Track By Track | The Wood Brothers - Muse

Today marks the release of The Wood Brothers' fifth studio album The Muse. It was recorded in the band's hometown of Nashville, TN and features all the things we love about this band from Oliver's gritty, heartfelt vocals to Chris and Jano's spot-on harmonies.

To celebrate the release of Muse, we've asked the band to take us on a tour of the album - Track By Track. Read the stories behind and preview each song on the album.

1. Wastin' My Mind

Somehow this song reveals how we were influenced by The Band. Nothing in particular, just a feeling. It just started with the phrase "Wastin' My Mind on You" and a riff. We kept messing with it on the road when we had time before sound checks and this is what it turned into. We wanted it to sound full but with no drum kit. Jano is playing the Shuitar. All the songs with Shuitar were recorded live, standing in a tight circle around a tree of microphones in a big room.

2. Neon Tombstone

Chris had a chorus for a song that he played for Oliver. Oliver had lyrics for some verses he had written down that had no home. We put them together and found that they fit together. We heard that Stanley Kubrick made movies like 2001 A Space Odyssey in this way. He combined loosely related segments that didn't fit perfectly together. It has some mystery because the connection is not explained for you but you feel it.

3. Sing About It

This song is just plain, good advice. I think Oliver has been practicing this for years and is finally telling the rest of us that it's a good idea! Psychologists use fancy words like "cognitive reappraisal." Writing a song is the same thing.

4. Honey Jar

This song was originally inspired by a riff that we started playing during a quiet, night time rehearsal after Chris' daughter went to bed. Jano started playing a beat on Shuitar and we joined in. By the time it was finished it had turned into one of our most rocking tunes. Also, Oliver is obsessed with honey and Chris is obsessed everything it represents. We also like whiskey and maple syrup.

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