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The Motet  (15 Shows • 4,744 Fans)
2013 brings a new sound to a familiar face in the national music community. With an astonishingly talented cast of musicians, The Motet has refined their sound and their vision into a dynamic and expressive improvisational force.

Founded and led by drummer Dave Watts,... more

The Motet (Trio)  (105 Fans)

magicgravy (members of ALO and The Motet)  (293 Fans)
Formed and born in the high deserts of Mexico's Baja California, this jazz rooted, pschedelic improv band brings the heat and lays down the grooves to get you dancing. magicgravy is not your standard aimless-meandering-stumble-into-a-song-jam-band. they are classically train... more

ALJP w/ members from Motet, Aquatic Life, F.J.P  (107 Fans)

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