Radiohead To Tour Next Year

Radiohead has announced loose plans to tour next year. While there are no specifics at this time, Radiohead's manager Bryce Edge told Billboard that the band plans to head out in May and play live intermittently until the end of 2008.

Edge went on to explain that Radiohead frontman Thom Yorke really isn't looking forward to the tour, saying, "He likes to do shows, but the whole business of schlepping round the world is not top of his favorite things to do. It's the process of how to do that which is the pain in the neck. They're not road dogs. They never have been."

As details become available we shall report back.

Check out JamBase's review of Radiohead's new album In Rainbows here.

[Published on: 10/18/07]

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Detroit Funk starstarstarstarstar Thu 10/18/2007 12:55PM
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Detroit Funk

Well yeah, They have been talking about touring in '08 for months... We need specifics!!

AZ~*Droo* starstarstarstarstar Thu 10/18/2007 01:52PM
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gmoo Thu 10/18/2007 02:03PM
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It's too bad that they don't tour very often because I probably can't afford to go see them at astronomical prices. I'd love to see them live, but I can afford to go to 4 or 5 shows for the price of one Radiohead show. I'm glad I got to see Tool for relatively cheap in 2002 before they too became one of the bigger mainstream bands.

Maybe if they let the consumer set the price of their own concert wait that will never happen.

dudeski3 Thu 10/18/2007 02:58PM
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They are arguably the best show I've ever seen, though I've only seen them twice. Anywho, it is a shame Thom hates touring because he has such a dynamic stage presence, but it makes sense. I really hope they jump the pond to the US, i'll see them if they get within 300 miles of me, no question.

Sorry Drew, but theres no way they'll do bonnaroo again... even though that set was really freaking incredible.

Jenny Jen starstarstar Thu 10/18/2007 04:24PM
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Jenny Jen

I agree with GMOO...ASTRONOMICAL PRICES FOR TICKETS! A whopping...hold on, ya ready for this? ... ... an "astronomical" $43 BUCKS a general admission ticket last year! Good thing TOOL only charges $38.50 for their general admission THIS YEAR. Whew! (but now wouldn't that be sweet lovin' if the "consumer" could set all the prices?) Hail to the thief!

Jason Woodside starstarstarstarstar Thu 10/18/2007 04:44PM
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Jason Woodside

gmoo, you may be able to see 4-5 bands w/the money for a radiohead ticket, but radiohead is easily 4-5X better than any band covered on this site ever so its completley worth it

Cburger07 Thu 10/18/2007 04:54PM
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hell yeah, ive only seen radiohead once and it was at Bonnaroo in 06, that was one of the main reasons i went last year. Im with you dudeski, if they come within 300 miles of me also im going to see them. im going to hold on to some cash just for when and where ever i get to see them in 08

roberto767 Thu 10/18/2007 05:06PM
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Gmoo...Radiohead isn't that expensive. When they toured in '06 the ticket prices were around $45. That's about what I used to pay for Phish shows since I wasn't one of those people expecting a free ticket with my finger in the air. These guys do have to travel across a continent to get here. It's not like paying $10 to see New Monsson at the local hippie bar.

gmoo Thu 10/18/2007 05:32PM
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Radiohead tickets were being scalped for over $100 where I'm from. Last time Tool came to town they sold out in 8 minutes or something, with tickets going for more than $100 from scalpers. Littledrummerboy, I'm glad you like Radiohead so much. R.P. McMurphy, thanks for the sarcasm I needed to be patronized today.

briank67 Fri 10/19/2007 12:13AM
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yeahhh i caught the tool show just outside chicago; $60 floor tickets sold out but i got lucky to score a pair for $75 apiece thru craigslist, that's the MOST i've paid for an individual concert... it was my first tool show and i'm hoping they come back to the midwest sometime soon (though prolly not until the new year), because it was definitely worth it.

never seen radiohead and not exactly a huge fan (tool rocks harder, if we wanna compare....). i'd check them out ONLY if i could get a decent ticket for less than $50

Mule86 Fri 10/19/2007 06:46AM
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Radiohead was sick at roo and hopefully they come somewhere in the midwest next year...and i agree that the prices of their shows are overprices a tad bit and their discbox set is gonna be $80 so thats a little ridiculous as well...oh well, i guess the uK has a higher cost of living.

paulyblunts Fri 10/19/2007 08:20AM
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last few times i've seen them i paid $200+ to get right down front and center..and i am by no means rich. i will do it again for this tour.

moejoerisin Fri 10/19/2007 08:44AM
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I will pay ridiculous prices if I get to see a ridiculously amazing band.

Detroit Funk starstarstarstar Fri 10/19/2007 10:28AM
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Detroit Funk

the '03 tour wasn't expensive at all cause they played a lot of places and large venues. However '06 was tough to get tickets for. Every ticket sold out literally in 30 seconds. I paid $220 for plush box seats in Chicago from stub hub. Shit was hot, perfect view and comfortable. Nothing like being 20 feet from the stage in Toronto '03 though.

curtbraski star Fri 10/19/2007 11:09AM
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Well that is kind of lame. They are a huge rock n roll band and Thom doesn't feel like being a "road dog." Too bad Thom get off your ass and play me Jigsaw Falling Into Place live!

roberto767 Fri 10/19/2007 11:16AM
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Gmoo...Scalpers don't sell tickets for face value. That's why they are called "scalpers." They are not your friends.

jesposito starstarstarstarstar Fri 10/19/2007 03:48PM
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i don't care how much it costs...its worth every damn cent! think of how often they tour- i'd rather see radiohead once in three years than the same band 3 times in three years for the same price...problem is getting your hands on a ticket before they sell out! and i agree, their set at roo was insane!! wouldn't that be some shit if they played bonnaroo again...haha never happen!!!! but it would be awesome..

bigfro Fri 10/19/2007 04:21PM
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It's so hard and tiring to be a rock star. I really feel sorry for this band's awful predicament. No wonder their music is so sad. I didn't realize they had to travel and play shows. Bummer

bigfro Fri 10/19/2007 04:24PM
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POSERS will NEVER learn

jimdazey Sat 10/20/2007 07:32AM
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i only had the chance to see them during the pablo honey tour( am i that freakin old?)

i will (as my grandpa used to say) jump through my own ass to see them this tour.

isnt there enough room for us to all get along without bringing up suicide or the dreaded D*%$#@! M*&% krap.

i thought that we were to spaced out to act like a kid.


DBang Sat 10/20/2007 09:21AM
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sometimes I feel like I'm the only one on earth who doesn't get this band...saw them at Bonnaroo and was underwelmed.

Jenny Jen Sat 10/20/2007 04:27PM
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Jenny Jen

GMOO, "scalpers" and actual cost of tickets are two different things. Sort of like reality and sarcasm.

gmoo Sun 10/21/2007 12:10AM
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It's all good McMurph

kirkbrew Mon 10/22/2007 11:33AM
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Ticket prices are crazy, but the last Radiohead tour was very reasonable. I think (without Ticketbastard) they were in the $40's and at smaller venues last year. I couldn't go because I was out of town. Bummer because I would love to see them at The Auditorium in Chicago.

Muel - As for the price of the box set, It isn't $80 - it is 40GBP. I go into deatil as to the issue with the dollar etc... on the review page. Long story short, the dollar is very weak right now and that makes the price of imports about 30% over "historical" rates.

From what I have heard, they have sold about 1.4m copies of In Ranbows via the net at an average sell price of $8.00. If that is the case, those numbers are HUGE!!! So will profitability.

Bohemian starstarstarstar Mon 10/22/2007 12:05PM
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Woo Hoo i havnt seen radiohead since the 2$ bill show and that was a while ago......

jaminrice Mon 10/22/2007 06:09PM
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I enjoy Radiohead. They are talented and insightful musicians, but they continue to be the most overrated band for, perhaps, the past five years. Now, let the ripping on me commence.

jaminrice Mon 10/22/2007 06:10PM
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I enjoy Radiohead. They are talented and insightful musicians, but they continue to be the most overrated band for, perhaps, the past five years. Now, let the ripping on me commence.

jacobandbeth Thu 10/25/2007 08:46AM
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I saw radiohead at red rocks and thought it was a good show, but I still cannot understand the hype around these guys. The music was not mind blowing, but the overall experience was worth the ticket price. Light show was pretty cool, but I really have a problem with thom's reminds me of a whiny complainer type and it really gets to me.....

escamilla9 Tue 10/30/2007 09:20AM
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‹^› ‹(•¿•)› ‹^› {¬¿¬} starstarstarstarstar Tue 10/30/2007 09:30AM
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‹^› ‹(•¿•)› ‹^›      {¬¿¬}

I do not like "Hail to the thief"

Can someone suggest the sickest album they have for me??

I have no clue how to go about finally trying to like this band.

I have not given up yet, but that album I mentioned is not for me at all.

Jason Hamilton starstarstarstarstar Wed 10/31/2007 10:16AM
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Check out "Kid A" it got me hooked about a month ago. Like many others...I always liked Karma Police/High and Dry/...I guess...Creep. Never really got into them deeply until my buddy played Kid A for me. MINDBLOWING! Check out Kid A it is amazing! In particulat listen to the track "How to disappear Completely" The title track "Kid A" is SOOOO trippy with headphones.