Let Creativity Flow

This series tells the story of how technology is affecting the evolution of music collaboration. Featuring interviews with experts from Splice, Union Square Ventures, Downtown Music, and members of The Disco Biscuits. Hosted and narrated by Amar Sastry, and sponsored by Splice.

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  • Episode 1: Fall of the Gatekeepers

    The first episode of Let Creativity Flow focuses on a modern way musical hits are made, how gatekeepers in music have changed, and why computers are the most important musical instrument today. Interviewees include Andy Weissman of Union Square Ventures, Steve Martocci of Splice, journalist Cherie Hu and Andrew Sparkler of Downtown Music. Let Creativity Flow is…

  • Episode 2: The Collaboration Paradox

    The Collaboration Paradox starts with the Splice origin story, exploring the ways musicians and producers collaborate in the modern age. We consider the past technical limitations to collaboration solved by Splice and how music distribution formats (vinyl, cassette, CD, and now streaming) have changed the way music is made. We also discuss viewpoints on some…

  • Episode 3: Are Robots the new Songwriters?

    Episode 3, Are Robots the new Songwriters?, explores where music technology is headed. We consider whether robots and AI will take over, how technological changes have affected the live experience, the recent uptick in bass heavy beats, and how tech apps and musicians might start to take advantage of the physiological relationship between music and…

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