Friday, July 12, 2013

The Flying Monkey Movie House and Performance Center
Plymouth, NH

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Johnny A. has one of the most eloquent voices in modern music--and he doesn't sing a note! Instead, he channels joy, love, humor, sadness... every aspect of the human experience, through his guitar. Although an instrumentalist, Johnny thinks like a singer as he plays, composes and improvises on guitar. "I'm always interested in dynamics and tone far more than the amount of notes played," Johnny explains. "What's most important is that every song has a strong, clear melody; not how fast or flashy the solo is going to be. That's a lesson I learned when I fell in love with The Beatles and other bands of the British Invasion, which is still my favorite era in music." His technique allows him to accent certain notes within his chords or during a melody line in the same way a traditional soul singer can push a note to a grittier or higher range for emotional effect. Expect Gary Hoey to perform familiar favorites plus his stellar brand new album Deja Blues.
Ticket Price: Tickets start @ $29
Door Time:6:00PM
Show Time:7:30PM

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