Wilco To Appear on SNL

Wilco To Appear On Saturday Night Live

Wilco will make their Saturday Night Live debut this weekend, March 1. In addition to this very special musical guest, SNL will feature Juno star Ellen Page. Wilco is on tour now and will perform at Washington D.C.'s 9:30 Club Tuesday and Wednesday.

Check out JamBase's Wilco review from last week in Chicago, and be sure to check out our exclusive interview with Jeff Tweedy...


[Published on: 2/25/08]

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cam0083 star Mon 2/25/2008 04:21PM
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Well...I'd be willing to tune into the show for at least the last five or ten minutes now. Seriously, that show sucks now which is really unfortunate because of what it used to be. They need some new talent badly.

MusicIsGood starstarstarstarstar Mon 2/25/2008 05:28PM
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Wilco and ellen page will be one hell of a show.

can0083, I couldn't disagree with you more. Sure the 2000s have sucked but the last 2 seasons have been pretty great. There is fresh writing and a brand new cast. I used to think the same, but now this show is back

peaton Mon 2/25/2008 06:51PM
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any predictions?

I think they'll play 2, cuz SNL is into that lately. I bet a new one then an old one. Maybe "What Light" then maybe some "Jesus etc." or something along those lines. Probably will keep it short.

jmgriffin starstarstarstarstar Mon 2/25/2008 07:49PM
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They postponed their Friday show in Charleston because of this damn show, good for the band I guess but sucks for my impatience and desire to see Wilco this week.

gabus! starstarstarstar Tue 2/26/2008 05:18AM
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Wilco is sweet, but Peaton's pic is sweeter...

kirkbrew starstarstarstarstar Tue 2/26/2008 05:51AM
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I thought a show with Tina Fey would be funny, but man I was sooooo wrong. I think that the newtwork should go on strike till the writers get tallent. At the very least, they should fire Seth Myers and replace him with Seth Green as head writter.

As for Wilco - F-yea!

Impossible Germany and Late Greats.

gratefuled starstarstarstarstar Tue 2/26/2008 08:42AM
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SIDE WITH THE SEEEEDDDSS!!! Wilco and Ellen on SNL is going to rock! They gotta do one skit based on Jeff's back-and-forth banter with the audience. That stuff is usually hillarious - especially when he's solo.

okalrightic Tue 2/26/2008 09:26AM
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i bet they play you are my face. snl blows

curtbraski starstarstarstarstar Tue 2/26/2008 09:44AM
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Wilco @ Tips!!!!!

raiducks503 Tue 2/26/2008 11:19AM
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they will play "Hate it Here" and "Impossible Germany".

Doubt you will get a What Light as the show will probably want to hear something a little up tempo.

Regardless, I will TIVO the show and fast forward to check the band out.

gamecat starstarstarstar Tue 2/26/2008 11:37AM
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Wilco's 5 night stand here in Chicago was fantastic.

Catch them if you can, their live shows are the best they have ever been right now. I'll be tuning in for sure.

gravywang star Wed 2/27/2008 10:25AM
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mattland star Wed 2/27/2008 01:43PM
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^^^describes them perfectly.

HoodooVoodoo starstarstarstarstar Wed 2/27/2008 08:50PM
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I'm surprised jambase didn't mention that wilco played a live webcast tonight on NPR at the 9:30 Club in D.C. I just finished listening to it...Great as usual. The show should be available on the NPR archive in the next couple days. Enjoy!


Jack Straw Berry Sun 3/2/2008 08:00AM
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Jack Straw Berry

emo? dude...you need to learn about (and listen) to music more...wilco is not emo...alt country goes prog rock maybe, but emo not...

yes, you need to go see them live...