10KLF | 07.18 - 07.21 | Minnesota

Words by: Patrick Knibbs & Brian Heisler :: Images by: Tobin Voggesser

10,000 Lakes Festival :: 07.18.07 – 07.21.07 :: Soo Pass Ranch :: Detroit Lakes, MN

Zappa Plays Zappa :: 10KLF
Tucked away in Northwestern Minnesota's serene woodlands, the small town of Detroit Lakes hosted the fifth annual 10,000 Lakes Festival on a beautiful late July weekend. The Soo Pass Ranch, which has been throwing massive summer gatherings for years now (10KLF and the WE Fest), welcomed 20,000 music fans and nearly 40 bands over the four-day span. Festival headliners Umphrey's McGee, String Cheese Incident and Ratdog shared the stage with a handful of quality regional and touring juggernauts like Gov't Mule, moe., as well as a special performance by Zappa Plays Zappa featuring Dweezil Zappa. -PK


In the second year of the festival's new midweek schedule, the sounds kicked off Wednesday rather than Thursday allowing the early arrivals to feast on a slew of striking performances. With the Main Stage yet to be lit up for the festival, the other three stages took precedent, filtering crowds to such christeners as New Primitives, Family Groove Company, and Gypsyfoot. That 1 Guy took his unique, avant-garde sound to the Barn Stage, making use of saws and whatever else was in sight. Wookiefoot captured the Minnesota contingency at the Field Stage with costumes, fire dancers and a combination of funk and hip-hop. The best treat of the night came at the Barn Stage with Jon Cleary & the Absolute Monster Gentlemen. The soulful New Orleans singer and keys player graced the night with an all-star cast of musicians on bass, drums, and guitar, keeping a very tight sound with smooth melodies throughout. -BH


Dubconscious :: 10KLF
As would soon become the daily custom, those close enough to the stages to hear music were awakened to the great practical joke (or so we hope) of Seal's 1991 pop hit "Crazy." The first full day of music was packed with new bands as well as heavy hitters. Super American Happy Fun Good-Time Jamband piqued the interest of many people scouring the daily schedule with by far the longest, most obscure name on the bill. It turned out the boys from the South Side of Chicago did not stray too far from the band's descriptive name. The happy, full sound of "The Super" boasted great instrumentation, percussion and good overall stage presence, receiving great praise from a packed Saloon Stage in response to an accurate cover of the Talking Heads' "Life During Wartime." -BH

Green Lemon cut some of the first electronica sounds of the weekend at the Barn Stage. For the first time, the sun reared its head, threatening to sweat out the crowd, which took refuge under the shade of the Barn Stage. Drummer, Chris Cox, shed his shirt, pumping in a trance to thumping bass and bouncing bodies in the sizeable crowd. Particle continued the electronica theme with the heaviest crowd yet. Despite the upbeat nature of Particle's sound, the band found a range of music to share. Ben Combe strung out electric guitar jams pushing the band to an emotional peak as Steve Molitz added funky, distorted key fronts, giving things a breath of fresh air. -BH

Stanton Moore - Galactic :: 10KLF
Speaking of which, the hippest part of 10KLF, the Saloon Stage, was off and running in great fashion with St. Louis surprise Fresh Heir. While the majority of the music seekers flocked to the big names of Particle and Galactic, the little-known Fresh Heir brought energy and a fresh sound to the Saloon. For my money, this young group was the best catch of the three bands mentioned, led by drummer Nick Savage fusing jazz, funk, salsa and a little bit of playfulness with Skee Lo's one-hit-wonder "I Wish." Galactic was awaiting a start at the Field Stage, which came 15 minutes late due to Zappa Plays Zappa's conflicting soundcheck on the Main Stage. Few surprises came from Galactic, but the seamless closing cover of Led Zeppelin's "Kashmir" certainly capped off the set in style. -BH

Finally the opening of the Main Stage brought none other than the offspring of the great Frank Zappa in Zappa Plays Zappa. The band brought special guest Ray White, an original singer and guitarist from Frank Zappa's ensemble. It was impressive to see not only how well Dweezil has adapted to his father's style but also how flawlessly the band recreates Frank's original music. Maybe less of a tyrant than his father and yet to be much of a composer, Dweezil's understanding and command seemed to reflect that of his legendary father. "Willie the Pimp" rang through the grounds with its harsh, unconventional and sometimes offensive tones just as it would have almost 40 years ago. -BH

Umphrey's McGee :: 10KLF
While clearly there was much more to come of the festival, for many, the highlight came in the first headliner slot. Umphrey's McGee blew the doors off on the Midwest crowd in a way no one else could quite replicate all weekend. It was perhaps the largest headlining audience the band had ever played in front of. Like the rock stars they have become, the Umph came out without a word, firing on all cylinders. The band opened with nearly 35-minutes of the jamming instrumental "Utopian Fir" into "40's Theme." A set-encompassing version of fan favorite "Divisions" provided highlights within highlights. Drummer Kris Myers took a solo into "Plunger" that included the more recent "woo" crowd cheers and a ripping Jake Cinninger guitar solo accompanied by Brendan Bayliss' finger tapping. "Jajunk" was tucked into one of the best Umphrey's jams in recent memory, which is certainly saying something.

Jon Gutwillig - Disco Biscuits :: 10KLF
At the point of the Umph's set when the darkness gave way to the densest glow stick war since Phish toured, the idea that the torch had been passed was impossible to ignore. Over the years, as powerhouse acts like the Grateful Dead and Phish stepped down, we've witnessed a plethora of bands claiming "next in line status." As the Umph took control of their headlining slot and moved the masses in a manner we've only seen bands like Phish, Widespread Panic, moe., and String Cheese do, it appeared that perhaps the Umph really is the new king of the jam scene. It was all the more euphoric from here on out. "You guys look damn sexy from right here. I wish you could see yourselves," Bayliss complimented. But all eyes were on the stage. "Intentions Clear" into a "Jimmy Stewart" jam brought about the Talking Heads' "Making Flippy Floppy" into the special Cinninger work in "Glory" and back into "Divisions" to sandwiching the set. The encore kept the bookend feeling alive with "Wizard Burial Ground" slammed between an opening and closing "Nemo." With that, everyone else was playing for second best at 10KLF.

As suggested by Bayliss, the majority of those still up for more tunes after UM's set filtered over to The Disco Biscuits. Swirling purple lights engulfed the crowd lost in the Bisco trance-dance. Highlights included "Home Again," "Caterpillar," a closing "Story of the World" and a much-deserved encore of "Highwire." -BH

For those looking for a lil' late night foot stompin', Chicago's new-grass pickers Cornmeal performed at the Barn. Cornmeal's intense energetic stage presence, dominated by fiddle player Allie Kral, was infectious. Whether frantically shuffling to the beat, jumping around the stage or sawing her fiddle like a lumberjack, Kral was a firecracker. Their set focused on material from their most recent release Feet First but the highlight was a Bluegrass-y rendition of Pink Floyd's epic "Dogs." -PK

Continue reading for Friday and Saturday at 10KLF...


Jim Pollock :: 10KLF
As a special treat to festivalgoers, art enthusiasts and longtime Phish fans, the man behind the art of so many Phish events, Jim Pollock, was on hand, printing unique 10KLF posters. On Wednesday, fans lined up at 6 a.m. to buy the rights to a poster to be made during the weekend. Fans sang happy birthday to the 43-year-old Pollock and presented him with a fish-shaped cake. We caught up with Pollock Friday before the music started. "This is my first festival in 10 years [since Phish's "The Great Went"]. This is the best festival! Today there are a lot more bands and a lot more live music, so there's more work to choose from. I've made my first Aragon Ballroom and Fillmore posters, I was never able to do that before," said Pollock. -BH

Matt Butler - Everyone Orchestra
Outformation took the Barn Stage with guitarist Sam Holt front and center. While much of the day's early crowd battled the heat at the Field Stage with Everyone Orchestra, Outformation played some of the best straight rock of the fest. Holt's Georgia influence from the late Michael Houser of Widespread Panic shines through in the band's general feel. While the band rocked they retained a laid-back vibe and easy stage presence that fit perfectly with the shade of the Barn Stage. -BH

Relying on cues and working under the direction of maestro Matt Butler, The Everyone Orchestra - dubbed the 10K Ensemble - ripped through several impressive improv-heavy jams. The opening "Hello" groove was a funky upbeat jam that worked around the solid in-the-pocket bass work of Janis Wallin (Family Groove Co.), and percussionist Brian Riordan (the Super American Happy Fun Good-Time Jamband). Other note-worthy moments included a "Rex" jam, dedicated to the Rex Foundation, a nearly flawless take on Phish's "Stash" and an inspired go at Aretha Franklin's "Think" featuring the sultry vocals of Madahoochi's Shawn Hartung. -PK

D. Nelson - NRPS :: 10KLF
Perhaps the oldest group of the weekend, New Riders of the Purple Sage, turned back the clock to the days of the Grateful Dead. The tarnished voices and faces of the band have had plenty of time perfecting the art of festival play over the years. The New Riders were certainly legit, very Dead-like, but ironically full of life. And true to form, the band leaned on its old friends to close with the Grateful Dead's "Ripple" in one of very few daylight encores. -BH

moe.'s Main Stage set on Friday was a no-holds-barred throwdown. A monster "The Road" > "Lazarus" > "Skrunk" > "The Road" marathon was tight and rhythm-focused. Rob Derhak's finger-slapping bass work blended seamlessly with the pulsing percussion of Vinnie Amico and Jim Loughlin. After the massive jam, the band jumped head first into a somber version of Radiohead's "Paranoid Android." The set was concise and delivered the goods, but it would have been nice to hear them play longer. -PK

Following moe. on the Main Stage was The String Cheese Incident. In the midst of their farewell tour, SCI blasted out their hula-hoop anthems with passion. Their two sets featured a mixed bag of catalog-spanning material and a couple lively covers. A funky keyboard-driven "Chameleon" (Herbie Hancock) anchored the first set and put the spotlight on always-energetic keyboardist Kyle Hollingsworth who took hold of the song's central groove and ran with it. The second set featured inspired runs on "San Jose," the Talking Heads' "This Must be the Place (Naïve Melody)" and "Rollover." Both sets were solid and reflected positively on the band's legacy and the reputation they've developed over the last ten-plus years. -PK

The String Cheese Incident :: 10KLF
Rivaled only by the Pnuma Trio's efforts, Kinetix dropped one of the best Saloon Stage sets of the festival. The strong Friday late night lineup made every band work for an audience, and even with The Tragically Hip and Trampled By Turtles waiting in the wings, Kinetix held its own, packing the Saloon with raging, bouncing fans. The Allman Brothers' "Jessica" mixed things up between the electronic-based, poppy, punky, funky and sometimes in-your-face sounds. With the crowd hopping to the originals and covers alike, Kinetix is poised to become a reputable late night attraction on the festival circuit. -BH

Playing opposite Kinetix, Friday's late night events featured a raucously loud set from Canada's biggest rock band since Rush, The Tragically Hip, and an inspired acoustic set from the somewhat-local pickers Trampled by Turtles. But it was the late-late night dance party in the Saloon with The Pnuma Trio that kept the party thumping 'til the wee hours. Blasting through a throng of upbeat instrumental funk and electronica, the eager capacity crowd clamored for boogie space. Chemistry and connection between the band, as individual musicians, as well as with their fans, was both evident and impressive. -PK


Keller Williams (and his guitars) :: 10KLF
It's not a festival unless the great Keller Williams is playing. He began the last day of 10KLF at the Field Stage, while a somewhat similar guitar player, Kaki King, shredded the Barn Stage. The often cartoon-like Keller slid on stage with his acoustic guitar to the popping of cameras all over the pit. Opening with an instrumental into Nirvana's "Lithium," Keller raised the heat of the hottest day of the weekend to make the dancers sweat just a bit more. As is custom, Keller looped the guitar, added bass, recorded a drum beat, threw in some lyrics, stopped it all at once and started it back up on beat in response to the dancing. "Restraint" and "Skitso" were next, followed by Jimi Hendrix's "The Wind Cries Mary," "Dogs," and Butthole Surfers' "Pepper." "Freaker by the Speaker" had an Andy Griffith Show whistle and a few Fat Albert "Hey Hey Heys." Keller also told a musical story called "Doobie In My Pocket" and finished off with "Celebrate Your Youth." -BH

Kaki King :: 10KLF
The early afternoon set from acoustic guitar whiz Kaki King provided a brief retreat from the sweltering sun under the shade of the Barn Stage's neighboring trees. Her lightening quick finger work and rhythmic timbre showcased the petite artist's craft and sense of humor. Due to airline trouble, specific equipment didn't make it to the fest. So, she advised the audience to write letters of complaint to a certain airline. The pairing of King (Barn Stage) and Keller Williams (Field Stage) offered fans the opportunity to hear two impressive acoustic musicians. -PK

Feeding off of the Grateful Dead vibe that started with Williams' version of "Ruben and Cherise," Little Feat opened their set with a rowdy "Tennessee Jed." Their seasoned attitude and free spirit was a perfect blend of rock, blues and New Orleans funk for a sunny summer afternoon. The multiple guitar parts and soulful vocals resurrected gems like "Dixie Chicken," "Long Black Veil" and "The Weight." Singer Shaun Murphy's vocals were crisp and complimented the gritty riffs impeccably. -PK

People at the Barn Stage in the late afternoon who skipped some or all of Little Feat's set were exposed to one of the best kept secrets in the jam community, Asheville, North Carolina's Toubab Krewe. Encompassing an array of different non-traditional percussion and stringed instruments, the band's sound ranges from tribal to island-y to bright, electric jamming. They seemed to uncover new instruments every song, creating an entirely different sound each time. To close the set, every member of Toubab Krewe played different percussive gadgets for an extensive, very well choreographed drum jam. -BH

Matt Abts - Gov't Mule :: 10KLF
Gov't Mule drew the thinnest crowd of any Main Stage band by far. The Mule was also the only band choosing not to use the 10KLF signature backdrop, as a source claimed the band "did not want logos." The Mule's set included "Get Up, Stand Up" and "Shakedown Street" teases along with a full version of The Beatles' "Love Me Do." With the set moving past dinnertime, the crowd grew and welcomed guest Derek Trucks to the fold. The strong encore featured "Soulshine" with a fitting "Jessica" tease near the end. -BH

As Bob Weir emerged wearing a sleeveless t-shirt, Capri shorts and sandals, the giant crowd greeted him with an astounding roar. Always the consummate professional, Weir quickly corralled his group, Ratdog, into the thunderous beginning of "Help On the Way," setting the tone for the evening. Ratdog eased through the song's vocal section into the odd timing filled, jazz-infused "Slipknot" but skipped the usual "Franklin's Tower" conclusion. In its place was a hearty, patriotic "Liberty." Weir's vocals started off a little sluggish but improved and continued gaining strength throughout the night. First set highlights included tight versions of "Cassidy," "Bird Song" and "Big Railroad Blues" with special guest Warren Haynes. Steve Kimock's presence provided Weir with a mixture of stability and reliance that opened doors to many of extended jams. The second set's beautiful "Terrapin Station" had Kimock's clean, deep guitar melodies entwined harmoniously with Weir's interpretation of the psychedelic epic. Keller Williams joined them during "Come Together" and stuck around for a rowdy "One More Saturday Night." Ratdog came out punching during their set, which was rather pleasing and surprising. -PK

Ratdog :: 10KLF
Closing down the festival were a couple of crafty veterans, Ivan Neville's Dumpstaphunk, and the Derek Trucks Band. Both sets featured funky r&b centered grooves and clean, professional playing. Truck's slide guitar mastery and all-around talent was hard to ignore, especially during a jazz-inspired version of "My Favorite Things." Neville geared his multitalented band through a funky set that brought about a ferocious dance party for everyone who still had the energy. -PK

Fireworks closed the Main Stage in a celebration of another great year of 10KLF. In what's become a tradition, "Mahna Mahna" of Muppet Show fame played in the background followed by a portion of a Phish "Simple" jam. For the fifth year in a row, the 10,000 Lakes Festival has become a retreat for thousands. With a pristine locale, wonderful weather and a solid lineup it was nearly impossible to not enjoy the fest.

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Treetophigh Tue 7/31/2007 06:51PM
0 Votes Thumbs down! Thumbs up!


sure wish i coulda seen cornmeals rendition of dogs
along with everything else
this is prolly the greatest fest these days

mrblazer15 starstarstarstarstar Tue 7/31/2007 07:51PM
0 Votes Thumbs down! Thumbs up!


i love this article you guys it was perfect thank you very much. did anyone else think that trampled by turtles was one of the greatest shows of the weekend? i thought umph played one of the best jajunks i have ever heard and once again the god johnson threw down a sick set. As for the cheese i was not impressed... their hearts are not in it anymore and you can tell...their set was really trancy and technoish..which is fine i can get down to that but when i go to see the cheese i wanna hear that good old fashion bluegrass jamming you know? what do you guys think? as far as umph getting the torch passed on them... its still early to tell i think... you have to prove yourself alot more...i mean you have to headline festivals and i think they need a umph festival and then see how they do? tell me what you guys think.

cheesehead05 starstarstar Tue 7/31/2007 08:04PM
+3 Votes Thumbs down! Thumbs up!


Great festival but it seems like the article was thrown together at the last minute. It was basically just setlists and stage schedules. Not bad, but this festival deserves a lot more. Take some notes from the All Good article.

Mason starstarstarstar Tue 7/31/2007 08:44PM
+2 Votes Thumbs down! Thumbs up!


first of all, let me say that these were four of the best days of my life. pretty good review too. i do feel, however, that moe. and cheese may have been a bit under-represented, especially considering the emotional magnitude behind sci's final few shows. another fantastic set that went unmentioned was that of blueground undergrass, which was certainly the highlight of my wednesday. mrblazer, i agree w/ you about umphrees, their show was totally spectacular but i would be a little hesitant to say they are the next to 'take the torch,' i guess we'll just have to wait and see. i also only half-agree w/ mrblazer about cheese, although it may not have been their greatest show, these guys never fail to impress me. even when they do take the trance stuff to slight excess they seem able to maintain hints of that bluegrass framework that we all know and love. but your right, its not quite the same as it used to be. unfortunately i danced so hard for cheese that i was too exhausted to catch trampled by turtles (my only true regret of the weekend). finally, cornmeal deserves another honorable mention, allie kral totally blew my mind. all in all 10k really is one of the best events of the whole scene, peace.

thegdead starstarstarstarstar Tue 7/31/2007 10:38PM
+2 Votes Thumbs down! Thumbs up!

This was the most amazing 4 days of my life, 2nd time around, last year was just as good. If you have never been to 10klf I highly recommend it, it's in some truly beautiful country with great people. Highlights were Zappa, Cheese, Big Organ Trio, Bob (of course), I missed moe. cause I was bailing my friend out of jail but heard it was amazing as well.

ratdog85 Tue 7/31/2007 10:57PM
+2 Votes Thumbs down! Thumbs up!


good vibes and good music; 10klf is it

Ching Tue 7/31/2007 11:38PM
+2 Votes Thumbs down! Thumbs up!

No mention of Blueground Undergrass??? shame shame

hnkscrpio Wed 8/1/2007 01:54AM
0 Votes Thumbs down! Thumbs up!


Yeah I don't know MrBlazer. If you just want Cheese to play bluegrass, then you are listening to the wrong band. They are not a bluegrass band. Even way back in the day they play a pretty good mix of funk/soul/r&b/bluegrass/latin influenced music. That is a lot of different genres, if you only want the bluegrass your looking in the wrong place. To say that their hearts are not into it anymore because they are playing techno and trance style sections here and there is a little off base as well considering that their drummer has two side projects that play that kind of music. Travis loves the techno, so atleast his heart is into that. I wasn't there but looking at that setlist you guys got a pretty old school cheese setlist that in my opinion is one of the best of the summer, a setlist that also included a decent amount of that bluegrass you say you like. Not to sound like a dick, but you just sound like you are jumping on that mean spirited bandwagon that says that they listened to cheese before everyone else, and they want the bluegrass.

Anyway, see all my freaky ass people at Zoe and Red Rocks cause I think those boys got all the heart and soul I need.

msb696 star Wed 8/1/2007 06:51AM
Show -5 Votes Thumbs down! Thumbs up!
willm1 Wed 8/1/2007 07:09AM
0 Votes Thumbs down! Thumbs up!


wow now i really really wish i was there. anyone know where i can get the umphrey's set?

JasonKaczorowski starstarstarstarstar Wed 8/1/2007 07:18AM
0 Votes Thumbs down! Thumbs up!

Great contributions and great meeting you Patrick, Brian and Tobin.

More photos and behind-the-scenes stories direct from 10K featured this week on my blog --> http://eventphotoblog.blogspot.com/

See you all next year!

eat_vinyl_death Wed 8/1/2007 07:35AM
+1 Votes Thumbs down! Thumbs up!

the scenes top 3 as far as originality and popularity
(in no particular order)
all 3 of these bands constantly sell out and tour their asses off and hit up every major festival and each have their own brand of dedicated fans. If anyone is going to be the next king of the jam scene, theyre going to have to fight these guys for the throne.

AdCo Wed 8/1/2007 07:39AM
+3 Votes Thumbs down! Thumbs up!


"Two large paragraphs devoted to UM, and only a few lines for bisco???

Bisco blows away UM any day."

ha! funniest thing ive seen all day. you must be kidding, right? im gonna resist the temptation to start another this band is better than that band thing, but i just gotta point out how ludicrous that statement is. you may enjoy a bisco show more than an um show, but musically, you cant compare them.

good review, but i half-agree with cheese head that it was a bit choppy and didnt have great flow. points for being comprehensive tho

enjoimusic4202 Wed 8/1/2007 08:05AM
+1 Votes Thumbs down! Thumbs up!


This is the greatest festy in my mind today, UM did rock and I agree it was probably the best overall show of the weekend, Bisco fuckin kicks but it wasn't until the last third of their show that they really picked it up, Home Again was weak sauce, one of my favs the boys just didnt give it everything, but last 45 min was pretty good-Story of the World & Highwire, And the whole thing w/ Cheese, I am not a die hard but they did indeed play a pretty old school Cheese set and thought it was pretty jammin - San Jose & Rollover where highlights for me, all in all it was a great weekend as it always is or has been for the past three years! peace y'all and who ever didnt go this year check it out next

enjoimusic4202 Wed 8/1/2007 08:15AM
+1 Votes Thumbs down! Thumbs up!


Also did anyone realize the new Jambase Community Guidlines - that shit is pretty funny! watch out marcsmall & kellerhead

dudleynoon Wed 8/1/2007 08:24AM
+1 Votes Thumbs down! Thumbs up!

I prob. agree that um. was the best all fest. but bobby and sci were awesome as well. I was suprised by bisco...it wwas my first time seeing them and went in with a neg attitude towards them but they turned my attitude around. they were one of my favorite shows all fest. they have now got me interested....still umphreys though..wow

zzonephan starstarstar Wed 8/1/2007 08:30AM
+1 Votes Thumbs down! Thumbs up!


This article needed to be about 5 pages longer. I really feel like this article could have been written by anyone familiar with the bands who had their setlists. There could be 3 pages written about the ratdog show. I know I am going to catch shit for this one but to go on about the umph set, and it was one of the best umph sets ive ever heard, and then to say so little about derek trucks and moe is rediculous. I agree with everyone in that this festi was prolly the best 4 days of my life. I love to see the kinetix love in there. Also, everyone who has the chance needs to see that one guy. No question the funkiest show at the fest.

good memories, hope to see you all next year

QuantumTuba starstarstarstar Wed 8/1/2007 08:36AM
+3 Votes Thumbs down! Thumbs up!


Good review for a great festival. Bob Weir and Ratdog surpassed my expectations and put on an impressive set. Keller blows my mind every time. Everyone Orchestra was awesome. As for the Cheese set, I would say it was mighty impressive, though I will admit that I am something of a SCI newbie.

"Bisco blows away UM any day." Did msb696 attend the festival? Bisco at Wakarusa '06 could blow away Umph at 10klf '06 perhaps. However, at this festival, Umphrey's put on one of the best performances I've seen, whereas Bisco was merely good.

Zappa Plays Zappa was good but they focused too much on Zappa's "mainstream" work and ignored the quirky jazz rock that made him so incredible.

enjoimusic4202 Wed 8/1/2007 08:44AM
0 Votes Thumbs down! Thumbs up!


I did not mention the Bobby show, it was certainly one of my favs all weekend, one of the best Franklins I have heard in a long time, bird song was pretty great too but it was all the second set for me, thought the first was a little sloppy. Agree there could have been way more written about this show and not so much praise on Umph although I thought it was a great show. moe on the other hand personally didnt do it for me, dont get me wrong I love moe and have seen those guys shred some crazy good show but I actually ended up leaving after the Lazarus into Skrunk jam, however did hear it got much better towards end of the show! was told it was a mistake to leave but it just sounded choppy to me and was not doin it for me

enjoimusic4202 Wed 8/1/2007 08:45AM
+1 Votes Thumbs down! Thumbs up!


I did not mention the Bobby show, it was certainly one of my favs all weekend, one of the best Franklins I have heard in a long time, bird song was pretty great too but it was all the second set for me, thought the first was a little sloppy. Agree there could have been way more written about this show and not so much praise on Umph although I thought it was a great show. moe on the other hand personally didnt do it for me, dont get me wrong I love moe and have seen those guys shred some crazy good shows but I actually ended up leaving after the Lazarus into Skrunk jam, however did hear it got much better towards end of the show! was told it was a mistake to leave but it just sounded choppy to me and was not doin it for me

enjoimusic4202 Wed 8/1/2007 08:45AM
-2 Votes Thumbs down! Thumbs up!


I did not mention the Bobby show, it was certainly one of my favs all weekend, one of the best Franklins I have heard in a long time, bird song was pretty great too but it was all the second set for me, thought the first was a little sloppy. Agree there could have been way more written about this show and not so much praise on Umph although I thought it was a great show. moe on the other hand personally didnt do it for me, dont get me wrong I love moe and have seen those guys shred some crazy good shows but I actually ended up leaving after the Lazarus into Skrunk jam, however did hear it got much better towards end of the show! was told it was a mistake to leave but it just sounded choppy to me and was not doin it for me - like I said though phenomenal weekend

enjoimusic4202 Wed 8/1/2007 08:47AM
+4 Votes Thumbs down! Thumbs up!


Sorry - I dont know what the fuck happened here

AdCo Wed 8/1/2007 09:04AM
0 Votes Thumbs down! Thumbs up!


enjoi please refrain from excessive profanity! jeez

knibbs Wed 8/1/2007 09:24AM
0 Votes Thumbs down! Thumbs up!


Hey thanks for the feedback, really. It's tough making critical remarks that flow, and fit into the small amount of space we're allowed. My two favorite set of the weekend, that I saw-i had massive trouble arriving at the fest, were moe. and Ratdog. moe. was unreal can't wait to see them on Friday @ Lolla! Peace out

johnnygoff starstarstar Wed 8/1/2007 09:31AM
0 Votes Thumbs down! Thumbs up!


thanks for mentioning New Riders of the Purple Sage.

All these "pass the torch" acts and you found time to mention NRPS....great stuff.

also, anyone know how The Frequency's set was?

msb696 Wed 8/1/2007 09:38AM
-2 Votes Thumbs down! Thumbs up!


Not to go OT, I haven't listened to the UM show yet, which I will. It could be the stuff that dreams are made of, but I took offense to the whole "pass the torch thing" for UM, and then 3 lines for Bisco, when Bisco has a much larger and devoted fan base.

here is the 10klf UM show: http://www.archive.org/details/um2007-07-19.flac

AdCo Wed 8/1/2007 09:47AM
0 Votes Thumbs down! Thumbs up!


msb - do you think that the members of bisco are better musicians than the members of um?

Juan starstarstarstarstar Wed 8/1/2007 09:47AM
+5 Votes Thumbs down! Thumbs up!

Right on! Write on! There is no bank on tour right now that can hold a candel to the Umph as far as pure music ability and tightness. They can play reggae better than reggae bands and electronica better than ALL electonrica bands. The lyric driven rock is top notch and the edgy in-your-face hard rock is second to none. Believe the hype.
LOVELOVELOVE the Umph! They are an awesome band and even better people!
Peace yall...

gmoo Wed 8/1/2007 09:48AM
+2 Votes Thumbs down! Thumbs up!


Great week for music. My five highlights were.

1. Umphrey's McGee
2. Seeing Cheese for the first time in 5 years. (Probably put on the best show at 10klf.)
3. Green Lemon w/ Bump jam
4. Everyone Orchestra
5. Kinetix + Pnuma Trio at the saloon

GB3K-Poops starstarstarstarstar Wed 8/1/2007 09:50AM
+2 Votes Thumbs down! Thumbs up!


This was my second year at the lakes and let me tell you it blew year 1 outa the water!! I thought this was a great review, i do agree though that more could have been said about derek trucks, Moe. and even Bisco, I don't agree w/ all you haters who think that Bisco is a better band then Umphrey's, or even hasa bigger fan base. Were you guys at the show? Umphreys was packed, I was on the main floor of the main stage for every nite show and none of them were nearly as crowded as the Umphrey's show, next to ratdog they put on the best show at the festival, Anyones face who was not melted durring Jakes orgasmic solos is crazy!!!

GB3K-Poops Wed 8/1/2007 09:52AM
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and to anyone who hasn't seen or heard of Kinetix, YOU ARE MISSING OUT!!!!!

msb696 Wed 8/1/2007 09:54AM
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AdCo - It could just be my preference in music, but I enjoy seeing Bisco a lot more than UM. I have seen them both at festies and at small clubs (UM last week at Sonar actually), and I always have a better time at bisco.

So, to answer your question, for my tastes in music (and this is important because everyone has different tastes), and I am not denying that UM can write good songs, but, yes I think bisco is better.

There is also no denying the fact that Bisco is a bigger band. We can argue who plays better, but Bisco is doing their own festival (without needing UM), and their fans are much more devoted. Not that fanbase size is always a good way to measure bands, but I think within the jam sub-genre it can be useful sometimes.

bwakerwsp starstar Wed 8/1/2007 10:01AM
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Do you really want to see these “HYPNOTIC” bands that all sound the same.



airball Wed 8/1/2007 10:15AM
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Let me answer that, bwakerwsp...


Lord-K. starstarstarstarstar Wed 8/1/2007 10:21AM
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WILCO indeed Isecond that motion

CSchneids929 starstarstarstarstar Wed 8/1/2007 10:50AM
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wilco, forsure but from a jamming aspect i just love bisco's rhythem and sound much better the UM. i feel um titter tatters around with their guitar sounds that sound so similar. i like them but the disco biscuits put on a much more fun and appealing show, just my opinion... STS9 and tdb seem like they're takin the torch...

phalluscooper Wed 8/1/2007 11:05AM
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R.I.P. to those that didn't make it through the weekend.

Matt Mark Osborn, Age 35, Emden, IL

Ian Arvid Mortensen, Age 24, Winona, MN

Our thoughts are with their families and friends.
Fare thee well...

greenreba86 starstarstarstar Wed 8/1/2007 11:20AM
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I am so jealous of all of you that got to attend this festival- the reviews all sound great, i just wish the article was a little longer. SCI playing Chameleon=SICK, which I coulda been there! See ya all at Big Summer this weekend!

ghilliesblunt starstarstarstarstar Wed 8/1/2007 11:26AM
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damn, thats really sad two of our brothers never came home...RIP

idk about the rest of you guys but my favorite highlight was bobby's cover of miles davis' milestones>terrapin station...unbelievable!

10KLF easily the best fest around, plan to make it my fourth next yr!

zzdowz Wed 8/1/2007 11:26AM
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bwakerwsp, haha the jam scene is dead, eh? Anyways Northwoods Baby! Nice weather, kick ass music, dank brews, I had a good time.

hookah420 starstarstar Wed 8/1/2007 11:29AM
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First off, moe jams harder than anyone out there. Umph can jam no doubt. Singing? Iffy for Umph

jrj1884 starstarstarstar Wed 8/1/2007 11:32AM
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Did anyone else think KINETIX was awesome! Who are these guys???? They were at the festival last year I think and they came back and killed it! KINETIX!!!! WOOHOOOOOO

AdCo Wed 8/1/2007 11:32AM
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im not sure i agree about the fanbase thing. not denying that bisco has a strong fanbase, but you also gotta consider the bisco tour kids, that rabid pack of wooks who follow these guys around. i think that more heads go on tour with bisco cause of the scene and whatnot, whereas i feel like um has wider appeal, in terms of doing longer tours out west, midwest and the east coast. just my opinion tho, obviously i dont have ticket stats to back that up. i guess on the musical side, its just a matter of preference. i like more pure rock n roll, and bisco jams can rock, but sonically they dont do it for me the same way um does. and i enjoy covers as well, and no one can argue that um can cover the shit out of anyone from clapton to floyd to doobie brothers to talking heads etc.

CSchneids - i know the sound your talkin about, but thats just a sorta trademark of their sound. besides, cinninger fuckin shreds the shit out of his guitar. hes ridiculous and only getting better

Vega Productions starstar Wed 8/1/2007 12:04PM
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Vega Productions

weak review---10KLF is very much about the wild community that is in place during the festival and this review touched on nothing but very generic observations of stage happenings...


gmoo Wed 8/1/2007 12:26PM
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My jamband is better than your jamband...Gimme a f'in break people. I'm sure all of you who think your jamband is the best go to these festivals just for that one, single band and try desperately not to listen to these other 'schwag' bands. Do us all a favor and get over yourselves.


cocheese Wed 8/1/2007 12:48PM
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right on!

AZ~*Droo* starstarstarstarstar Wed 8/1/2007 12:50PM
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And brandon's singind is the shit!

AZ~*Droo* Wed 8/1/2007 12:52PM
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sorry ^^ "singing"

cuttyfives Wed 8/1/2007 01:07PM
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hey, anybody still bumpin MAxwell? I'll Take Maxwell over Umph anyday.

HOPEFULPHAN starstarstarstarstar Wed 8/1/2007 01:14PM
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best one yet! cant wait for next year! i 2nd the why no mention of blueground undergrass?. they were great......

mrblazer15 Wed 8/1/2007 01:42PM
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hnkscrpio- i know that travis and keith have side projects zilla and eoto (which i have seen both several times) and bill has his side project honky tonk homeslice.. what i am saying is that you have the band members pulling into different directions and when you have your rhythm section controlling most of the flow show i just think it tends to get more techno and trancy then what it use to be and i just think that doesn' appeal to bill much anymore i don't think he doesn't like it but i think its just got to be too much and so he is walking away? any one else agree or am i way off?

sheilabestbuy starstarstar Wed 8/1/2007 07:23PM
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Another great 10k fest. Moe gave it all they had more the short time they had. It always good to see cheese, I am going to miss those guys. Hopefully next year we can get bands like railroad earth, yonder mountain, and leftover. I could of used more bluegrass and less umphreys and disco bisccuits. Those bands bring a negative and dark crowd. I thought Trampled by turtles was loud and sloppy. I would have to say that 10k is the best festival thats out there right now and I am already excited to see next years line-up.

Umphreek87 Wed 8/1/2007 07:23PM
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i actually got arrested on the way to 10k from illinois for posses and paraphanalia. this killed the weekend for me, but i still tried to have a good time. musically, 10k was flawless (bisco,umph,sci), but the scene was pretty sketchy. a lot of wu-tang hippies trying to make quick cash off sellin fake drugs. cops were rolling along ccamping paths near us at viking. i guess im jus used to summercamp. it seemed there were a lot more obnoxious people at this fest than anyother ive hit up.

axelgrows starstarstarstar Wed 8/1/2007 09:20PM
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10k was a blast of a good time.
Those losers need not to bring garbage drugs into this.
You wouldn't want to cross me in those circumstances. Trust me.
on to the good stuff: ratdog = the bomb. keller = awesome. warren & mule: blazing amazing. blueground undergrass = to die for. New Riders = movingly good. zappa plays zappa = worthy. feat = the grandfathers of jam rawk. derek trucks = the best. lee boys = beyond the best. TBT = the kind. outfo = ripped it. ivan neville = funky goes pro. galactic = nola funk mastery. moe = friends of mine. new prims = pride of mpls. wookiefoot = indescribable. lower eschelon: SCI = sweaty crack inspector (yawn). UMcG = phish 2. bisco = phish 3 (what a bore). there ya go kiddies. have at it...

NickSoda star Thu 8/2/2007 08:34AM
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The review is one of the poorest I've read thus far this summer. Its funny to see that two other articles have been released so that this is pushed further down the list on the homepage. Sorry JamBase, if you want to try to hide a shitty article, how about not doing a half-ass job in the first place. by the way, moe/bisco/ratdog were my top favs.

ghilliesblunt starstarstarstar Thu 8/2/2007 11:33AM
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umphreek87: sorry to hear that man, i really am...anyways idk but ive been to a whole bunch of these 10KLF's but only 1 summercamp and i live in illinois..but id say the 10K crowd is way cooler all around and the folks at 10KLF really now how to take care of people (plenty of clean restrooms, free showers, friendly staff, etc, etc, etc)

enjoimusic4202 Thu 8/2/2007 12:39PM
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Nick - just have to say I love the pic man, Skillet is the F***n Shiz, one of the coolest cats I've met.

gotdharma Thu 8/2/2007 02:48PM
Show -3 Votes Thumbs down! Thumbs up!
hookah420 Fri 8/3/2007 02:48AM
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moe's not the jamband kings, they just jam harder

mhalper starstarstar Fri 8/3/2007 04:38AM
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Has anyone managed to find the bisco show up? I am a patient man, but it has been 2 weeks, and I haven't seen anything free (i.e. on bt.etree, trader's den or archive), nor anything on livedownloads. If you know something I don't know, help a brother out. I would love to get this show as I had serious moment with my friends as we made it to the show. Bisco has begun to ascertain a certain sound that is reminiscent of a genre of music dubbed psychedelic trance. It's also the outfit that Cheese may put on, or that umph often tapps into. Anyone goin to camp bisco should definitely check out Hallucinogen and any of the other producers from Twisted records. They're quite popular in europe in the trance scene and so it seems that we are witnessing the bridging of cultures and musical styles; an evolution (or intelligent design depending on your camp) if you will. very cool. Something big is happening. I can feel it.

shanky95 starstarstarstarstar Fri 8/3/2007 09:57AM
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Saying that Umph is Phish 2, and Bisco is Phish 3 is pretty ignorent. These guys are the new blood. I'm not saying either are "the next coming" or "the next Phish", because they're not. They are the most successful bands of a new group of acts that rely on technological prowess as well as lyrical and instrumental. If bands kept doing the same thing and live in the shadow of the Grateful Dead and Phish then this "scene" would be boring and monotonous.

But this is the amazing thing about 10klf and other festivals. (Although it is my opinion that 10k is tops in all festival categories.) They have 40 BANDS!!! You can go see whatever kind of music you want to. You could be at 10k all weekend, never see a young "repetitive trancey" band and have the time of your life. Me myself however, was up close for Umph, Bisco, Keller, and Cheese and I think they are ALL amazing musicians who are at the top of thier game. If you dont like it... DON'T LISTEN, and don't bitch. Bobby and Phil (and the members of Phish for that matter) arn't goin to be here forever, so I think we should start embracing the bands that are starting to reform the "scene" we love to let loose in. And if you can't handle the new look, then stay at home and listen to your tapes.


sheilabestbuy starstarstar Sat 8/4/2007 03:18AM
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shanky95- Its not that umph and bisco are not talented and creative, its just the shady crowd that follows them. They are coming down on the "scene" that you are talking about. I don’t know about everyone else, but I am sick of these bunk drug selling "hippi mafia" losers. When I go to a fest, I want to be camping next to good people who want to have a good time. I don’t want to have to worry about having all my stuff jacked by some east coast "gangsta" wanna be.

I am not trying to sound negative myself and I apologize if I offend anyone but this has got to stop. Umph and bisco or extremely talented musicians and will get even better. I just hope they stick to playing real music and stay away from that techno sound which brings this new entourage of shady kids who care more about the drugs then they do the music.

Any thoughts on this...........?

shanky95 starstarstarstar Sat 8/4/2007 09:27AM
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sheilabestbuy- I completely understand where u are coming from. I too, hate the people who are coming to festivals to make a profit with bunk shit. Being from Buffalo, pretty much the east coast, I hate the label that this part of the country has gotten. Mostly because of a few jerks from the east COAST. I will have everyone know that Buffalo is full of a ton of chill kids that love to kick back and relax and listen to the music.

With the bunk drugs you speak of... if you're a person that likes to indulge, I think it is your own responsibility to 1.) be responsible, drink water, and keep your "expierience" within controllable boundaries. Nothing puts a damper on a great show more than seeing someone fall over and start convulsing, have someone bodycheck you out of the way so they can get 15 feet closer to the stage, or have someone try to crawl between your legs so they can pick up some glowsticks. I LOVE to go a few good trips at festivals, but we all have to keep it under control, and not act like mindless junkbots.

As for the drugs. Be a knowledgable consumer. If you look at something and talk to the person you're getting it from for a little bit you can definately catch a vibe as to if the person and thier product are genuine or not. As for the stealing, lock EVERYTHING up in your car before you go into the concert bowl. Then you won't have to worry.

PEACE OUT!! And everyone going to red rocks... be safe, have the time of your life, and i'll see you all at 10K next year!

gmoo Sat 8/4/2007 03:06PM
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I would have to disagree and say that SCI, tDB, and UM were the three of the best shows, not the three worst.

overtherails starstar Sun 8/5/2007 12:37PM
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All hail THE HEAVY PETS . . . Saturday night at the Saloon was the best set of the weekend. Where did those guys come from? Did anyone else see it.

O1Roggae Mon 8/6/2007 08:56AM
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there from lauderdale in FL. there sick and to me a rising jam band that'll be big soon. They play skunkape festival every year at cypress in ochopee florida, if ur ever in s. fl go check there site to see if there playin a dive bar or somethin

kdensonrocks Mon 8/6/2007 08:09PM
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bwakerwsp, what are you talkin about no good jam bands left sounds like youve just had a big stick up your ass for the last 5 years since your old favorite bands split up , get over it already times change man, if you just give some of these bands a fair chance maybe they just might surprise you, or maybe you just need to be on more phsychadellic substances at these shows hahaha

Roy G Biv Wed 8/8/2007 02:43PM
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Roy G Biv

how did those two guys die? I didnt hear anything about that when i was there.

fukenshroomin Thu 8/9/2007 05:27AM
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It was a fantastic weekend overall. I think Friday was filled with too much electronica and empty jams. Good technical and musical ability without much soul or heart. Tragically HIp was a little poppy, but I really dug the music and what they were about. Salloon Stage had some great bands. Kinetix and Cosmic Railroad both had really great sets and drew good crouds in light of the Field Stage performances that overlapped. Saturday was by far the best day. Little Feat layed down some sick jams and really showed us some old school talent. Gov't Mule threw down pretty good too, but I still liked Little Feat's set better.

I don't care who's better than who, and what your favorite band is; Bob Weir and Rat Dog had an amazing second set (first was good, but dare I say average). They played Franklin's Tower like I've never heard it before, and Come Together was phenomenal. A fantastic weekend not soon to be forgotten.

Props to all the volunteers, sound and lighting techs, and stage crew for all the hard work you put into making a show like this happen. It's easy for all of us to go out and have a great time and forget what it really takes to make a weekend like this possible. Thank You...

example1 starstarstarstar Tue 8/14/2007 11:58AM
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oh my gawd. how many articles/threads must be attacked by hardcore phish purists. great band dont get me wrong, but this is jambase...not phishbase.

phalluscooper Fri 8/17/2007 09:10AM
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Limmeroo - Both deaths were kept quiet with the exception of newspaper & TV during the festival. One of the dead reportedly had an existing medical condition and the other was an apparent OD in a porta-potty. Autopsy and toxicology screens were supposedly done in St. Paul.

Lesson: Never underestimate your vulnerabilty to "too much"

PhunkinDank starstarstarstar Fri 10/5/2007 12:06AM
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Everyone needs to get out to this festival, no question. My lake cabin is actually about 1 mile from 10klf, the lake that connects to Lake Sallie, but to breakdown the show for what seemed to not get as much attention for bands who hale from up in the area. Trampled By Turtles tore it up heavily, and Wookiefoot's energy got me through the weeeknd. The people/atmosphere/energy of the festi was blissful, other then a few too many Wu-Tang Hippsters slangin bunk.

BlowsAgainsttheEmpire Sat 2/23/2008 07:57AM
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The Riders set can be found here>


blee18 Sat 8/16/2008 10:09AM
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that umph set was the best umph set of all time

and you were right on in saying that the torch has been passed