Kyle Hollingsworth Turns 40

Kyle Hollingsworth 40th Birthday Bash :: 3 Shows in Colorado

Kyle Hollingsworth
Kyle Hollingsworth will celebrate his 40th birthday by reuniting some of Boulder's best musicians. In addition to the renowned SCI keyboardist, The Kyle Hollingsworth Band will feature Ross Martin, Matt Spencer and Jans Ingber along with local favorites Dave Watts and Liza Oxnard. Other special guests include a kora player (African stringed instrument) and a world class DJ.

Hollingsworth says, "The show will be a mix of funk, world beat and turntables including tunes from my years with SCI as well as new material. So come leap into the new year and help me celebrate my 40th b-day."

Kyle Hollingsworth Band 40th Birthday Tour Dates
02/28/08 Thu Hodi's Half Note Fort Collins, CO
02/29/08 Fri Cervantes' Masterpiece Denver, CO
03/01/08 Sat Fox Theatre Boulder, CO

[Published on: 2/8/08]

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jalew Fri 2/8/2008 12:03PM
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Happy Birthday Kyle!

SCIRGR84EVS Fri 2/8/2008 12:34PM
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PooDolla Fri 2/8/2008 12:46PM
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Has anyone seen the Kyle Hollingsworth Band yet? Sounds pretty sick. It's pretty much gotta be, right?

hnkscrpio starstarstarstarstar Fri 2/8/2008 01:33PM
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Happy 40th to one of the funkiest most cold blooded musicians on the face of this earth. He is definitely one of my favorite key players on the planet, and an all around inspirational musician.

Death Cube K starstarstarstar Fri 2/8/2008 01:41PM
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Death Cube K

Happy Birthday!

oldfartatplay starstarstarstarstar Fri 2/8/2008 01:46PM
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the captain of the salvation army where i live is the spitting image of kyle. hmm, come to think of it, i've never seen the two of them in the same place at the same time. glad i gave generously. happy b-day kyle, you do good things where ever you go.

RothburyWithCheese starstarstarstarstar Fri 2/8/2008 02:16PM
-2 Votes Thumbs down! Thumbs up!


cheers and happy 40th to the best Keyboard player on the planet. how much longer til the next Cheese tour, Kyle?

ScIFreak Fri 2/8/2008 02:16PM
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Happy Birthday. Kyle is the shit, he is one of the most talented keyplayer on the scene. COME TO THE MIDWEST, AND ALLGOOD,SUMMERCAMP PLEASE!!!!

ao1 starstarstarstarstar Fri 2/8/2008 03:00PM
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This is guy has supplied so many amazing memories and musical gems...So much of my favorite keys players of all time....happy birthday kyle

vollostcom Fri 2/8/2008 03:05PM
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happy birthday Kyle dude! i know it hasnt been that long but damn i miss you guys already...

kaiserbun starstarstarstarstar Fri 2/8/2008 03:48PM
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Happy B-day Kyle! Still my favorite keyboard player. Is that Soleside thing still going to happen?

jackstraw1984 Fri 2/8/2008 04:07PM
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Best SCI memory (or one of the best at least) - Red Rocks '07, night two. Kyle comes out all happy and grinnin' wearin his cow suit. He can't stop smilin and neither could we. Kyle's keys bring me to my knees. Happy 40th, brother.

willydog Fri 2/8/2008 04:14PM
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The cow outfit about the chicken outfit Vegoose latenight..."I'm just a chicken looking for a home, share the same space for a minute or two..." To continue I will love the boys until my heart stops...Happy birthday K...Good to see you back doin' the damn thing!!!!

fsu420 starstarstarstarstar Sat 2/9/2008 02:08AM
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great now come to FL with kang and the drum and bass.

jackstraw1984 Sat 2/9/2008 09:38AM
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hey on a semi-unrelated note, is it true that kang's doing the majority of eoto's tour with em? i heard that and didn't know if it was true or not.

SCIcane starstarstarstarstar Sat 2/9/2008 02:02PM
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Master of more styles than any other keyboard player I've seen. Happy Birthday Kyle, wish I was still in Denver

Mr. Brojangles starstarstarstarstar Sun 2/10/2008 12:08AM
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Kyle IS the man. I just started really digging his stuff and SCI within the past couple of years. Wish his band would do some touring. Better yet, I am REALLY ITCHIN' for and INCIDENT. Let's hope 2009 will be the year. TRUE bands NEVER break up for good! They just take hiati.

jackstraw1984 Sun 2/10/2008 10:10AM
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couldn't agree more, chambeal. i think it's safe to say that anyone who was at red rocks this past summer could agree that there wasn't an air of finality surrounding the shows, it was much more a celebration of what had passed and what is too come. "when we come together again, we will be a force to be reckoned with" is what i remember hearing. the spirit and the soul never dies, SCI will never be finished, too many lives have been touched.

‹^› ‹(•¿•)› ‹^› {¬¿¬} starstarstarstarstar Mon 2/11/2008 04:52AM
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‹^› ‹(•¿•)› ‹^›      {¬¿¬}

he was the most exciting member of SCI.

I am glad someone is older than me :)

HarlandEast starstarstarstarstar Mon 2/11/2008 11:20AM
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save the best for the fox!