Modest Mouse and Man Man in Norman, OK


Taking a Friday off, the impromptu road trip to Norman w/mom and Danita, the perfect weather, national shrine of baby Jesus in Prague OK, buying silly souvenirs at the nicest gas station in OK, stopping at the dirtiest gas station in OK to change clothes for the show, once again getting to wear my black and yellow polka dot dress, realizing that we arrived in time for Man Man, eating mushrooms with my mom and Danita in the parking lot, meeting the Australian Modest Mouse fan in will call line, brainstorming unsucessfully on how we could get wrist bands to get on the floor, feeling it all kick in and the exact moment I wanted it to, being the only one dancing amonst 3000 kids, the people watching, the people watching me, thinking that the lead singer was looking right at me the whole time, knowing every song (but one),  finding the swankiest place in Norman, OK to have a drink and realizing that sometimes you just don't fit in...but saying fuck it anyways, late night Moe's, ending up in the nicest hotel in Morgan, OK, getting to see my cousin for brunch, one dollar and one slot machine, listening to my entire Modest Mouse catalogue the entire trip home, rolling back into Little Rock just in time for Man Man at Downtown music.


I love my life.

Mon 11/26/2007 11:11 AM