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About me:One day at a Phish show, I put on a cape and I realized I had special, magical powers.
Member Since:June 27, 2000
Last Login:July 11, 2015
Location:Philadelphia, PA
Birthday:July 18
Music means to me:Everyone in the universe can communicate peacefully with the international language of sound.
Schools:Indiana University, Tel Aviv University, East Meadow High School, Wetlands Preserve, Phish Tour
General Interests:live music (duh), skiing, engrossing fiction, captivating cinema
Other Distractions:Almost Famous, Sex & the City, Tom Robbins, Chuck Klosterman, John Irving, Law & Order


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Go Go New JamBase!
Thu 8/23/2007 8:35PM
Another era of JamBase begins tonight as we launch our newly renovated home on the internet...

This is what JamBase looks like today: