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Galactic  (28 Shows • 35,728 Fans)
Galactic is a collaborative band with a unique format. It's a stable quintet that plays together with high musicianship. They've been together so long they're telepathic. But though the band hasn't had a lead singer for years, neither is it purely an instrumental group. Gala... more

The Galactic Cowboy Orchestra  (5 Shows • 65 Fans)
Ever heard of Art-Rock? How about Newgrass Art-Rock? Now you have and its nickname is The Galactic Cowboy Orchestra. The Galactic Cowboy Orchestra (The GCO) sounds like Bela Fleck meets Rush, goes out to breakfast with John Coltrane, and gets home in time to go golfing with ... more

Galactic Sherpas  (200 Fans)
Uniting the forces of space and time, the Galactic Sherpas create a sonic experience that draws from all corners of the musical Universe. Diving into jams as deep as a black hole, their highly improvised style leaves space travelers on the brink of cosmic euphoria. The out ... more

Galactic Basic  

Galactic Cowboys  

Chad Galactic  (1 Fan)

Super Galactic Expansive  (185 Fans)
The marriage between hip hop and electronic beats has been inevitable since the respective rises of each genre a few decades ago. As it culminates, there's a lot of abstract expression on the airwaves. Countless attempts have emerged, many with more focus on the gimmick than... more

Whiskey Rodgers' Galactic String Band  (9 Fans)

The Ultra Electric Mega Galactic  (3 Fans)

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