JamBase Holiday Gift Guide 2013

JamBase 2013 
Holiday Gift Guide
For Musicians:


Price: $29.99
The Skinny: This handy adapter connects your bass and/or guitar to your favorite Apple mobile device allowing you to "jam anywhere with top-notch guitar and bass tone right in the palm of your hand." Not only can you use the impressive app included with the device, but any other recording, processing or tuning amp.
Recommended For: The novice musician with basic skills who wants to take it to the next level.


Pick Punch:

Price: $24.99
The Skinny: Guarantee you'll never be left pick-less again with this handy device that turns any material you want to use into a guitar pick. Choose the material you want to use - whether it's a credit card, hotel room key card or plastic packaging material - put it into the device, give it a punch and you've got a new pick.
Recommended For: Guitarists or bassists who are all about their individuality and are always losing things.


Zoom Handy Recorder:

Price: $99.99
The Skinny: While this device may be small and relatively cheap, it creates impressive recordings using its on-board, studio-quality microphones. The H1 is a great beginner's recording device that's easy to use, yet still provides the quality we all expect these days.
Recommended For: Those who want to try their hands at taping or musicians who want to keep a device handy to record those spur-of-the-moment jams or song ideas.


Kaossilator 2:

Price: $133.98
The Skinny: Korg has improved upon its Mike Gordon-approved Kaossilator touchpad synth/looper with the release of the Kaossilator 2. Simply pick a sound and swipe your finger on the pad to create cool tones. The device features 150 built-in sounds that cover every style of dance music.
Recommended For: Anyone from a youngster just starting to get into music to professional musicians who want a handy, portable device to create loops and sounds.


Complete Beatles Scores:

Price: $75
The Skinny: What do you call someone who hangs out with musicians? The drummer. How do you slow down a guitar player? Put sheet music in front of them. If you've got a musician on your shopping list, odds are they love The Beatles, and this would give them all the instrumental parts for 212 Beatles songs all in a hardcover deluxe slip case.
Recommended For: Anyone that enjoys those two music jokes.

Learn The Mandolin Package:

Price: $75
The Skinny: For well under $100 you can get one of your musician friends or family a: Brand new mandolin, gig bag and two instructional books (one for method, one chords.)
Recommended For: The aspiring next Jamie Masefield, Sam Bush, Jeff Austin, Bill Monroe or David Grisman. Also a great gift for a guitar-player that wants to experiment with the mando.

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