After Midnight: Phish’s Big Cypress Festival

The definitive retrospective of one of music’s most memorable festivals, Phish’s Big Cypress.

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  • Episode 1: The Plan

    Why did 75,000 Phish fans endure an 18-hour traffic jam to see Phish? Why did Phish make 75,000 fans endure a massive traffic jam to see them? What were Phish doing in Florida in the first place?In episode one, we explore answers to these questions and more. We talk to Phish guitarist Trey Anastasio drummer…

  • After Midnight Trailer

    A preview of After Midnight, a podcast celebrating the 20th anniversary of Phish’s Big Cypress festival. Subscribe today on our show page.This five-episode series, hosted and narrated by Jesse Jarnow, will include interviews with Trey Anastasio, Jon Fishman, John Paluska, Brad Sands, Beth Montouri-Rowles and many other people who played a key role in the…