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Gov't Mule 6/18 - Tel Aviv
Wed 6/30/2010 4:02PM
I have to admit, when Government Mule first announced they were playing a show in Israel to kick off their current world tour I was a bit skeptical. Having sifted through this country’s music scene with a fine-tooth comb I found little to no familiarity with the American jam scene, particularly that of contemporary jam-bands of the raunchy, southern-rock infused Gov’t Mule ilk. And that lack of familiarity seemed quite reciprocated on Gov’t Mule’s part given their choice of venue, Reading 3, in Tel Aviv’s nightclub laden port – a posh scene that’s a far cry from the grungy-biker-meets-dirty-hippy constituency expected at a Mule show. Ergo, I expected to find little more than a handful of vacationing and/or depatriated Americans in attendance at Friday night’s show