What happened to the heady high fives at All Good?

All Good needs more smiles. Lately i've heard people say that all good is not all good anymore and I see where they're coming from. The first all good that i made there were so many good vibes around, everybody looking out for everybody. The next few there seemed to be more shady characters without a sense of community. This All Good, I hope that people bring good intentions, clean vibes, a sense of community and smiles.
Fri 6/19/2009 11:50 AM


phi2thelip Fri 6/26/2009 12:16PM
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as far as big festivals go (15,000 +) it doesnt get more friendly than all good

The J-man Sun 6/28/2009 10:03PM
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The J-man

... It's solid, I think you just need to take the bad with the good...

Starshine420 starstarstarstarstar Sun 7/5/2009 09:20PM
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I think if you go into All Good with an open mind you'll be okay. Don't be affraid to get out and talk to your neighbors, dance with kids, and above all else just have fun! If you are partying please be responbsible. Have a sober buddy with you if you can. It's always nice to have someone lookin' out for you! I think depending on circumstances (rain, heat, firecrackers going off at 3 a.m.) festivals in general are a lot of fun. Bring lots of water , sunscreen, and positive vibes. Smile, Have fun, and enjoy your time at All Good!

andreaamericangirl Tue 7/7/2009 06:43AM
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im with u brother- there is always room for more smiles and more compassion- brothers and sisters looking out for each other.

i hope i will not offend anyone (im sure i will tho) by quoting the bible here. believe me- i get it- i see all the horrendous effects the bible has had on humanity- just as a woman- it has devastated Woman over last few thousand years- i feel it every day.

but there are philosophies in there that i think are as righteous as the horrible things it has encouraged are horrible.

this one speaks to me as ultimate Truth- "First: Love JAH the most, above all other things. Second: Love and treat others the way u want 2 b Loved and Treated

andreaamericangirl Tue 7/7/2009 07:04AM
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so asking brothers and sisters to get w that little philosophy at all good is very Righteous of you.

i think you must be quite young because i remember going through what you are going through w all good- except i went through it w the Grateful Dead Tour in the mid to late 80's when i was 18 years old- i remember looking around at a show in summer tour of '87 thinking "what happened to the Big Kindness all around on the lot?" as the scene had gotten bigger and crazier.

and then i went throught the phase the other people who commented here are in. the "gotta take the good with the bad"

but nowdays im back to my youthful optimism and HIGH expectations- Thanks 2 you and those like you who spit the Truth just like Jesus quote above and reminds me too that John Lennon had the same exact sentiment.

WE NEED YOUR POSITIVE VIBE! we need 2 hear You, Jesus, John Lennon and all who say "can we all please LIVE UP???"

They may think we r dreamers to Imagine an all good- a Grateful Dead Tour- or even the Whole of Humanity w/out the negative, selfish, ugly, or even the shady- "people stopping people just to shake their hand. everybodys playing in the heart of gold band"

So please keep expectations HIGH, keep asking everyone 2 RISE- and dont go through that "gotta just take the bad..." phase- its not what its cracked up to be- believe me- i tried it.

Hollowdweller starstarstarstarstar Tue 7/7/2009 07:34AM
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I have always had a great time at All Good. My only complaint has been the heat, the lack of shade, and the distance from the parking area from the camping area and the camping area to the stage.

Also there is an extremely LONG wait to get in. I think we got there on Thurs early and it took us about 5 hours in line to get in. We had hoped to take a nap so we could stay up for the late night set Thurs but by the time we got in got set up it was already DARK!!

Also we try to stay in the stage area and see all the music. Really too hot to drink much and do that and about the only mood altering substance we indulge in is expresso, but I understand from a pal who lives in the area the new sherriff intends to pull over lots of cars and search them so if he intends to do this near the festival be prepared for an even longer wait.

gratefulerin Thu 7/16/2009 10:08PM
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haha my friend steveo definitely brought the heady high fives back this year :)

battery Sun 7/19/2009 12:29PM
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all good really was all good i had a blast! sure it was a little shady but that is to be expected when you have so many heads at a fesi it becomes less nighborly but overall the moral was incredible even vibes couldnt meet up to all good i guess it depends on youre individual expeirence and who youre campin around

flamableliquid4 Thu 7/23/2009 01:33PM
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I had a blast, got plenty of heady high fives among other things. Overall everyone seemed to enjoy the all good spirit! Can't wait to be back next year.