Review & Photos | Symbiosis Gathering 2013 | California

DJ Laura Low (of LowRiderz) took to the DJ booth, platinum blond mane wildin’ out, and laced the people with her Bay Area-infused trap, deep hyphy 808s and rolling melodic dub styles. Laura Low has been DJing for over ten years, getting love on the West Coast underground. Her massive takes on Kanye West’s Yeezus material and an absolutely raging remix of the classic “Zombie” by The Cranberries stirred the audience into a frenzy.

[Photo by Kauai Ric]

Sasha Rose was a revelation all weekend, be it with Liberation Movement or her own phenomenal DJ set on Friday evening following Ganga Giri. She incorporated luscious melodies burrowing through thick bass grooves, thoroughly enhanced by her earthly, original lyrics and mellifluous singing atop her electronic creations. Adding an ethereal and soothing flute to the mix, Sasha explored the realms of Peruvian Shamanism, spice to an already eclectic stew. She incorporated some of the sacred songs from various traditions associated with Ceremony, as well as hymns and melodies derived from various Native American church ceremonies she has participated in for nearly 15 years.

Ganga Giri personified the sound of Traditional Australian Didgeridoo, whilst he led an exciting ensemble through a mix of pumping tribalized breaks, dubbed-out bass lines, worldly percussion and technological advancements to create an uncanny, indigenous, supernatural sound all their own. Welcoming the flute of Sasha Rose for a perfect sit-in (on a song written for Giri’s father), and having recently added live drums to his stage mix, this Australian band took the Cove crowd on an emotional mind-bender, and we all joined into a deep earth-dance experience.

One of the most moving, mind-blowing musical experiences in recent memory was the séance that was led by the Liberation Movement. Taking place in the grand Pantheon, a stage area and art installation that was built into a futuristic vision of an undisturbed Tibetan freedom; it went deep into the dark of Shabbat. Led by the Resurrector (of Heavyweight Dub Champion) and Sasha Rose, they vigorously fused Ancient technology with modern ritual into a creation of a new communal rite; Liberation Movement used sonics and translucent chanting to tap the inner psyche.

[Photo by JMH Mixed Media]

Their potent alchemy of analog synths, acoustic guitars, emceeing, live vocals and vocal samples, warm and fuzzy filters and distortions, all of which were infused with recordings of Shipibo Shamans derived from the Peruvian Amazon. This was the living story of the Jungle, transmitted through Ikaros, the Sacred Song of the Plants. Just when you were meeting the God within yourself in the midst of a two-hour hajj to Amazonian healing modality; the entire ensemble unites in a sublime, somber-yet-uplifting rendition of the sweet, serene Bob Marley hymn “Soul Rebel.”

One must acknowledge to stunning and grandiose performance from dancer/sorcereress Ka Amorastreya (of Serpentfeathers and Visionary Arts Foundation). Her enrapturing sacred dance and her elegant serpentine feather ensemble were positively breathtaking. The entire Liberation Movement experience at The Pantheon could be describe as a personal human awaking, focusing on the potential of the complete sound spectrum, and reminded us all what it means to meditate through the might of music and performance art.

Liberation Movement is a collective founded on the concept of bringing together archetypal masters from different traditions in an effort to raise vibratory awareness and experience within spaces, and communally with participatory audiences. Uniting with Symbiosis on this grand vision is always one of the highlights of our musical expression. - Grant Chambers aka Resurrector of Liberation Movement

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