Saturday Eye Candy: Evil Empires


Despite his posthumous canonization, it's worth remembering some of the feet ol' President Ronald Reagan stuck in his mouth. On this day in 1983, he declared the Soviet Union an "evil empire" and denounced the U.S. House Foreign Affairs Committee's efforts at a nuclear weapons freeze. In Reagan and these sorts of decisions one finds the roots of today's neoconservative philosophies that have America mired in wars around the world.

As we ponder this, here's a more positive take on the former Soviet Union from Paul McCartney and a rougher version of the same jaunty tune from Type O Negative. Let us hear your balalaikas ringing out!

And a few observations on bellicose thinking from Bruce Cockburn to further salt things!

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[Published on: 3/8/08]

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happydestiny starstarstarstar Sat 3/8/2008 11:44PM
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I really like this new sat. post you guys are doin. keep it up jambase.

On a more pissed off note, I drove 90 miles to SLC today to see blue turtle seduction and the fucking show didn't exist. Albiet neither jambase or BTS's website provided accurate directions, my friends and I are still thouroghly pissed off at the letdown and the 180 mile round trip for nothing. I'm sure the show is raging right now some where in SLCbut my trusty jambase couldn't help me out this time.-sigh-