Live Phish Archival Release


Two of's most popular archival releases, 12/7/1997 at Ervin J. Nutter Center in Dayton, OH and 5/8/1993 at UNH Fieldhouse in Durham, NH have been fully remastered and are available now on CD (packaged in an innovative and earth friendly, fully recycled folding softcase-pak) and for download. These Phish CDs are not yet available in stores.

You can pick up the CDs from both Phish Dry Goods and As of yesterday, the tracks for download at were replaced with the remastered audio. Dry Goods and have bundle packages available, so you can save on both hard goods and downloads.

As a bonus, filler tracks have been added to the 5/8/1993 CD and include "Shaggy Dog" from 5/8/93 soundcheck, "Tweezer" and "Tela" from 5/6/93 Palace Theatre - Albany, NY and "You Enjoy Myself" from 5/5/93 Palace Theatre - Albany, NY. "You Enjoy Myself" features special guests Col. Bruce Hampton and the Aquarium Rescue Unit as well as the Dude of Life.

[Published on: 1/23/08]

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Scarphace starstarstarstarstar Wed 1/23/2008 12:56PM
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Sweet. 12/7/97 is one of my all time favorite shows. AC/DC Bag->Psycho Killer is SICK. If you can't afford to buy this show there is a killer sick copy available at It's an amazing recording, but it may take a while to download. ENJOY!!!!!!!!!!!!!

moejoerisin Wed 1/23/2008 12:58PM
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that nutter center show is what can be defined as 'the heat'

phishr82 Wed 1/23/2008 01:14PM
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astroworms starstarstarstar Wed 1/23/2008 01:15PM
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boy man

carphishhead starstarstarstarstar Wed 1/23/2008 01:16PM
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mp3 version of 12/7/97 is available on free stash. Its true, its nasty. The blackout Tube may be the best of all time.

LBSCATL Wed 1/23/2008 01:28PM
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I just read on a similar site that Trey had to spend 2 days in jail. Anyone have any more info on this?

johnnygoff star Wed 1/23/2008 01:29PM
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agreed that dayton show is the epitimy of the '97 dark funk. it is a personal fave.

however, why isn't Brad Serling finding other gems to release rather than re-releasing past gems?

moejoerisin Wed 1/23/2008 01:32PM
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btw - does anyone know what gordo is holding up in that pic? is that like wheatgrass or absinthe or something?

gibbons Wed 1/23/2008 01:40PM
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UNH Nice. My first show. Great setlist. KUNG!

foadser starstarstarstarstar Wed 1/23/2008 01:54PM
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---btw - does anyone know what gordo is holding up in that pic? is that like wheatgrass or absinthe or something?

It looks like Jager. Or lots of brown acid. Or both.

CurlyESP84 Wed 1/23/2008 02:11PM
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It's an airhorn

Lord-K. starstarstarstarstar Wed 1/23/2008 02:39PM
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No it is clearly a liquid you can see through the plastic to gordos hand

Jenny Jen Wed 1/23/2008 03:02PM
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Jenny Jen

Great re-release of Dayton! One of my favorite months in Phish (12/11 & 12/13), still can't believe they haven't released 12/11/97. Carphishhead, it's not true, this show isn't available in nugs' free stash..

NatiMatty starstarstarstarstar Wed 1/23/2008 04:47PM
+1 Votes Thumbs down! Thumbs up!

I remember that show like it was yesterday.

I love being able to say i was there!

NatiMatty Wed 1/23/2008 04:48PM
+1 Votes Thumbs down! Thumbs up!

The Dayton show that is...

jalew starstarstarstarstar Wed 1/23/2008 04:58PM
0 Votes Thumbs down! Thumbs up!


timber ho!

ers7 star Wed 1/23/2008 06:03PM
+2 Votes Thumbs down! Thumbs up!

They should release MORE archival stuff not the same stuff except on cd, does anyone buy cds anymore? I would love some 97-98 soundboard action, please

btw-12-7-97 is available on via mp3 status for noobs

ScIFreak Wed 1/23/2008 06:15PM
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I've been listening to the SBD for a long time now.. Got in on Oink a while back

umoe starstarstarstarstar Wed 1/23/2008 06:24PM
-2 Votes Thumbs down! Thumbs up!

SciFreak has never seen phish ha ha ha

EVILFUNK starstarstarstarstar Wed 1/23/2008 06:45PM
+2 Votes Thumbs down! Thumbs up!


spring tour '93 was the shit! UNH was a wild night! bowie>have mercy>bowie, satin doll. the night before in Bangor was wicked too! harpua with the Ravishing Rick Rude rap from Trey, Fish did great gig in the sky on vac while they hoisted a big pig (painted likw a cow if i recall) over the stage. I was all bummed when i missed the albany shows in '93 (saw them there in '92) but heard the tapes of the jam with ARU. Phish was so fucking good back then. MORE OLD SHOWS!

PooDolla Wed 1/23/2008 07:26PM
+2 Votes Thumbs down! Thumbs up!


Listening to shows like these make me wish Phish would come back... then I listen to Coventry and start to second guess.

Chaloupka starstarstarstarstar Wed 1/23/2008 08:56PM
0 Votes Thumbs down! Thumbs up!


Excellent! '97 - '98 is some of the best Phish cuz that's when Mike started playin his Modulus!

acomma Wed 1/23/2008 09:36PM
+2 Votes Thumbs down! Thumbs up!


Again with the picture!! Isn't there a better looking photo of these guys? I mean, I'm not gay or anything, but they really aren't that bad looking (an emphasis on that, if you will... there are no italics on this so-called 'font-box'). A plea to Jambase: please find a better looking photo of Phish to post alongside their news articles. You would be doing us viewers of this website a tremendous favor. Jesus, if I caught Page staring at me in the same fashion as his above pose I wouldn't be sleeping for months. No, I wouldn't be sleeping, I would be fearing for my life.

1048 starstarstarstarstar Wed 1/23/2008 10:53PM
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morgan7222 Thu 1/24/2008 05:46AM
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OK, I guess. What's next a re-master of the re-mastered 12-31-95? I mean, I alone saw 85 shows and the best they can do is tweak something they've already released? As if there is nothing else worth digging into? Great shows, but who hasn't been listening to both of these nights for at least 10 yrs.? One more question, what 'Fall '97 show wasn't sick? It's not like the show before this night (Tweezer->Izabella) is chopped liver or something, for example. What's next, "Phish - The Arista Years or whatever label they did their early stuff on? :) I think it's time to blow some dust off some of these archives and quit cashing in on the easy. It's not like anyone is touring these days.

PCPrabbit Thu 1/24/2008 06:20AM
+1 Votes Thumbs down! Thumbs up!


i don't know man...this pic gets MY juices flowing. almost as much as fishman's wang floppin around.

WSPilgrim Thu 1/24/2008 06:36AM
0 Votes Thumbs down! Thumbs up!

I'm not seeing it in the Stash carphishhead...

philhitz Thu 1/24/2008 07:53AM
+1 Votes Thumbs down! Thumbs up!

my wife & i were at this show in 97 -- what a whopper -- maybe my favorite phish recording of all time -- you won't be let down if you pick this one up!

phishmann starstarstar Thu 1/24/2008 09:02AM
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lets get some big cypress. unh 93 was my 3rd show,but i agree lets get some unreleased stuff.the went,lemonwheel,oswego or maybe limestone.

msb696 Thu 1/24/2008 09:32AM
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I am not finding 12/7/97 on nugs free stash. Only 97 show is 12/30.....

TheBlackMamba starstarstarstar Thu 1/24/2008 10:00AM
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That picture is from The Barrymore Theatre in WI in 1993 I believe, and maybe that is why they used it here. I heard the Re-Mastered Tube from 12-7-97 a few weeks ago when Shapiro played it on Live Phish Radio, it sounds so incredible, def getting this, I was 7th row and went backstage for this gem

10SEJED Thu 1/24/2008 11:16AM
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that pic was from Madison. WI in the house! 12-7-97= fantastic Tube, probably the class of all tubes. Can anyone think of any better? holla back cuz I would love to hear it.

10SEJED Thu 1/24/2008 11:18AM
+1 Votes Thumbs down! Thumbs up!

Fish: "are we gonna start that jam again?"

Trey: "Ya"


nathanjrod starstar Thu 1/24/2008 11:18AM
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Don't get me wrong: 12.7.97 is possibly my favorite Phish show.

BUT you've got to be kidding me! Re-releasing these instead of digging into the archives?!?! C'mon - there are literally dozens of transcendent shows just waiting to be released - it's a shame that they're resorting to a retread.

TheBlackMamba starstarstarstar Thu 1/24/2008 11:25AM
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I heard only the Tube from this Re-Mastered copy but I will go on the record and say it's the best sounding Live Phish Show that you are ever going to hear . . . up to this point. It will blow your other copy out of the water!

phunkygemini starstarstar Thu 1/24/2008 12:01PM
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Anastasio Jailed for Missing Session

Jan. 24, 2008, 12:54 PM EST

Trey Anastasio spent two days in an upstate New York jail last week for missing a counseling session required after he pleaded guilty to a drug charge in April.

The 43-year-old former Phish lead singer was ordered to participate in the Washington County court's treatment program when he pleaded guilty to possessing painkillers without a prescription during a traffic stop in December 2006.

The program requires weekly court appearances for 12 months to 15 months, community service and drug testing.

Assistant District Attorney Tony Jordan told the Glens Falls Post-Star that Anastasio, who lives in Richmond, Vt., missed one counseling session and the violation didn't involve a drug test.

Sheriff Roger Leclaire said the musician's two days in jail were uneventful and he spent them in the general population.

Larryfest2006 starstarstarstarstar Thu 1/24/2008 01:51PM
+1 Votes Thumbs down! Thumbs up!


sickest tube eva!

mkane Thu 1/24/2008 02:04PM
0 Votes Thumbs down! Thumbs up!

talk about scraping the bottom of the barrel. phish and their "management" must think we are all a bunch of idiots. we've all had soundboards of these shows for years. seriously, how much better can they sound? maybe 1% of the phans want a completely remastered audio experience, but the other 99% of us just want new shows released. its just so hard to believe that 10 years ago it seemed like nothing could stop Phish from becoming the most legendary live act of all time, and now trey's a criminal, and mike/page/fish have either dropped off the musical map, or are performing music that is comparable to Ambien. WHAT A SHAME.

ScIFreak Thu 1/24/2008 02:48PM
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They should release 2000 merriweather show.... Acctuallu they should also release Deer Creek 2000, Like this we'll have all "The Curtain With"'s in SBD format. One of Trey's most impressive licks.... (the one in Coventry sucks though, MD,and Vegas are sick)

HoodooVoodoo starstarstarstarstar Thu 1/24/2008 04:13PM
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Phish needs to release the show from Chula Vista, CA - 9/18/1999. BOOGIE ON! This is the version of all versions...23 minutes of pure grooviness.

anonymous starstarstarstarstar Thu 1/24/2008 04:13PM
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ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh yeahhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!


this was my first phish show, first jamband show and lead me to the light!!

i can't wait to hear that slave may have not been THE BEST slave ever for YOU, but i distinctly remember thinking i had never heard a guitar sound so so good at the end of that that moment i was is the best slave ever for me tingles EVERY SINGLE time i hear it

Jenny Jen Thu 1/24/2008 08:44PM
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Jenny Jen

This may be really stupid, but does anyone know of anywhere where we can sample/stream any of the remastering, I really wanna hear this. Somebody up there says it's the best LivePhish quality ever... I at least wanna hear something before I download my 3rd version of this show!

vollostcom Thu 1/24/2008 10:54PM
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wheat grass bro, ...crucial setlists andbonus tracks...

CaptColorado starstarstarstar Fri 1/25/2008 07:41AM
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Phish should release all of the 112 shows I saw except for Vegas '03' Man did thoe 3 shows SUCK and 11-18-94 E. Lansing, Mich SNOOOOZER, I actually fell asleep after sneaking in. Why isn't Lemonwheel released yet?!?!

keenan41 star Fri 1/25/2008 08:46AM
0 Votes Thumbs down! Thumbs up!


12/7 is one of the first shows I got ages ago when i first started collected and it is great SBD quality. This rehash, I don't understand. If they're gonna dust off some old stuff, they should pick some type of theme, like Monster Jams or go with phan votes for shows like they did with select songs for a Live One back in the day

roberto767 starstarstarstarstar Fri 1/25/2008 10:27AM
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Capt Colorado,

Phish played 2 shows in Vegas in '03 and the first night was nasty! Can you say "The Return Ghost>Free?" That song in itself was worth the ticket price. I think you are thinking of Vegas '04, which sucked balls except for one of the nastiest "Twists" I have ever seen.

tonebeach Fri 1/25/2008 10:38AM
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release Lake Palcid 95 both nights, not something we have already heard.

badfish420 Sat 1/26/2008 07:00AM
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Man what a joke...milk us phans for all were worth...Whoever is making these decisions doesn't have a clue what sells. Anyone who wants to hear these shows already has them because THEY ARE ALREADY AVAILABLE FOR PURCHASE, plus I have seen them on etree and various other websites. Please release some new shows, or, better yet, why don't the four of you just get back together so we can get some new shows altogether

badfish420 Sat 1/26/2008 07:06AM
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btw, the best site that i have found for free phish (and plenty of other shows from other artists) is the best downloading program to use for this site is utorrent. i think the site for it is just in my opinion these are the best, they have a ton of SBD phish shows, including both of these. You will be very pissed if you paid for a lot of shows just to find the SBD from the very same shows for free on this site.

TennJed1 starstarstar Sat 1/26/2008 10:04AM
0 Votes Thumbs down! Thumbs up! 12/7/97. Is that rude? Honestly though, for all the people who bought this show the FIRST time and aren't being given a deal of any sort to get the "remastered" version, sucks for you. Got suckered, or better yet REELED in by LivePhish bait into it....

roberto767 starstarstarstarstar Sat 1/26/2008 11:14PM
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Badfish - Most people are aware of the audience tapes that are easily available. But nothing beats a sweet re-mastered soundboard. There is a pretty noticeable difference. Sometimes its just that little bit of tweeking that they do that makes all the difference. I think they should re-master the Trey show from 5/11/1999 at the 9:30 club in D.C. If anyone wants to hear one of the nastiest "Will it Go Round in Circles," then that show is a must have.

jamesgunter star Sun 1/27/2008 12:46PM
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mhc10 Sun 1/27/2008 01:05PM
0 Votes Thumbs down! Thumbs up!

I attended the Dayton show. That was my introduction to the "Funky" Phish phase. Loved the Reba that night too

vollostcom Tue 1/29/2008 12:19PM
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amen badfish

willie42o Wed 1/30/2008 03:19PM
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more phish?

DaveT star Mon 2/4/2008 03:22PM
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Moejoerisin, Foadser, and Acomma- The Pic is from a old poster...Barrymore Theatre Madison Wi. (AKA. The Atwood Cinnema for all you old school Wisconites)Classic picture, get over it. As far as what Mike's got in his hand... Urine sample for his P.O. (Obviously!)

Schmitz Sun 3/2/2008 10:40PM
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I want a Timer