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About me:I come from a family of musicians. My mother is a gospel singer and vocal coach, my father has been playing music in Atlanta for 60 years. His father, Verne Manley played trombone with Tommy Dorsey and was president of NAMM.
Now, I'm trying to develop my skills as writer and photojournalist. I started a non-profit search engine which you can see at where I co-publish all of my artist and musician interviews. It's my desire to interview musicians and encourage them to talk about their ideas related to social justice and spirituality. I love music and being around musicians.
Member Since:May 8, 2006
Last Login:December 14, 2008
Location:Chattanooga, TN
Birthday:February 7
Music means to me:Lotso of hyperboles come to mind, but the best one is "i know it when I feel it." Grew up around the Atlanta music scene, so have a healthy respect for how hard the scene is. a joyful noise.
Schools:As much as I can get and / or stand. Lots of books in the bathroom.
General Interests:I've done volunteer work as rescue diver in Chattanooga Tennesse. I've been a certified diver since 1985. I love remodeling and construction. I started a homeless ministry in 2001 called backpacks for the homeless (google it). I also started and run the worlds only non profit search engine at
Other Distractions:PHOTOSPHOTOSPHOTOS. Meeting musicians. Shooting from stage. Challenging myself to do better in every part of my life. STaying clean. Treating everyone I meet with kindness. Falling down and getting back up. Loving God and Loving my neighbor as myself. Loyalty, honesty, creativity, Inspiration, fulfillment, helping others.


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