Jake Dean Artist/Music Reviews


“Passionate and introspective, Thank Your Friends finds singer/songwriter Jake Dean tackling a range of feeling with depth and sincerity. From the bluesy dirge of “Healing Song” to the sunshine-evoking “Newport,” Dean is not afraid to express his emotions; be them serious or lighthearted. Listeners will find Dean’s message of living in the present resonating throughout his material, but if this any indication of what’s to come from this talented songster, one can’t help but look forward.”

--Albert Vega, writer for Music Connection   Los Angeles,CA

"Jake Dean has successfully mixed a Dylan-esque style of singing with a heartfelt blend of acoustic and electric guitars, all backed by a solid rhythm section."

--Mike Hanley - Event Production Services LLC    Austin,TX

"Thank Your  Friends by Jake Dean,  highlights Jake’s diverse song writing skills.  You can hear a wide range of influences from blues to pop and rock in this 12 song offering.  This release proves Jake has the ability to put together a full CD of thought provoking songs."

--Dave Snyder,  Navigator Records
Tue 9/4/2007 11:12 AM