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  • Season 2 Episode 3: The Happy Will And Dung Song

    We spent a year trying to convince Evan to love Ween, and it worked. So now we’re getting ambitious and trying to pull off a similar feat in a single episode — this time with the Phish from Vermont. Join us as Paul shares his Phishtory (with an assist from Producer Mikey) as they try to…

  • Season 2 Episode 2: How High Can You Podcast

    We all know Evan digs Ween, but can the little man in the sailor suit handle Ween on Weed? We smoked some grass and got really really high and found out. Happy 4/20!

  • Season 2 Episode 1: All Aboard

    Sometimes you have to give the people what they want, even if by doing so you very well might destroy everything you’ve worked for a year to build. #TeamPoopShip — this sector’s charted by you!

  • Episode 20: Momma Said We’re Gone For Good

    Now that Evan is inarguably a full-fledged Ween fan (MISSION ACCOMPLISHED), the God Ween Evan team assembles for one final time this season to discuss Ween’s 2012 break-up and the solo albums that were birthed from that era. Doing Deaner dirty by spending the majority of the episode focusing on Gener’s solo albums, the finale…

  • Episode 19: LIVE! From Garcia’s At The Capitol Theatre 12.16.18

    The God Ween Evan crew goes from conversational to presentational in their first ever live show. In front of a hot crowd at Garcia’s at The Capitol Theatre, the gang dissects Evan’s first time seeing Ween live. Did Evan see the brown light of the Boognish? Is the podcast over? Did the Babadook doff his…

  • Episode 18: Might It Be Nice

    In final preparation for his upcoming baptism by Boognish at The Capitol Theater, Evan takes a journey from Hell and to The Palace of Vice, meeting his wife and The Freak along the way.

  • Episode 17: It’s Gonna Be A Long Night

    In anticipation of their upcoming trip to see Ween at the famed Capitol Theater in December, the crew returns to the band’s live material in order to properly prime Evan’s little sailor boy pump. We feed him lasagna until he’s had his fill, kiss him on the boob, call him a Doctor, and yet, he…

  • Episode 16: Learnin’ To Love

    The bombing of Pearl Harbor, The Moon landing, Kennedy’s assassination, 9/11 — points of demarcation in our collective consciousness that shape human history. God Ween Evan listeners, prepare yourself for your own “I remember where I was” moment as someone finally gets what they’ve always wanted!

  • Episode 15.5: Torn

    Check the script, cause it just got flipped. Evan surprised the GWE crew with a takeover episode of his own devising: A WEEN TRIVIA CHALLENGE. But what happens when he discovers that the crew knows more about f**king with him than they do about Ween, and that even by devising this challenge, he’s had to…

  • Episode 15: Most Evans Are Not Okay

    Let’s face it, Evan kinda likes Ween. The proof, as they say it, is in the boogni. After weeks of high marks the crew decides to put Evan’s blossoming love to the test with a round of brown plus just about the prettiest of fan picks. Listen and find out if Cookie Jam’s guava actually…

  • Episode 14: COVER It With Gas

    This episode finds the crew turning to one of Ween’s greatest strengths, their ability to play a kick ass cover song. Will Evan finally understand that we never meant to cause him any sorrow? Will he call Ween “the greatest cover band of all time?” Tune in and find out!

  • Episode 13: Makin’ Time Breakin’ Ground

    Even though Evan doesn’t mean to be so insolent, the crew decides it’s high time to juice him as he bleeds. The result? They all return with the writings of Kaufman in their hands.

  • Episode 12: You Were The Fool

    There is only one way for GWE to celebrate its 12th episode, and that is to expose Evan to the band’s excellent and oft-overlooked 12 Golden Country Greats album. That, and forcing him to relive and recount the mysterious deaths of his childhood dogs. On top of all of this, in this episode Paul blacks…

  • Episode 11: Evan If You Don’t

    After the tumultuous crash and burn conclusion to Episode 10, the GWE gang decides to hand over the reigns to Producer Mikey for a fresh perspective. Utilizing a March Madness Final Four bracket system, Mikey brings some real bangers to the table. Will Evan cross the line and let us inside him or did we…

  • Episode 10: God Eye, Grant His Forgiveness

    After a mixed, but ultimately positive review of The Mollusk the crew decides it’s time to pull out the big guns and seal the deal. But tempers flare when Evan, that quivering little boy, is afraid to clutch the hand of the creator.

  • Episode 9.5: Do You Ever Walk Alone? (Red Rocks Redux)

    Will and Paul break down Ween’s recent epic two night stand at Red Rocks Amphitheater as well as Paul’s harrowing solo vision quest throughout Colorado.

  • Episode 9: He Wanted To Leave

    “Hey little boy, what you got there?” Kind sir, it’s Evan Kaufman and his track by track response to Ween’s seminal album The Mollusk!! — plus an exploration of the band’s briefer tracks to cap off the episode! Tune in and find out if fatherhood has made an Ocean Man out of Evan.

  • Episode 8: When I Find You In Your Sleep

    On the eve of recording Episode 8, The Mighty Boognish blessed Evan and his lovely wife with a beautiful healthy baby boy. Bageldorf Kaufman was born on April 22, 2018. But this is showbiz, and as they say the show must go on, so the GWE team recorded this very special episode with guest Evan,…

  • Episode 7: Evan – He’s A Zima Man

    Henry Rollins once said “Live music is the cure for what ails ya,” but that straight edge bea-hunk never met Evan “Problem with Rock ‘n’ Roll” Kaufman. In Episode 7, we put Hank’s theory to the test as we introduce Cookie Jam to a critical aspect of Ween, the band’s live sound. Will Evan go…

  • Episode 6: Make You Love Me

    Hoping to ride a wave of momentum after his shocking embrace of The Stallion, the gang presents Evan with some of their all time favorites from the band’s catalogue.

  • Episode 5: Prepare the Mount, Boy (The Stallion Episode)

    After a major breakthrough in Episode 4 the crew are ready to introduce Evan to Ween’s mythology through the band’s epic Stallion series. Which, of course, begs the question, does Evan know who he’s fucking with?

  • Episode 4: I Fell In Love Today?

    In honor of Valentine’s Day Katie, Will, and Paul attempt to win Evan’s love and steer his affection towards the band with a few of their favorite love songs from Ween’s extensive catalogue. Will Evan continue to play hard to get or can the crew finally capture his heart? Find out in Episode 4!

  • Episode 3: Did You See Me?

    Katie, Will, and Paul remove Evan’s blindfold in hopes that a little visual stimulation will go a long way as the crew explore the band’s official music video collection. Evan is intrigued, but is he truly learning to love Ween or is he secretly working towards splintering the group? Find out in episode 3!

  • Episode 2: New Year, Same Evan

    Episode 2 of God Ween Evan finds an apologetic Evan promising to turn over a new leaf and open his heart and mind to the band Ween. Is he truly ready to summon the queen or will he leave us all waving our dicks in the wind? Tune in and find out!

  • Episode 1: Trouble With Rock ‘n’ Roll

    God Ween Evan is a podcast celebrating the American rock ‘n’ roll band Ween, and one man’s refusal to open his heart, mind, and soul to the band’s music.