Review & Photos | Burning Man 2013 | Black Rock City

At some point in time that apparently was the 30th of August in the default world, Buenos Aires-based Hernan Cattaneo delivered a colossal set at the monstrous White Ocean sound camp, an unfettered and unforgettable outing. I’m talkin’ bout mind-fuckingly erotic, progressive tribalized house that is some of thee most orgasmic music that has ever blessed my ears. The dancing at these parties on the Playa is light years beyond my narrative portrayal. I’m at a loss for verbiage to depict the experiences of 11 p.m. - 8 a.m. as the hard dance music rages. It’s part of the most heavenly communal experience one could ever dream. A dancefloor where everybody is a superstar, the most beautiful people surround you, and no matter who or what you are in the default world, we are all our superhero selves to these beats. Intergalactic-planetary hours of spasmodic dancing bliss amidst thousands of the best people on Planet Black Rock.

[Photo by Jeffrey Squier Silver]

Places like the Brooklyn-based Robot Heart camp/art car provided literally endless Playa nights of the most heroic, marathon deep and progressive House sessions. The masterfully crafted car, three stories complete with LEDs wrap around an enormous heart atop this spaceship, was an otherworldly mode of transport to the galaxies of dance dreamlands, styled-out with a soundsystem that pumped bass bombast beyond just “booming in ya’ Jeep.” The He-Men behind the musical organization and iconic imagery from Robot Heart, Swamy and Dill led a massive rage the night of the Man Burn that will go down in the chronicles of this writer’s third-eye memory as one of the greatest explosions of dance energy and ecstatic scenes ever bore witness. Though there were other incredible sound camps in the desert, it was Robot Heart in particular that was the site/car of several epic adventures in tribal house rage. One 6 a.m. sunrise, you turn around and there’s P. Diddy, yes Puffy himself, bowing to the Playa Gods. Radical inclusion on swole! Diddy “spread love the Brooklyn way” ©Notorious BIG, and could be spotted along with the likes of a Susan Sarandon (I’m dead serious) at Robot Heart getting down with the BRC gen-pop. Because we all are general population in Black Rock City.

In the end it all makes sense - Robot Heart is a Brooklyn set, the fabulous Brooklyn House producer/singer duo Wolf + Lamb are battling Soul Clap with an all hands-on benediction atop the intricately adorned decks, the soundsystem burrowing more heaping chunks of said sonic orgasmatron, and the music lifts and levitates you to a meditative dancing state for interminable spaces in time. At this point, and you just have to step back and ask yourself “is this even real?”

It is surreality, only in Black Rock City. On the final night of Burning Man, hours after the Temple of Whollyness burned, we set out for ‘More Fiyah’ and happened upon Thievery Corporation mastermind Rob Garza piloting the decks atop the Robot Heart car on the Playa. Setting the tone for one more indescribable endeavor; it was a boon of energy, a thunderous housequake and a psychedelic dub shindig for the books. A glorious set, with glorious people and some glorious stories are better left untold.

Robot Heart:

“Robot Heart is a collective of doers and dreamers, artists and entrepreneurs. Our home is in the desert dust of Burning Man, and the streets of New York City, Detroit, San Francisco and Hong Kong. Home is wherever the Heart is.

Robot Heart is a community and a family, and our events at Burning Man, in New York and around the world are an extension and celebration of that community, bound together by shared values of inclusion, giving, environmental responsibility and mutual respect.

Music is our first language, and our mission is to bring love and beats to the world. We work with and support artists, technologists and visionaries of all types in order to create incredible experiences and connected moments. To create love and beats, for you.”

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