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My Own Worst Enemy is a podcast about the seminal song that has been in constant rotation since its release in 1999. Over four episodes, we explore the history of the band, the creation of the song, its radio dominance at the turn of the millennium, the anatomy of a hit, and the ways My Own Worst Enemy has become permanently embedded in American pop culture. Produced for Round Hill Music by Osiris Media. See for privacy and opt-out information.

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  • Episode 4: Yeah, Yeah, Yeah!

    Following the success of Enemy and its ascension into pop culture permanence, there was seemingly no pressure on Lit to do more. However, the band continued along the artist’s path. After the disappointing performance of Atomic, Lit relocated to Nashville and went through a period of transformation that included a number of standout records including…

  • Episode 3: A Place In The Sun

    More than 2 decades following its release, “My Own Worst Enemy” is played more today than it was in 1999. But why? What makes this song endure? In this episode, we breakdown the anatomy of the song that would not die to see what makes it tick. We also examine the impact of the video…

  • Episode 2: Everyone Gets Lit

    The release of “My Own Worst Enemy” in early ‘99 was like a match in a dry forest. Once the song hit the airwaves on KROQ in LA, it exploded all across the nation. What followed for Lit was a chaotic blur of touring and promotion, as they went from moderate regional success to national…

  • Episode 1: A Band From Orange County

    Episode 1 recounts the early history of Lit and the song that officially launched their career, beginning with the day that Ajay wrote the lines “It’s no surprise me I am my worst enemy / ‘Cause every now and then I kick the living shit out of me” after filling up at an LA gas…

  • My Own Worst Enemy, The Podcast

    If you’ve lived on Planet Earth at any point over the last 21 years, you’ve most certainly heard My Own Worst Enemy. For the last two decades, the song has been inescapable. You’ve heard it on the radio, in the supermarket, at restaurants, weddings, and most definitely, karaoke bars. It’s the song that everybody can…

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