The Great GoogaMooga Offers Extra Mooga Refunds


Amidst the criticism leveled at this past weekend’s Great GoogaMooga in Brooklyn, New York, the festival has decided to offer a refund to those who purchased an Extra Mooga ticket. Read the official statement below.


“Dear Friend:

We promised you a terrific Extra Mooga experience this past weekend and we didn’t deliver, particularly in providing an adequate amount of food and beverage on Saturday. We’re very sorry if we disappointed you.

To officially extend our apology, we’re offering you a 100% refund of your Extra Mooga ticket price, including handling fees.

If you’d like a refund, please email your request within 30 days to Make sure to include the email address you used to make your initial purchase. You’ll receive a refund to the credit card you used for your purchase within approximately 10-14 days of the date of your request. We’ll inform you by email when your refund has been processed.

If you paid in cash, please email us from the address you gave us when you purchased your ticket and give us a mailing address for your refund check.

When developing The Great GoogaMooga, we envisioned Extra Mooga as an outstanding all-inclusive, premium experience, with top-tier programming and lots of great food and drink. We were also excited to shine the spotlight on this magical part of Prospect Park, one of the City’s great treasures.

Our intentions were good, but our execution came up short in several areas. As we continue to evaluate what went wrong, your feedback is important to us. We’ve set up a special address for your comments—

At Superfly Presents and GoogaMooga, we pride ourselves in creating great experiences-and exceeding expectations-and we sincerely hate to disappoint and under-deliver. We’re in this for the long haul and are committed to building a great, iconic food festival for New York. We hope you’ll look past this year’s mistakes and join us at next year’s Great GoogaMooga festival.


Jonathan Mayers, Rick Farman, Rich Goodstone & Kerry Black
Co-Founders, Superfly Presents & GoogaMooga

Peter Shapiro
Co-Founder, GoogaMooga

PS: We promised a portion of each paid ticket would go to support the Prospect Park Alliance. Although we will refund your purchase price in full, rest assured that we are still following through and making the donation to the Alliance.”


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