Catskill Chill In The Words Of Artists & ChillFam

Compiled By: Meredith Berke

As the nights get shorter, the air gets cooler and the summer of 2014 winds down, we are reminded that the relaxed Catskill Chill Festival is just around the corner.

Now in its fifth year, The Chill, (as fans call it) is preparing to host another year of great music, mashups and dance party nights for all who attend. The Chill is housed on the grounds of Camp Minglewood, which doubles as a music summer camp and is filled with venues, cabins to sleep in and grassy fields to camp on. A serene lake is the backdrop to this three-day music getaway.

If you are on the fence about going, tickets are still available. Be prepared to relax, have fun, meet some new people and smile hard while listening to some of the funkiest music around. The Catskill Chill begins Friday, September 5 and runs through Sunday, September 7. More information including schedules and ticketing details can be found at the festival's website.

This year a group of artists and Chill Fam members were asked why they love going to The Catskill Chill. Their answers exemplify the vibe and the people that attend Catskill Chill each year:


"The thing about Catskill chill that is so special to me is the concert area. It's just perfect. The energy that comes back at the stage under that roofed structure is incredible. The shows are better because you can really feel the crowd, and at the Chill, that crowd is ChillFam, which says it all. But words are easy to throw around. The question is, when you arrive are you treated like family? At the Chill you just are. Maybe it's the homemade sausage and peppers, maybe it's just a really well trained staff, but it's like showing up at a 5-star hotel. They just know how to treat people really well.”

-Marc Brownstein, Electron

“What sets the Catskill Chill apart from the other festivals is the family vibe - from check in staff to the hospitality and artist relations teams to the stage managers, and all the way to security and volunteers, there is a sense of family. And you can't beat the location coupled with the time of year. Beginning of autumn in the Catskills is a gorgeous time to be alive and sharing in a music festival! Not to mention last year, I got to play a round of golf on Saturday morning and shot a 41 on the back 9 (which is fantastic for me)…I will be bringing my clubs back again this year baby!”

-Todd Stoops, Kung Fu

“The vibe is fun partly because of the camp aspect to it - all the cabins plus the setup of the grounds, you feel like you’re a kid at a rock and roll camp. That lends itself to the family vibe and the proverbial chill. I love the hospitality house, hanging out with all of the other musicians. But you have to pace yourself. After a particularly fun night of rabble rousing with friends, I almost missing our morning set and Todd [Stoops] had to load- in all of my gear. That’s a prime example of ChillFam right there.”

-Tim Palmieri, Kung Fu and The Breakfast

"One of my favorite things about The Chill is the intimacy. The musicians and the fans interact all weekend in this magical little world, and by the end of the fest you really feel like you’ve all come together as one big family. They call it Catskill "Chill" for a reason. It’s such a relaxing atmosphere, and the staff does a really great job of creating a laid back vibe where killer music and good times with friends can flourish. I love the fact that the musicians all get a chance to hang out in the common area backstage. It always leads to great collaborations, and a couple of highlights that stand out would be my guest appearance with Lotus last year, or the time Eddie Roberts (New Mastersounds) sat in with Particle"

-Steve Molitz, Particle


“Catskill Chill is a family reunion I actually look forward to going to every year. At the end of every Chill, my anticipation for the next one already begins to grow until I am once again at Camp Minglewood surrounded by beautiful scenery, music and people. It has been and will continue to be, the perfect way to end the summer.” -Meg Cadigan, ChillFam

"With all the many shows I work, I can truly and honestly say that Catskill Chill is the bestival! I've been wishing for it to be Chill weekend since last year" -Paul Sanchez, employee

"Sunrises on the lake are a must...and cabin jams of course!" -Erin Cuite, ChillFam

"I feel like I'm wishing away summer while I anticipate Chill. Good friends and family coming together to make and create the festival of the year. Excited for year five!" -Nicole Etzold, employee

"Seeing as Chill Fest is my home away from home, I guess that makes ChillFam my family away from family!" -Shane Weber, ChillFam

"The Hot Mess Award...and having 59 of your closest friends in dueling cabins!” -Franny Frantaztic, ChillFam and Cabin Renter

"ChillFam means hearing loud music off in the distance and not minding.." - Josh, local from Hancock

“This is the third Chill for my crew...Chill has everything we could ask for – it’s a big family reunion with comfy cabins to sleep in, intimate stages, and a knock-down-drag-out line up each year with bands we love like the Pets and Dopapod…The Chill has something very special going on, and we love adding our own flare as part of the Chillfam.” -Lauren Pasciuto, ChillFam

[Published on: 8/27/14]

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