Frank Vignola by Summers
David Grisman Quintet, America's most celebrated acoustic ensemble has a new guitar player - Frank Vignola.

Frank Vignola is considered by many to be among the top ranked guitarists on the music scene today having recorded and or performed with an amazing variety of notables from Chet Atkins, to Madonna, Woody Allen, Ringo Starr, Manhattan Transfer and Mark O'Connor - to name a few.

Throughout its illustrious 30 year career, David Grisman Quintet has had quite the roster of stellar guitar personnel including Tony Rice, Mark O'Connor, Mike Marshall, John Carlini and most recently, Enrique Coria. Frank Vignola will have no problem filling the shoes of any of his predecessors and we can all look forward to the next chapter in the enduring legacy of the David Grisman Quintet.

To quote the "Dawg" himself:

"I've been happy to call Frank Vignola my friend for some time now and even happier now to announce his membership in the current quintet. Frank is one of the all-time great rhythm men and we all look forward to grooving with him."

[Published on: 3/29/07]

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jonathanleeder Thu 3/29/2007 01:43PM
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sweet, now if DG would actually play more then 5 shows a yr and maybe venture out of California, I might have something to be excited about.

rockera starstarstar Thu 3/29/2007 02:11PM
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i agree. Maybe a festival or two would be nice

Promontory Rider starstar Thu 3/29/2007 02:34PM
+1 Votes Thumbs down! Thumbs up!

Promontory Rider

What happened to el magnifico?
I guess this means no more WAY DOWN! south jokes.

planetkram starstar Thu 3/29/2007 04:08PM
+1 Votes Thumbs down! Thumbs up!


What happened to Enrique??

Marcsmall Thu 3/29/2007 04:17PM
+2 Votes Thumbs down! Thumbs up!


Yeah, why do they only play like 5 shows a year? And they're always playing at some ridiculous uppity Marin Co. venue. Marin is kinda a joke. When I went out there I expected an ultra-liberal enviro-concious mix of people. But it is really just a bunch of Rich folks who pretend to be something they are not.

j-bizzle Thu 3/29/2007 05:34PM
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marcsmall - how are you going to generalize a whole county? I am a resident of San Francisco and go to Marin quite frequently. I know a lot of "ultra-liberal enviro conscious" folks up there, but also a ton of rich people as well. It's a wealthy community no doubt, but also a progressive wealthy community, like say BOULDER - where you're from.

cliftonhanger420 Thu 3/29/2007 05:49PM
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rich folks think they know everything.

cliftonhanger420 Thu 3/29/2007 05:51PM
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i agree, DG needs to get out more. he's a great guy/musician.

Marcsmall Thu 3/29/2007 05:59PM
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Actually, Boulder is much more liberal, much less expensive to live in, and much more down to earth than anywhere in the Bay Area. You can rent a nice place in Boulder for $750 a month. Not in Marin...I'm actually in San Rafael as we speak and I cannot believe how conservative this place is. Anyway, maybe I'll go see Mickey and Taj tonight. Or maybe I'll be at GAMH. who knows? But I'll probably be out here for the next month or so.

Raphwantstobemickey starstarstarstar Fri 3/30/2007 07:40AM
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whatever i cant stand either one of those towns after awhile, as great as they both are, and san fran and boulder are fuckin awsome...for a fact i know that too many yuppies venture out there to say, "oh well yes i live in boulder you should come see the mouuuuntains". my dad is one of for the dawg, a couple of festivals would be nice

fuckin yuppies

jerryil starstarstarstarstar Fri 3/30/2007 09:13AM
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stinkd starstarstar Fri 3/30/2007 09:38AM
+1 Votes Thumbs down! Thumbs up!

I am living in Boulder, I used to live in Berkeley. The Bay Area is soooo overpriced it is rediculous, I live 22 minutes away from Boulder in the mountains, rent is $625.00 per month. If I want to live in Boulder it will cost me $1000 for a comfortable one bedroom apt. To pay $750.00 in Boulder nowadays don't get you nothin' but a small apartment that's part of an apartment complex that doesn't allow dogs. Boulder is expensive nowadays, the cheapest condo in Boulder now costs $230,000. My wife and I are thinking about buying a mobile home for $20,000 so we can live in Boulder. Can anyone say white trash? But don't quote me on that 'white trash' comment, I have never lived in a trailer home in the past, maybe it's awesome... I hope to see Grisman sometime soon, back in the mid/late 90's I saw the quintet a lot, not so much anymore because he is always in California chillin' with his family.

Marcsmall Fri 3/30/2007 10:52AM
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Also, the average age in Boulder is much loiwer than it is in Marin.

theheatson Fri 3/30/2007 11:35AM
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Let it be known,the Dawg will be doing his business at a tiny NOrthern Michigan Festival on the coast of Lake Michigan just down the road from Sleeping Bear Dune. It is known as Dune Grass. As far as yuppies being there, well its a non-issue to me. One question to all yupp haters. If you suddenly for some reason or another all had access to a large sum of wealth, and lets be honest many of you do, would you take it, or leave it in fear of being labled a yuppie by some hippie. I gurantee nearly all of you would take the money, and enjoy the hell out of it. I know I would.

happydestiny Fri 3/30/2007 02:42PM
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looks like bullet-tooth tony from Snatch

unclewally2 starstarstarstar Sat 3/31/2007 11:33AM
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pertaining to the debate on san fran and boulder and whos more has a more liberl esque minneapolis takes the cake for anywhere and for just being in a great place to live , the twin cities area is the place to be. 4 seasons minnesota nice and canadian danks.come visit some time dont foget check out the counterculture of the great city in uptown. great headshops.

iamkickinit Sat 3/31/2007 02:01PM
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Dunegrass for sure. It's definatley going to go down as one of the most underrated this summer. DG, Peter Rowan, DSO, RRE, Greensky Bluegrass... schedule this on your tour.

unclewally2 starstarstar Sun 4/1/2007 07:54PM
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i said the "counter culture of the city" and yes uptown would be it and if you are from the twin cities area youd know what i mean by counterculture like i said headshops pandoras etc i said minneapolis is the mecca for liberlism compared toboulder and yes even san fran

Marcsmall Sun 4/1/2007 09:37PM
0 Votes Thumbs down! Thumbs up!


Wally---youve lost your mind. Boulder is the most liberal town in America... Followed by Berkeley, Cambridge, Madison, SF, Eugene, and maybe Santa Fe.

unclewally2 Mon 4/2/2007 11:29PM
+1 Votes Thumbs down! Thumbs up!

i didnt know there was a list but yes that would be a good one. politically minnesota is deff in the top 5 most "liberl" states as stats(not states) state every since nixon the only state not to vote repub when that douche regan won.

farrella starstarstarstar Fri 4/13/2007 09:15AM
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Matt Eakle just blows me away...
Saw the Dave Grisman Quintet in Troy New York last November and got to meet Matt.
The next morning, we had breakfast at the hotel and ended up getting sat right next to Enrique. Said to him, "Great show last night" and he smiled.
Def one of the best shows we saw all year....and it was a very busy year.
This Vagnola sounds pretty bad-assed. Accoustic jazz guitarist??!!! Oh man!!! Can't wait to hear him.