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  • Salad Days w/ Amoramora

    While in Denver, Mike caught up with the dudes from Amoramora, a Jamband based out of colorful Colorado. Although they’re only 3 years old, they’ve performed over 250 live shows, trucked around the country, and had their camper catch on fire. Mike & the band talk road struggles, getting pulled dover by the fuzz, and…

  • Brindle Bros w/ Oddline Design

    Mike talks to Nic Bodgal, the extremely talented concert poster artist and creative mastermind behind Oddline Design. The two nerd out on concert posters, the creative process, tripping and drawing, & much more. Mike talks about tour sneaker anxiety & his love of Wilco. Check out the episode and thanks for hanging!

  • Frank is a Good Thing w Tim Palmieri

    Mike catches up with his old pal, guitar gunslinger Tim Palmieri ( Kung Fu / The Breakfast / Z3 ). The two discuss growing up, Jamming, Chris Farley, Frank Zappa, and work ethic. Tim is a powerhouse. His bands The Breakfast, Kung Fu, & Z3 are always playing live so be sure to check them…

  • Do geese see goD w/ Kyle Hollingsworth

    While in Denver, Mike had the pleasure of sitting down with String Cheese Incident’s Keyboard Guru Kyle Hollingsworth. The two get deep quick. Kyle shares the secrets of his cat phase, writing with Robert Hunter, & the comedy albums that changed his life. The guys talk Horning’s Hideout, the similarities & differences of live music…

  • Mike Solo – We’ve got a lot of catching up to do

    In this week’s solo episode, Mike catches up with the Amigos about the Impractical Jokers Tour, Ghosts of the Forest, meeting Trey Anastasio’s dad, Italian Bread, maturity in writing, Neil Young, Mike’s stony experience at Claypool Lennon Delirium with a Cartoon icon, an amazing moment at DC Improv, What make’s a comedy club a great…

  • Beasties in Brooklyn w/ Jim Tews

    Mike & comedian Jim Tews discuss the Beastie Boys Story, directed by Spike Jones, at the Kings Theater in Brooklyn NY. The two discuss accepting gifts, music, weird gigs, & more. Check out Jim Tews, and enjoy the pod!

  • Smarch Madness w/ the Weekend Wook

    Mike & the Weekend Wook discuss the #PhishBracket that took Phish Twitter by storm, causing families to separate and parents to disown their 3.0 children. During the last hour of voting, Mike and the Wook talk about the creation of the bracket, mind blowing bracket busters, & much more nerdy Phish talk. #PhishBracket was sponsored…

  • Kickstart my Fart -the Atlantic City Hang

    Mike and 2/4th’s of the Fear of a Craft Beer crew record a hang at Tennessee Beer Hall in Atlantic City to discuss Netflix Docs, The Grateful Dead, Food & Booze. In the intro, Mike talks about the Motley Crue movie “The Dirt”, upcoming festivals, the Impractical Jokers bus tour, and the Gary Clark Jr.…

  • If you don’t Kill, Die! w/ Ron Bennington

    Mike visits with the coolest mofo alive, Mr. Ron Bennington (Bennington, Ron & Fez, Unmasked) to discuss that dirty mistress known as Manhattan, the power of music, being a grandfather, and David Bowie. Ron is the best and we at Amigos are so grateful for his time! Enjoy, Amigos!

  • Choose your Torture w/ Shane Mauss

    Mike sits down with comedian / documentarian / psychedelic explorer Shane Mauss. The two discuss trips, comedy, Shane’s epic DMT / Ketamine / Psilocybin journey which landed him in a facility, and his new documentary “Psychonautics: A Comic’s Exploration of Psychedelics”. The two agree that saying “I Don’t Know” is a sign of intelligence. Mike…

  • Satan in the Toolshed w/ Nathan Macintosh

    Mike is joined by comedian Nathan Macintosh (Conan, Late Show, Fallon). These two handsome bastards discuss drugs, drinking, Jesus, the Devil, guilt, parents, and they even listen to Led Zeppelin & Lil’ Wayne backwards for hidden messages. Enjoy!

  • BIG BOAT – The Impractical Jokers Cruise & Tour Review Episode w/ JF Harris

    Fresh off the Impractical Joker Cruise, Mike and fellow comedian / IJ tour opener JF Harris reminisce about working with the Impractical Jokers on tour, highlights from the cruise, and having the privilege to perform in front of the best fans in the world. Check out JF on tour at and follow him @theJFHarris…

  • Now THAT’s a Cupcake w/ Jenn Kessler

    Mike is joined by Jenn Kessler. Jenn is an artist, and she paints quite a lot. She is also a baker, Phish nut, and founder of the PhishChicks page on Instagram. The two talk riding the rail, PhishChicks, Jenn’s meeting with her spirit guide, crystals, Big Cypress, Ticketmaster, and much more. Check out her page…

  • The Music of Comedy w/ Noam Dworman

    Mike sits down with Noam Dworman, musician, guitarist, & owner of the Comedy Cellar. The two discuss Noam’s childhood around the booming west village art scene in the 60’s, the New York City music scene, and playing guitar. Almost every weekend you can catch Noam & his band playing above the Cellar at the Olive…

  • One Man’s Trash w/ Tom Marshall

    Mike is joined by Tom Marshall on this weeks episode to discuss motivation, literature, Sherlock Holmes, Jack Kerouac, life changing events, Phish Nuggets, and how words can somehow lead us in weird directions (maybe?). Enjoy!!

  • Layering Knowledge with Jim Tews

    Mike is joined by standup comedian / musician / artist Jim Tews (@jimtews) to discuss Jim’s intro to music, his time in the Coast Guard, his affinity for graphic design & Weezer. Jim is a great dude and funny mofo so check him out. Mike also discusses his plans for Phish Summer Tour & shares…

  • Gettin the Scoop w/ Steve Lacy of Fox 5 New York

    Mike is joined by Fox 5 New York’s Steve Lacy. Steve’s a massive Phish & Guns n Roses fans, and the two sit down for an in depth chat about music, being on the news, and the most recent YEMSG run. Enjoy!

  • Fear & Floating in Philadelphia w/ Russ Stewart of Flotation Philly

    Back from Burlington, Mike discusses his trip with his crazy dog, Phish at MSG, and doing standup in VT. Then, while in Philly doing stand-up back in November, Mike took a trip to the moon via Flotation Philly. It was his first float, and anxiety had her teeth in his guts. But the trip was…

  • FACEPLANT INTO POD! w/ Andy Fiori

    Mike & Andy Fiori (@andyfiori) talk Phish MSG, predict the NYE Gag, Ween at the Capitol Theater, take listener questions, recap the year of concerts, comedy & more! Thanks for a great year Amigos! See you in 2019!!

  • That’s the Boss – Artie Lange

    Mike is joined by Artie Lange (Crashing, Howard Stern, MadTV) to discuss Bruce Springsteen, comedy, The Grateful Dead, addiction, his years on Howard, his first time doing standup, growing up with a cool older cousin, and much more. Enjoy the episode, rate, review, and subscribe!

  • A Day in Astoria with Ted Alexandro

    Mike sits down with comedian & friend Ted Alexandro to discuss love, relationships, stages of comedy, touring with Jim Gaffigan, recording his new special “Senior Class of Earth” which is available through All Things Comedy, and much more. Ted is a great comic and a great dude and you guys will love his comedy so…

  • Grateful Grahame w/ Grahame Lesh

    While performing at San Francisco’s legendary Punchline Comedy Club, Mike took a trip over the Golden Gate Bridge to Terrapin Crossroads to chat with guitarist Grahame Lesh. In between soundcheck and a gig with the Terrapin Family Band, Grahame sat down to discuss playing with his father Phil, discovering the Grateful Dead through newer renditions,…

  • The Duchess of Dank – Jen Bernstein of High Times & More

    Mike Visits @NYCJamGal Jen Bernstein, High Times contributing writer, mother, cannabis connoisseur, and good friend. The two buddies discuss the growth of cannabis acceptance in society, it’s many uses, discovery of music, and much more. Enjoy! Like, Share, Rate, Review!!

  • PHiSH 101 with Andy P. Smith set 2

    An Amigos listener named Adam spoke and we listened. He said, “can you explain Phish for beginners?” What a great idea!! Mike & his guest, Andy P. Smith, author of “100 Things Phish Fans Should Know & Do Before They Die” & “The Last American Gypsy” break down their syllabus for Freshman Phish. Part 2…

  • PHiSH 101 with Andy P. Smith set 1

    An Amigos listener named Adam spoke and we listened. He said, “can you explain Phish for beginners?” What a great idea!! Mike & his guest, Andy P. Smith, author of “100 Things Phish Fans Should Know & Do Before They Die” & “The Last American Gypsy” break down their syllabus for Freshman Phish. Part 1…

  • Feeling the Feeling

    Mike & Shawn catch up in NYC to discuss big venues vs. small venues, their favorite elements of the live concert experience, & bands that set out to create a singular experience for their fans.

  • Viva Vaxt Kasvot! Phish & Comedy in the Desert

    Mike reviews the first 2 nights of performing at the Comedy Cellar in Las Vegas, Phish’s first 2 nights of Halloween weirdness, and his new admiration for Marc Brownstein of Headcount & the Disco Biscuits. Head to iTunes, rate, review, and share. Stay Tuned for more from Vegas!

  • Ron Smallbany – The Mike Finoia Solo Phish Nerd out Episode

    I reminisce about Albany shows past, I discuss a weekend opening for the Impractical Jokers at Foxwoods Casino, I share my plan about my upcoming week at the Comedy Cellar in Vegas & Phish at MGM, and I narrow my Halloween Phish Wishlist down to 5 potential choices. If you are having fun, go to…

  • Grateful Gans; an interview with David Gans

    Today Mike is joined by the multi-talented David Gans. David is an author, musician, historian, and host of Tales from The Golden Road on Sirius XM’s Grateful Dead channel 23. Mike and Dave talk politics, the importance of voting, the new Grateful Dead Pac-NW box set, touring, performing to both large and small crowds, and…

  • VERMONT AF!!! w/ Brando from

    Mike is joined by Brando, Co-Founder of Brando & his brother Dusty developed an idea into a digital game changer in the world of fair ticket trading & selling. The guys talk the Curveball debacle, Ticketbastards & their grifty ways, the advent of CashorTrade, and getting on the bus.

  • Uncle Sam; An interview w/ Sam Cutler

    Days before Phish’s Curveball Festival was cancelled, Mike had the opportunity to talk to one of the most important characters in the long, strange story of the Grateful Dead, the one & only Sam Cutler. Sam brought the Dead to a whole other level of touring, success, and fame. Utilizing the tools he picked up…

  • BONUS EP w/ Brendan Sagalow -One’ll tease ya, Two’ll please ya! Mac Miller, Eminem, Hell Gigs, & Homework

    Mike & Shawn invite stand-up comedian, podcaster, & pal Brendan Sagalow to the show. The guys discuss Mike’s hell gig, Mac Miller’s untimely passing, eminem, edibles, psychedelics & more. Mike & Shawn go over their music homework. Check out the episode & check out Brendan.

  • “I just don’t know” w. Mike & Shawn

    Mike & Shawn discuss New York City and Louis C.K’s return to the Comedy Cellar. Shawn & Mike give each other music homework (Shawn assigns Hell Hath No Fury from Clipse & Mike assigns Rift from Phish). Mike talks about opening for the Impractical Jokers on the road & the ego check of standup comedy.

  • The Alchemist w/ Cipha Sounds

    While on board the Impractical Jokers Cruise, Mike & Cipha take a break from performing to talk music, perseverance, reading a room, and taking advantage of every opportunity to learn. Cipha is an NYC legend, whether you know him from his days on Hot 97.1 or as the host of TruTV’s Laff Mob’s Laff Tracks,…

  • Counting Heads w/ Andy Bernstein

    In late 2017, Mike was joined by Co-Founder and author of the Pharmer’s Almanac Andy Bernstein to talk about the advent of the grassroots mission to register music fans to vote, which has now grown to immeasurable success and is transcending genres. They also wax poetic about Andy’s legendary work on The Pharmer’s Almanac…

  • The first hang

    In the first episode, host Mike Finoia hangs out with Dan Kalwhite & Shawn Murray to discuss the new pod, getting their start in stand-up, and Phish cancelling their festival.