Scott Metzger On John Mayer Sitting-In With Joe Russo’s Almost Dead


On October 7 Grateful Dead tribute act Joe Russo’s Almost Dead welcomed guitarist John Mayer to the stage at Brooklyn Bowl in New York City for a lengthy guest appearance. JRAD’s own Scott Metzger recently discussed how the sit-in came together and went in a new interview.

Metzger told, “I don’t think any of us had any idea that he was coming to the Bowl that night, we didn’t know until set break. We were really just hanging until set break when Pete Shapiro was there and he told us so we went upstairs and we were hanging and the idea came up to come and play the set with us and he was game for it so none of us knew that was going to happen until 15 minutes before it happened. He did great, he jumped right in. We can be tough to keep up with. Musically speaking we’re all over the place and it can turn on a dime but he fit right in.”

Mayer was aboard for the bulk of the second set and the evening’s encore including takes on “That’s It For The Other One,” “New Speedway Boogie,” “Let It Grow” and “Quinn The Eskimo.” When asked about how John approaches the music, Metzger responded, “I always appreciate a guy that you can hear their comfort zone and they really know that it sounds good but the thing that really gets my attention are the people who are willing to step outside of that and go for some stuff that’s maybe a little bit out of their reach. Maybe they’re not going to get it but they’re going to go for it anyway. He certainly put that on display and as a musician that gives you total respect.”

Tonight Scott Metzger will be among the guests at City Winery in New York City, where the Gregg Allman Band led by Scott Sharrard will play a free show without their leader. Head to from more from Metzger about Almost Dead, WOLF!, his appearance on Roadies and more.

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