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About me:A rucksack wanderer/ponderer with outlandish visions of a great glorious grandeur and a will to seize its every last blade of grass and drip of sap from the trees...if only I could find my keys.
Member Since:January 8, 2007
Last Login:July 24, 2014
Location:San Francisco, CA
Birthday:August 8
Music means to me:The force that keeps my blood flowin'. The transcendental, transformational, enlivening entity without which I (and we) would not survive. It unites and amends, heals and cures, like none other. It is the binding thread of humanity.
Schools:Currently a freelance writer for a number of Web sites. For more from me, take a look at my Examiner page: http://www.examiner.com/x-23669-SF-Music-Festivals-Examiner


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JaphyTaphy's Articles

Neon Indian | 03.26 | San Francisco
Fri 4/2/2010
Moby: Wait for Me
Wed 11/25/2009
Lymbyc Systym: Shutter Release
Wed 11/11/2009
Vincent Minor: Born in the Wrong Era
Sat 9/5/2009
Eliyahu & The Qadim Ensemble: Eastern Wind
Thu 8/20/2009
The Crystal Method: Divided By Night
Thu 7/23/2009
EOTO: Building Beauty From Scratch
Tue 7/14/2009
Dan Deacon: Bromst
Tue 6/30/2009
311: Uplifter
Fri 6/19/2009
Michael Martin Murphey: Buckaroo Blue Grass
Wed 5/27/2009
Yes: Symphonic Live
Wed 5/20/2009
Great Northern: Remind Me Where The Light Is
Fri 5/8/2009
Odd Nosdam: T.I.M.E. Soundtrack
Tue 5/5/2009
Telefon Tel Aviv: Immolate Yourself
Tue 4/28/2009
David Byrne: Big Love: Hymnal
Mon 3/23/2009
Genticorum: La Bibournoise
Fri 3/20/2009
Fennesz: Black Sea
Mon 3/9/2009
The New Deal | 02.18.09 | New York
Wed 2/25/2009
Slumdog Millionaire Soundtrack
Sun 2/22/2009
Animal Collective: Merriweather Post Pavilion
Mon 1/19/2009
Flobots: Fight With Tools
Thu 1/8/2009
Loquat: Secrets of the Sea
Mon 11/24/2008
Lymbyc Systym: Love Your Abuser Remixed
Wed 11/19/2008
Chad VanGaalen: Soft Airplane
Mon 11/17/2008
Pnuma Trio: Character
Sat 10/25/2008
Lotus | 09.24.08 | New York
Tue 10/7/2008
Stanley Jordan: State of Nature
Fri 9/12/2008
Soulive/Lettuce | 09.05.08 | New York
Thu 9/11/2008
Ozric Tentacles: Sunrise Festival
Tue 9/2/2008
Aesop Rock | 08.17.08 | Brooklyn
Mon 8/25/2008
DJ Shadow & Cut Chemist | 07.17 | NYC
Wed 7/23/2008
Global Noize: Global Noize
Fri 7/4/2008
Moby: Last Night
Sun 6/22/2008
The Roots: Rising Down
Wed 5/7/2008