Keller Williams in Fayetteville 1-23-08


My two hour nap before we set off, sending out word to the world and Laurin responding, the feeling of just tossing a dress in a bag and heading off down the road, Queen and Michael Jackson, getting in some good Graeme time, the Ozarks, the portal, coasting into Fayetteville and pulling right up to $2 Boulevards, changing costumes in the Brewery bathroom, finding the front of the stage, singing whatever I so pleased, mouth flugles, forgetting and remembering that everyone singing was Keller alone, falling in love with Keller Williams all over again, dancing elbow to elbow, politely turning down an offer to make-out, Freeker, losing my phone and finding it upon declaration, Laurin's sweet alliterations, Jimmy John's, Two, Nadia, handstands in the pool room, smoking in an unknown jeep, being a woman, being a girl. Driving Laurin on home.


Fri 1/25/2008 11:45 AM