural, Krs-One, and Juice were all totally badass shows. Oh yeah, Arrested Development kick ass too. Someone is full of it. Peace!

Lakai star Tue 4/1/2008 11:57AM
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arrested development isnt rap, and neither are the roots, Iv seen J5 and it didnt sound good at all, I saw them play with STS9 and they killed all the energy of a great show and there vocals sounded like shit. iv never seen super natural, krs-one, or juice so I cant comment on that. but I have seen jay z, dipset, cypres hill, talib kweli, mos def, edan, and that bull shit that galactic does now, and all of those just did not sound good at all. Im not saying that they arent talented and I'm not saying they make bad music all im saying is that live it sounds like shit

Lakai star Tue 4/1/2008 12:00PM
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oh and Wu-Tang, dont know how i forgot about that, and meth was the only one that even had enough stamina to rap pretty much the whole time, which is sad. decent show tho. but I dont go see rap shows anymore unless i get a free ticket

bill15 starstarstar Tue 4/1/2008 12:53PM
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El-P is the shit, don't know much about Dizzie, saw El-p, Mr Lif, Aesop Rock, DJ Abilities and RJD2 a few years back (Def Jux Tour at the Great Amrican). Live hip-hop is very limited by the lack of drums, but those two djs were pretty exceptional and brought the show to a higher plane. Check out the K23, full band, great words, and obviously the Roots crew have a great show, Mikah 9 or Aceyalone can be pretty exceptional or relatively bland, pending on what their tour is all about, Blackalicious is great live though I'm not certain they still tour.

Muffinman1 Tue 4/1/2008 02:18PM
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Check out Soul Position with RJD2, I saw them and they kicked ass, also, J5 at Bonnaroo was awesome, The Roots, De La Soul, and Aesop Rock all put on great live shows. There is great Hip Hop out there, sometimes you just have to dig a little to find it.

cuttyfives Tue 4/1/2008 04:05PM
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Lakai, as a newcomer (it appears) to these boards i feel it is my duty to inform you that Cuttyfives is the Rap/hip hop authority on Jambase. The Roots and Arrested Development are rap/hiphop artists. El-P and def jux is nerd rap or as killah priest might say "hippie hop". not the mainstream rap people love to hate.

Blackalicious is horrible. 40oz for breakfast is the only decent song. If you would like me to drop some knowledge or provide a battery of groups i like, i would be happy to.

Bill 15, Aceyalone is pretty decent keep up the good work.

happydestiny Tue 4/1/2008 05:51PM
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checkout 'two drunken poets' for some good under the radar hip hop.

pidgeon john puts on a good show aswell. wu-tang is always fun

Lakai starstarstar Tue 4/1/2008 11:53PM
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I never said there isnt good hip hop out there, in fact I said there is a lot of good hip hop all im saying is that most rap sounds like shit live, Im not claiming to know everything about hip hop even though I do know a decent amount about it and have seen a lot of live hip hop.

msd413886669 Wed 4/2/2008 10:37AM
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First of all where are all my Juxies. Damn it man. I've been listening to rap since I was 8 years old. First and foremost 2Pac is the best, then Marshall Matthers (for his first three records), then Mr. Lif. Aesop was the first one I heard from Def Jux, and I'm really glad that I got to learn more about this label. El Producto is one of the best producers of all time. His Def Jux debut was the $hit, and Cold Vein is the best thing to be produced from this label, next to Bazooka Tooth. You can call it Hippie hop all you want but if you can extend the culture to a serious amount of White people whom have most of the control of America's future then you are obviously doing something monumental for the future of hip hop life. As for live shows, live hip hop isn't as quality as the record, but the back to back Aesop El-P show at Roo last year was one of the best things to happen to Crap-a-Roo. and Meth isn't the only one in Wu-Tang that has endurance, if you didn't see Ghostface going berserk on the reunion tour for Old-Dirty then you missed one of the best rap performances of all time. Yes I like instrumentation way more but there is a huge difference between playing an instrument and lyrical prose. Rhyming and hip-hop are formed around poetry. and poetry never had anything to do with playing an instrument. Appreciate it or move the f^ck on.

Lakai Wed 4/2/2008 11:27AM
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I only saw WuTang in summer of 04 I beleiveand ghost kept having to gasp for air in the middle of his rhymes it was kinda shitty and ODB, well.. nuff said. and what does that even mean apreciate it and move on?

when i see a pile of shit on the floor I dont appreciate it and move on, I recognize it as a peice of shit and then move on. and as far as lyrical prose, I have not heard one cohesive and consistant rap album in a long time aside from Murs really even the new LB is extremely lacking in substance. I kinda gave up on hiphop a while ago but I havent heard some of the people mentioned in everyones comments so i'll check em out because I would love to hear some hip hop that could make me feel something again

msd413886669 Wed 4/2/2008 01:30PM
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The statement was appreciate it OR move the f^ck on. Anyway check out Mr. Lif or The Perceptionists for that matter. They have some of the most inspiring lyrics I have heard in a long time. And what they say is very true. And if you haven't heard it or not for a while, check out Cee-lo Green and his Perfect Imperfections, via '01. Probably the best hip-hop album off all time. But as for Murs, I think he's ill, I just got kind of thrown off by his lyrics on 3:16 about white people using the N word. That $hit was so immature. I mean, I'm not African but people really need to move on with that $hit. I've called everyone a N^gga since I was like 12. Its like saying what up son or any other stupid common phrase. But it's cool. I still give him respect. Def Jux to death.

cuttyfives Wed 4/2/2008 03:10PM
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i wouldnt drop an N bomb at a Wu show whitebread. Absolutely shocked at the tolerance for my previous post. MSD, just curious, when you say instrumentation what stuff? Cold Vein Instrus make me want to vomit for the most part, sans a few tracks...What you bump? out of curiousity. MURS is an absolutely vaginE by the way.

msd413886669 Thu 4/3/2008 09:16AM
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Sorry everyone, this is for Cuttyfives-

ok homes. I was talking about actual instruments like a real drum set and an actual bass guitar and $hit like that, not some stupid beat stolen from a record and remixed or just thrown together from fruity loops or reason or some whack nonsense. and I'll drop the N bomb any damn time I choose. But I ain't an idiot, and I certainly aint no whitebread son. Murs has his moments, but very few and far between. I usually listen to Aesop and Jedi Mind Tricks, but I'm moving past the hostile way of life. I'd have to say though that Mr. Lif is nasty man, and you should try some of that uplifting vibe that he dishes in his rhymes, along with mad knowledge. Definitely the smartest American in rap. (at least right now that is). And since you claim to be such an authority about hip hop, what kind stuff is spinning in your cd player?

cuttyfives Thu 4/3/2008 03:33PM
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muli-grains...Mr. Lif sucks, Aesops blows and JMT are pretty weak too. you obviously aint an idiot. just poor taste in hiphop. Here is what i am spinning.

Fat Jon the Ample Soul Physcian- Wave Motion/Humanoid Erotica...He also did a ton of work on the Samauri Champloo Soundtracks

Pete Rock, Beat Junkies, Dilla, Lib, Doom (only special herbs vol 1-16) his rapping is for newjacks. Also, try Floyd the Locksmiths outkast the remixes, you'll like those. SHaloin Soul 1&2. Blockhead (only music by cavelight and downtown science) All Natural, Some Qwel, but not to much, he is pretty weak too, of course all the classics, Fat Joe, Premo, Gangstarr, ect...thats just the tip of the iceberg. get those Fat Jon albums or Shaolin Soul and def. get the outkast remixes, you'll like em.

msd413886669 Fri 4/4/2008 08:12AM
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ok your nuts if you think Lif sucks. and your even more whack to think Aesop blows esp. if your rocking Blockhead. as for Pete Rock and Samurai Champloo, HaHaHaHaHa. That's some ridiculous shit man, that's some ridiculous shit. It's great to know where you're coming from tho. It makes me appreciate my tastes that much more. Some Authority of Hip/hop. Let me guess, your a DJ right? Probably spinning shit from different genres and styles trying to be like Rza, but would never admit to it, bc Wu-tang soooooooo outdated. Whatever son. This is why I listen to jazz and rock, mostly to avoid the people like you that think bc they have a Great diversity of hip hop in their collection they feel like they are really in tune with music and know what's up, and feel like they can talk shit with conviction. But have no idea how to play an instrument and really would be lost trying to dedicate your life to be able to learn how to contribute to the music industry let alone learn how to read music. Whatever cutty go pump your flow and good luck. I ain't mad at ya, just aint gonna be kickin it with ya. Oh yeah Outkast can never be recreated. Remember that. Go remix some shitty techno, or better yet make your own shit. Peace.

cuttyfives Fri 4/4/2008 04:21PM
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wu just released an album which is decent. I dont spin or make beats or rap. Samauri Champloo can be kind of cheezy, ill admit it. sometimes i listen to it to put me to sleep. Tub ass

msd413886669 Sat 4/5/2008 03:13PM
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yeah the wu album is ok. i was kind of hoping for a little more intricate elaboration from RZA. but I guess the knew thing is to be diverse with who appears on the album rather than how much energy goes into each song. but I still throw my peace signs with the fingers touching each other. Peace out Cutty. Good convo. See you on the next blog.