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About me:Entrepeneur, freak, funky dancer, painter, dj and classic dame.
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Music means to me:The sustenance for living just as integral to my biology as water, food and oxygen!
Other Distractions:Reading voraciously to kick the K-nowledge and expand my vocabulary. On Demand makes watching shows sans their commercials so much more appealing. Netflix rules my movie and tv queue!


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Patti Smith @ the Catalyst in Santa Cruz
Fri 8/17/2007 10:39AM
The magic of Patti can not be denied. That loving storyteller was in full effect as she hit the stage with some of the old group in tow, including Lenny Kaye, Tom Verlaine along with her son Jackson. At the ripe old age of 60 her clarion call is a strong as ever if not even more substantial than in the past. Clearly defined and articulate. Her cover's album "Twelve" turns her chosen tunes inside out and makes them her own. Ahhhh the majesty imbued in "Are you Experienced?", "Soul Kitchen", "White Rabbit", "Smells Like Teen Spirit" and the kicker of "Perfect Day". Which had a call and response on the verse of "You just keep me hanging on", that made Patti smile beatifically.  Wonderfully rendered standards such as "Summer Cannibals", "Beneath the Southern Cross" which ripped open my frame. "Because the Night", "Gloria" made me shimmy like a crazed mod babe, "Break It Up", "Rock N Roll Nigger" and "New Party" rounded out the night. She gave many props to Jerry Garcia since it was the end of Jerry's week (August 1st-9th.)
A wonderful performance by an musician of great humility.         
Oh the Horrors
Wed 6/20/2007 12:26PM
    Like a Hammer Horror classic these spider lads banged it out last night at Club Shutter. Faris Badwan, lead singer and long legged, locks in the face conveyed himself via the pipes while crowd walking. Reveling in his own ego-fied jesus vibe whilst desperately trying to get to a disco ball in the center of the room.
Once retrieved he dismantled it to the chagrin of the 330 Ritch staff.
Baby rockers abounded but it was comforting to see some fellow groovie ghoulies over thirty! My fave member was Spider Web grinding on his organ and acting like a perfect sonambulist.