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About me:vermont will always be home, but i've also spent a lot of time in virginia, montana, santa cruz and oakland. currently calling brooklyn home. proud uncle of two beautiful nieces and one little ripper of a boy. looking forward to the day when i have a sauna and a pond in my backyard and some spastic dogs to run around with.
Member Since:June 28, 2006
Last Login:October 9, 2011
Location:Brooklyn, NY
Birthday:January 6
Music means to me:the perfect moment: waiting outside on a grassy lawn on a sunny day with good friends, watching balloons bounce through the air. suddenly there's a giant roar as the band takes the stage, followed by the first sounds from the speakers, a strum of the guitar, maybe. then there is the euphoria that goes with watching a huge crowd of people all dancing together, smiling. very little even comes close to it.
Schools:UCSC - Film Major;

International Center of Photography - Documentary Photo
General Interests:photography, video, writing
Other Distractions:skiing, snowboarding, surfing, skat(eboard)ing, rock climbing, falling out of planes, jumping in any body of (clean) water i can find; traveling, good food, good friends, family fun, and festivals.


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