Weekly RecommNeds | Raagnagrok, Mumpbeak & Hobocombo

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Here at the RecommNeds, we take ‘em as good as we give ‘em, so if you ever have a new music recommendation yourself, please pass it along in the comments below or on Twitter (@neddyo). I absolutely promise I’ll give it a listen. I’ll try anything once…

This week I’m asking you to try anything. These three bands have names that are maybe better suited to Tolkien characters, and the music can get a bit out there in all cases, but they’re all excellent if you give it a shot.

Raagnagrok : Man Woman Birth Death Infinity

With a name like Raagnagrok and an album titled Man Woman Birth Death Infinity, you’d probably be pretty disappointed if it wasn’t some out-there, mind-bending shit. Never fear, this mysterious music and its mysterious background certainly does not disappoint on that front. This is the kind of instrumental rock that leaves coded messages in cornfields late at night, that abducts unsuspecting farmhands into flying saucers, that hides out with the Abominable Snowman and swims with the Loch Ness Monster…and it’s pretty damn heady, too. Give it a shot!

Spotify: Raagnagrok: - Man Woman Birth Death Infinity
Rhapsody: Raagnagrok: - Man Woman Birth Death Infinity

Mumpbeak: Mumpbeak

Mumpbeak is a kind of deep, dark supergroup featuring Roy Powell joined by Bill Laswell, Tony Levin, Lorenzo Feliciati, and Shanir Ezra Blumenkranz. Their self-titled debut is chock full of heavy-duty jazz-rock stuff that’d do well as a soundtrack to your more psychedelic nightmares. Black Sabbath, Yes & Weather Report fighting with battle axes and swords…. Give it a shot!

Spotify: Mumpbeak - Mumpbeak
Rhapsody: Mumpbeak - Mumpbeak

Hobocombo : Moondog Mask

Hobocombo is a kind of tribute band, “dedicated and inspired by the music of Moondog." Your enjoyment of their awesome, all-over-the-place album, Moondog Mask, is not at all predicated on your knowledge of Moondog, so don’t let that stop you. Their music is inspired-by, but wholly originally and experimental and a lot of fun. Sometimes jazz, sometimes rock, sometimes exotic ethnic excursion; sometimes weird and sometimes straight-up, there’s plenty to love here. Give it a shot!

Spotify: Hobocombo - Moondog Mask
Rhapsody: Hobocombo - Moondog Mask

[Published on: 3/5/14]

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