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  • Goose, The Dead, Bob Crawford and more…2020 is on!

    Thanks for tuning in! We have a bunch of stuff to share this week, including a sneak peek of Still Chasing, which you can subscribe to here. Send us feedback on The Drop! The other shows mentioned in this episode are:Freak Flag Flying, featuring David Crosby in conversation with his friend, author Steve Silberman. The first…

  • Freak Flag Flying

    We’re proud to share the trailer for our newest original Osiris podcast, Freak Flag Flying. David Crosby is the subject of this limited-series podcast, with his friend, award-winning science author Steve Silberman. Subscribe to the show on Apple, follow on Spotify, or subscribe wherever you get your podcasts. After Midnight—subscribe and listen, and leave us a…

  • Jam Just Happened

    The full audio from the first ever Jam Just Happened, featuring Scott Metzger, Aron Magner, Adam Chase and Jay White. Thanks to our friends at Nublu and at for streaming the show. Check out our upcoming event with Goose at the Brooklyn Podcast Festival. The Drop is brought to you by CashorTrade, and Osiris works in…

  • Osiris News and Thanks!

    Here’s part 1 and part 2 of Mike Finoia’s interview with Oteil Burbridge. After Midnight—subscribe and listen, and leave us a review on Apple Podcasts!Jam Just Happened—come hang with us on December 6! We’ll share the full audio from the first Jam Just Happened on The Drop on December 9. Ryley Walker, Chris Forsyth, Garcia Peoples—come see…

  • Fruition

    This week we bring you an interview with Kellen from Fruition. We discuss their new album, Wild as the Night, touring, mental health and more. Check out their tour dates and music here.Check out Inside Out wTnS’s interview with Jay from Fruition here.After Midnight—subscribe and listen!Jam Just Happened—come hang with us on December 6!Ryley Walker,…

  • Goose

    This week we bring you an interview with Goose. Check out their site for tour dates—catch these guys if you can.After Midnight—Apple Podcasts, Spotify, show page. Subscribe and listen!Jam Just Happened tickets can be found here.The Drop is brought to you by CashorTrade, and Osiris works in partnership with JamBase. 

  • After Midnight Trailer & Umphrey’s Recap

    Please subscribe to After Midnight: Phish’s Big Cypress Festival.Here’s the interview we did with Umphrey’s on Halloween.You can check out the setlists from the past weekend and listen to the shows by visiting Umphrey’s McGee.If you want to hear some great Umphrey’s interviews from Inside Out wTnS, check out episode 68 with Jake Cinniger, episodes…

  • Inside the Musician’s Brain

    This week we present the trailer of Inside the Musician’s Brain, a new podcast hosted by Chris Pandolfi. The first two episodes drop tomorrow, October 29—Listen and subscribe to the podcast here.Be sure to follow Umphrey’s McGee’s Facebook page to catch our Halloween preview Couch Report this Thursday.Here’s part 2 of the Phemale-Centrics interview with…

  • Karl Denson

    This week we talk to Karl Denson in DC before his show with Karl Denson’s Tiny Universe. You can check out tour dates here.Here’s a link to the JamBase article I mentioned, about the new mental health organization, Backline. Really important stuff developing here.And here are two links to Inside Out wTnS — the most…

  • The Shift List

    Thanks for checking us out this week! We’re going to bring you an episode of The Shift List, which we discuss in the episode. Please consider subscribing to this podcast. Please check out our newly relaunched website for new episodes and what we think is increased usability and discoverability. Share one of the shows I mentioned…

  • Marco Benevento

    This week we talk with Marco Benevento about his new album and upcoming tour, and lots more. You can check out the album and the tour dates here. This albums is really cool, hope you can check Marco out live. We talked with Marco about the making of this new album, his solo career going back…

  • Neal Casal Tribute Show—An Interview with Gary Waldman

    This week we talk with Gary Waldman, Neal Casal’s oldest friend and manager. We talk about the upcoming tribute show at The Capitol Theater—Wednesday, September 25. If you can’t make it, you can stream it! Check out The Cap’s site for more details.Exciting news in here as well, which is that there will be a…

  • A Tribute to Neal Casal

    This episode is dedicated to the memory of Neal Casal. Here’s a link to our original interview with Neal on The Drop. And the people we hear from in this episode are: Joe Kendrick from Southern Songs & Stories Amar Sastry, creator of Anatomy of a Jam Rob and Seth, from Inside Out wTnS Jonathan…

  • Aron Magner of Disco Biscuits & SPAGA

    This week we have a really fun interview with Aron Magner of The Disco Biscuits and SPAGA. Please check out SPAGA and go see a show! We’ll see you next week.

  • The State of Phish Commentary

    This week Brian from Beyond the Pond joins me to talk Phish commentary, criticism, expectations and all kinds of other fun topics. Some of the questions we attempt to answer or address: Criticism and acceptance — are they polar opposites? Expectations and disappointment — what does Phish owe you? Phish and sports metaphors/comparisons — are…

  • Joel Cummins of Umphrey’s McGee

    We have a really fun interview this week with Joel Cummins of Umphrey’s McGee, who just released his new book, The Realist’s Guide to a Successful Music Career. Check it out here. Thanks for considering taking our audience survey. You can win an awesome original Osiris poster.

  • Werk Out & Phish with Mike Finoia, Tom Marshall and Dawn Jenkins

    This week we bring you two clips from Amigos, one about the Werk Out Festival and one with a clip from the Mohegan Sun live event hosted by Amigos and Phemale-Centrics, with special guests including Tom Marshall, Benjy Eisen and David Steinberg. You can listen to the whole episode with both of these topics here.…

  • This Week in Osiris & Between Me and My Mind

    This week we bring you a clip of an interview with the Steven Cantor, the director of Me and My Mind. We also update you on all things Osiris! If you’ll be at Mohegan Sun tomorrow, check out the event hosted by two Osiris podcasts, Phemale-Centrics and Amigos! Thanks for considering taking our audience survey.…

  • This Week in Osiris & Side Hustles in Music

    This week we’re featuring Southern Songs & Stories, an Osiris podcast, and we tell you about a bunch of new episodes on the network.

  • Neal Casal & Osiris Update

    This week we’re bringing you an interview with Neal Casal and giving you an update on where Osiris is headed.

  • Episode 9: Jefferson Waful, Billy Strings, Kyle Hollingsworth

    This week we bring you an interview with Billy Strings from DelFest, a conversation with Jefferson Waful on his departure from Umphrey’s McGee, and a quick piece of beer-related news from String Cheese Incident’s Kyle Hollingsworth.

  • Episode 8: Andy Frasco and Tim Palimeri on Amigos

    This week we’re back with an interview with Andy Frasco and a clip of an interview that Mike Finoia of Amigos does with Tim Palmieri.

  • Episode 6: High Sierra & Chris Forsyth

    This week we bring you a High Sierra preview and a part of an interview with Chris Forsyth from Beyond the Pond.

  • Episode 5: Jon Barber’s new podcast

    This week we’re giving you a sneak preview of a new Osiris podcast, “Touchdowns All Day with Jon Barber.” This podcast will launch this week, check for the news.

  • Episode 4: Anders Osborne, 1960s NYC Music and the news!

    This week we’re bringing you an interview with Anders Osborne, a piece of a podcast from the network with a deep dive on 1960s music in NYC, and the news.

  • Episode 3: DelFest, AC Beer Fest, Ghosts of the Forest and more

    This week we have a full episode for you. We have a DelFest preview, some Ghosts of the Forest discussion and a report from the Atlantic City Beer and Music Festival.

  • Episode 2: John Medeski, Joel Cummins of Umphrey’s McGee and music news

    This week The Drop brings you an interview Joel Cummins from Umphrey’s, a piece of an interview with John Medeski, and the music news of the week.

  • Episode 1: David Gans, Disc Jam Festival and the week in news

    Osiris Media presents The Drop, a weekly podcast serving up the week’s big music news and more.

  • Preview: The Drop